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The A minor scale starts on the 6th degree of the C Major scale, and the C Major scale starts on the 3rd degree of the A minor scale.
Building minor scales around the circle uses the same process as building Major scales, but the scale degrees you raise or lower are different in minor.
Be consistent with your sharps and flats: flat keys contain only flats and sharp keys contain only sharps.
The sharps and flats of each of these basic major and minor keys should be mem­o­rized by the stu­dent.

Hi all,I recently had the great pleasure to play with a F Major Caisa that perfectly fitted my Saraz Kurd9.
Each end­ing chord for each scale is based on a major or minor triad form with some inver­sions.
The first two lines should be played Piano, the 3rd and 4th should be played Forte, and the last two lines should be played Piano. Some of the most help­ful in my opin­ion are mem­o­riz­ing the mode pat­terns and learn­ing dia­tonic major and minor scales.

Andres Segovia’s Dia­tonic Major and Minor Scales is par­tic­u­larly help­ful for build­ing tech­nique, pre­ci­sion, and a solid knowl­edge of the fret­board. I’ve con­structed this exer­cise to build speed and pre­ci­sion using the left and right hand.

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