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You will find here information on artists and bands, reviews, news, upcoming concerts, as well as other tidbits on music and culture. So even if we went into the studio in November when we come off of this tour, it's still pretty ambitious to have it out by then."Making albums is, of course a sea change for Corgan and the current lineup of the Pumpkins, who were in the midst rolling out songs in small groups, mostly via download, for their ambitious "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope," which proved not as effective as he hoped. The lyrics of all 9 songs were written by Jonghyun, and he also participated in the music production and composing of 8 of the tracks. SHINee recently attended and performed at 3 fan meetings in North America, in Chicago for the 2016 SHINee Fanmeet in Chicago, in Los Angeles for the 14th Korea Times Music Festival, and in Toronto for Hallyu North.

Over the past week, EXID have released teaser images showing their new concept, a video teaser featuring short audio clips of the songs on their new album, and a video teaser for the music video.
At least back in the day, it was like a million, two million -- at least people were listening to it. You can't get played on the radio 'cause the guy in the nameless band is outselling you. I really wish someone had come up with an (alternative), but I don't know what supplants it.
It's all very mystifying."The silver lining, Corgan acknowledges, is that thanks to "Oceania" -- which has sold 102,000 copies according to SoundScan and debuted at No.

4 on the Billboard 200 in June -- the Pumpkins "have a lot of good energy around us now. The images will warp.' They actually invented computer technology to kind of alter the images so they don't warp on the sphere. We're really enjoying that part of it, but it's a big challenge."Prior to the tour, Corgan will be opening a new tea house, Zuzu, in the Highland Park suburb of Chicago.

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