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Dicas para escolher o perfume importado – O perfume sem duvida e uma referencia pessoal, ele traz a pessoa que o usa uma personalidade definida. O perfume importado sem duvida possui uma qualidade diferenciada, as fragrancias sao especiais e unicas, por isso fique sempre de olho e nao compre replicas ou falsificacoes, voce podera modificar totalmente o aroma, alem de poder causar alergias na pele. O perfume deve ser definida a partir de preferencia pessoal, porem deve-se tomar cuidado com fragrancias muito forte, alem de algumas serem totalmente inadequadas  para se usar durante o dia e em dias de sol muito quente, nesse caso quando for escolher um perfume ideal para dia preferia as fragrancias mais fraquinhas, leves e refrescantes. Ja para a escolha de perfume ideal para noite, vale apostar em fragrancias marcantes, porem tome cuidado com aromas muito fortes, vale apostar em florais, orientais e ainda os amadeirados, mais lembre-se que ele sera uma marca pessoal, por isso cuidado com a quantidade, pode deixar o ambiente muito enjoativo e evitar pessoas a seu redor.
This is another legendary creation from Jacques Polge, the in house perfumer of Chanel since 1978. The target group for Coco Mademoiselle is represented by the young and playful woman, who is not afraid to appear bold and sexy at the same time. The beginning of this oriental floral fragrance is constructed around the notes of Sicilian orange, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit. Studying the bottle, you will discover a design which is carefully studied, composed of perfectly cut shapes and having a seal at the base of the stopper. The entire structure of the perfume is build upon the two classic components of Chanel perfumes, represented by May rose absolute and jasmine absolute, creating a refreshing explosion for the senses having floral and oriental accords in the beginning.
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A fragrance introduced at the beginning of April 2010, Chance Eau Tendre is a flanker to 2002’s Chance. Like any other Chanel fragrance, the olfactory composition of Chance is shaped from carefully selected ingredients, in order to generate a pleasant fragrance.
Since Chance is French for “luck”, the bottle that holds Chane Eau Tendre preserves the round shape which is reportedly a symbol for “circle of luck”, however this time the liquid has a pink pale color scheme and the rectangular stopper is made from frosted glass. Launched in 2001, Coco Mademoiselle was initially available as Eau de Parfum, followed by Eau de Toilette version in 2002. The image embodies a woman that adores elegance and luxury and this sophisticated perfume combines a couple of precious ingredients in search of a memorable fragrance. Once applied over your skins, the center notes begin to evolve, and the accords of pure rose extract and pure jasmine extract, combined with a soft touch of litchi turns this Chanel fragrance into a floral fiesta. The stopper itself is impressive, reminiscent of the ancient bottles of perfume and this whole image indicates a powerful construction that transmits its strength to the woman that wears it.
This perfume belongs to floral fruity olfactory group and was developed by Chanel house perfumer, Jacques Polge. The opening of Chance Eau Tendre is a mix obtained from the citrus-fruity aroma of grapefruit and quice. The marketing campaign features the slim French model Sigrid Agren, in a video commercial directed by the French photographer Jean-Paul Goude that puts emphasis on the playful character of this fragrance.

And, I could say without hesitation that the final result is surpassing the expectations, because you are delivered a perfume that represents something truly unique. The base notes features a mixture of Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, the white musk and Bourbon vanilla. On the official website, Chance Eau Tendre is described as “pure olfactory poetry, a fruity-floral fragrance, a vibrant yet delicate scent like a wave of tenderness”. Later, as the perfume advances into the mid development phase, the floral facet is unveiled, by a blend of hyacinth and Jasmine absolute, which smells like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. The face of the ad campaign is Keira Knightley, in a video directed by Joe Wright which features a woman “beautiful, independent and mischievous”, according to the official website. The same source identifies the target as “an optimistic woman who never lets chance passes her by”. The final part is reserved for the woody accords and includes notes of cedar, amber, iris and white musk. Trussardi Essenza del Tempo – A Scent Dedicated to the Spirit of Time Essenza del Tempo represents an allusion aimed at Trussardi’s tradition in leather craftsmanship.

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