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Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is classified as an electronic communication method that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means.
EDI can allow a business to grow tenfold without increasing workforces and creates more time for team members to work on more important tasks.
An EDI message contains a string of data elements, each representing a singular fact (price, product model number, etc.) and is separated by a delimiter.
Sending an EDI document consists of (1) preparing the document to be sent, (2) translating the document into EDI format using a translating software, and (3) connecting and transmitting the document to the business partner.
Essentially there are three types of EDI solutions: EDI software, either web-based or residing on a computer you own, EDI service bureaus or fully integrated EDI processing as part of your order processing and fulfillment system. The third of these EDI solutions is to employ an order processing and fulfillment solution that exchanges data directly with back office systems, shopping cart and retail partners, thus eliminating manual errors in the process.
The first consideration is to understand the impact that EDI will have on your business processes.

EDI documents are exchanged directly between your EDI software and your business partner’s EDI software. The time saved entering data and eliminating errors allows your company to spend more time improving order fulfillment, increasing sales, lowering costs, and more importantly improves customer satisfaction levels. In most cases, exchanging paper documents between businesses is very inefficient: it requires data re-keying by the receiving party introducing data-entry errors. This ‘point to point’ method of communication allows for minimal delays and reduced errors and a secure method of interacting with business partners. It also inflates administrative overheads, causes delayed business transactions and may result in failed business partnerships. The Benefits of EDI The benefits of EDI and other similar technologies can be evaluated by the reductions in cost, errors and wasted time. This information can be sent to an order entry system without ever necessitating manual order entry. The ANSI 837 Professional format is the standard format for the electronic claims processing industry (Healthcare Information Technology) The Wave Translator does not produce the medical claims, but simply “translates” them from one data format into another (load an input file and then output a file).

The goal of the Wave Translator is to make it easy to translate electronic medical claims from the widely used Print Image format (formerly known as the HCFA 1500 and Now the CMS 1500) to the industry standard ANSI 837 Professional format. The Wave Translator was designed to be the easiEST way to convert data into the ANSI 837p format without sending your data to a 3rd party for the conversion or having to do double data entry, which saves you time and money. EDI provides an important step in optimising and streamlining parts of your business that are important to customers and trading partners. Electronic Data Interchange and You A common example of EDI is when a computer based system is implemented to replace a paper-based ordering system. In addition because the data is captured in electronic form, the data can be easily manipulated, reissued and speedily transferred between destinations. The benefits of EDI are paramount, but it is surprising that the uptake of these technologies is relatively slow. We are experts in designing and implementing helpful solutions to replace time-consuming processes of paper-based systems. Our products reduce the cycle time between information creation at point of origin and information arrival at point of destination, allowing you and your trading partners to incorporate up-to-date, accurate information into your decision making.

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