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Now that AT&T and T-Mobile have created cellphone plans that make it somewhat less painful for early adopters to upgrade to a new phone earlier than the usual two years, Verizon has jumped on the bandwagon, unveiling its own early-upgrade program it calls Verizon Edge.
Verizon's Edge plan is similar to T-Mobile's Jump plan, which also lets customers trade in their phones for new ones every six months, but sounds a bit better than AT&T's Next plan which lets you trade in your phone after 12 months. Verizon marketer Ken Dixon told CNET the new Edge plan is "an absolute win for customers who want the latest technology." Even though Verizon says there is no early upgrade fee with this plan, you're required to pay an additional quarter of the price of a phone after six months, when you've made six of 24 monthly installment payments. And as CNET writes, you'd save money if you held onto the phone for 12 months instead of six. Alas, when you're constantly upgrading to the latest technology, it's rarely cheap, and it's certainly not free. And won't the term "Edge" leave a bad taste in early adopters' mouths, that being the same name given to the dog-slow EDGE network that all tech addicts loathe when it pops up on their smartphone screens when nothing faster is available? Speaking from personal experience, I've done better than this by selling old iPhones on eBay, getting back more money than I spent up-front for the subsidized phone. Let us know in the comments if you think this is a good deal, or just semantics — where you're still paying an early upgrade fee.
Verizon Edge is similar to all the early upgrade programs introduced in the last year like Jump (Tmo) and Next (AT&T). In order to be eligible for the upgrade through Edge, you still must have at least 50% of the phone paid off – essentially a year of monthly payments.
Yes but the good news is only 3% of VZW customers use Edge showing that not everyone is stupid.
And the kind of thing that's going to make me (a customer of only 4-5 years) leave them already.
But you can pay off any phone on any of the carriers new plans and trade in earlier then a yr as long as you have met the total yr payments. There is no way out of the contract without paying so that negates the phone being subsidized from the equation.
I just post something like this my bill reflects this comment but when I upgrade will they still take 25 off,I could ask them but I'm in a good place with my bill right now don't want to go postal on them hehe.I've read up and it seems they will still take off the cash any thoughts. At Tmobile at 2.5 GB data plan you pay $10 per line and $25 installment fee for latest smartphone and you only need to pay $10 extra for Jump and you can switch after 6 month. At Verizon at 6GB shared everything plan (even less data than 3*2.5GB), you pay $200 + phone installment fee which is extra $75.
So on a positive note, putting the coverage aside, this might attract some customers to Tmobile who do math.
I could easily just pay full retail and be done with it and continue what I pay for my two lines. So, if those out there understand my scenario, and have a good idea for me, i would appreciate it. I realize that it only applies to bigger families, but I thought it needed mentioning and the math helped me see it better.
40 +4=160 20 gigs 150 ,ok insurance and taxes make each phone 55?4=220+150=370 that's 88 a phone with 5 gigs a piece or 2.5 gigs a piece you'll pay 80 but you can up grade in a year u send your phones back on the edge program and get new ones(upgrading) but the two year cycle starts over the25 per phone on more everything plan cancels them selves out. But if you have the more everything plan they pretty much pay for it have 4 phones on the edge program and they just get yo with taxes and a buck or two I got ten devices and pay 675 a month. I think it's a great offer I'm trading my shitty phone today to upgrade to a s5 n I love the service cheaper then goin out and purchasing a brand new one. Probably not, I would look seriously at other options, specifically those with headphone jacks.
9:59 am July 19, 2013 By Roland Hutchinson Verizon Wireless is the latest company to announce an early upgrade plan for smartphones, the new plan is called Verizon Edge and it will launch on the 25th of August. Verizon will let you upgrade your handset after 6 months of ownership, although you will have had to pay off 50 percent of the cost of the handset to be eligible for an upgrade. Verizon’s Edge Plan for early upgrade now includes tablets and iPads Welcome, visitor! With VZ Edge, customers can purchase phones on month-to-month service plans, meaning they can get new phones without having to sign up for a contract.
In terms of upgrading early and often, VZ Edge allows you to upgrade after you have been in the plan for 6 months and have paid off 50% of the full retail cost of the phone. According to Verizon’s announcement, there is no finance charge or upgrade fee to participate in Edge. Update:  Verizon has confirmed to us that VZ Edge is not available to customers on unlimited data plans. Before you think about signing up for the service, you’ll want to read our take on it. I heard that Verizon doesn’t let people transfer unlimited plans to other people anymore.

I’m trying to do the simple math on the differences between the two and this is what I came up with. At that point, the VZEdge plan has the option of moving to another phone, the old way still has another year to go.
Basically, this looks like how the old 1 year contracts used to work, where the price for the subsidized phone was $50 more on a 1 year than a 2 year. You can buy a phone at full retail and switch to it whenever you want and keep unlimited data.
My assumptions were correct like I said in the DL post the other day, I knew Verizon would pull some shady crap like this.
The only way to upgrade every 6 months with this is to DOUBLE YOUR DEVICE PAYMENT TO VERIZON.
I have always had good luck on craigslist, but make sure you check the EIN with verizon before you buy.
Sorry to spoil your high, but yes you have to trade in your device to upgrade, herefore it’s not a good deal! I did use my husbands upgrade to get the GS3 and they tried to put me on a data plan, but as soon as I got it home, I switched his phone over to my line and hooked his flip back to his line, thus keeping me on unlimited with a better phone (which I had the Razr…bleh!) then they took off the data. The only issue I see with your logic is that you’re not including the built in subsidy that VZW is charging to recoup the low initial cost in the current contract plan paradigm. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
When Verizon says the "cost of the phone," that's the full retail price you're going to pay, not the subsidized price that sometimes goes all the way down to free for some phones.
That is supposed to be more palatable than blending your phone payments into the smartphone plan itself, and then charging you an upgrade fee if you want a new phone before the two-year contract is up. That sounds like an early upgrade fee is built into that — it's just called by a different name.
In fact, as we early adopters know all too well, it costs more to always have the latest techno-baubles. It's still not cheap to be addicted to the latest technology, but you can minimize it with a modicum of ingenuity. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Not even two weeks after the magenta carrier announced it would be paying customers' ETFs, Verizon is experimenting with a 30 day upgrade cycle on its Edge plan. With Big Red's option, you simply finance the phone over 24 months and pay it off as you go.
All Verizon has really done is allow people to pay off 50% of the phone as quickly as they want to get an upgrade. Anyone who is willing to pay for 50% of a phone is and trade it in can likely outright just buy it off contract and skip the shenanigans all together.
You mentioned this yet you didn't factor any trade in credit you'd receive into the equation.
Or, if I am going to buy a phone for 400.00 or more anyway now, I could enter the Edge program and pay for that device over 24 months or in 3 months if I am knocked off of my feet by either of the new phones I mentioned.
If you have a share plan, then every phone you upgrade on edge pays for itself since you get $25 a month off your bill for having 10 or more gigs. For 30 gigs all are phones a and and 4 are on edge so at 65~70 a phone 3~4 gigs I use 10 cause two members don't use 4g that much and all of us have WiFi so when at home 4g is irrelevant. I have had Verizon for over a decade but am finding it hard to continue to justify not switching to a more affordable carrier.
The payments of the phone will be spread out over a 24-month period, with the first month’s payment coming at the time of purchase.
At that time, you can choose a new phone and start it all over again by trading in your current phone. When Big Red announced a device payment plan a couple of months back, they included a $2 per month finance charge at the time, so at least they realize that the fee was nickel and diming customers and apparently removed it for Edge. So we upgraded his phone to smart phone 2gb data plan, bought the S4 for $250(got a $50 rebate) and then switch the phone to my number. Im using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money.
What the companies are trying to avoid is that painful feeling of paying a penalty for upgrading earlier than your two-year contract allows. However, calling this plan — which would be a contract you make with Verizon — a "no-contract plan," and presenting it as some kind of "absolute win" might not be quite as absolute as it seems. Previously, you had to wait a year before getting the free upgrade and starting the payments over.

I'm looking forward to joining T-Mobile and love what they're doing to shake up the industry. I actually did the "EDGE Early" thing for my Moto X, but that's because my old phone broke, it's the same retail cost everywhere, and I didn't have the funds to drop $400 right away. Since the phones you were using as examples are recent high end phones, Bob would receive like $200 store credit for his phone when he goes to get his new one. The only places I've noticed a difference with T-Mobile's inferior network has been in between cities while driving (ie, it's Edge pretty much the entire stretch on I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus), but I can live with that since I don't travel that often. With the S5 not likely to lunch until Mid April on Verizon and most likely May for the HTC, I am trying to find the best route to take to replace my S3.
We all know 3G service has slowed considerably since LTE came on line even though the carriers deny it. Either way, I am paying full retail for a phone that I can do what I want with when it is paid off. At the end of the day, there just won't be a phone out at my contract end date that will warrant me entering another 2 year contract. I don't mind paying 70 a month for what I have plus all phone have insurance did the math a million times after looking at my bill and there is 100 off the price so there are being honest about this more everything plan,the big catch is two years every upgrade.
By the time a new version of a phone was available, the required period of two years was almost up.
Since you are spreading out the full cost of the phone, there is no big, upfront downpayment. If you take that into consideration you’re essentially paying nearly double for device costs over the lifetime of your maintained service. But there's a catch — you're still required to pay for half of the cost of your old phone, and you must trade it in for the new one. It's pretty unlikely anyone is going to pay $250-350 toward a financed phone in 30 days, then trade it in for a new one. After 1 month, you want to change your phone, then you will pay extra $325 for 3 phones = $975. I have a job that has me on the go a lot and I use for my phone for just about everything from watching videos, internet reading and as a GPS when I am in my work car. If I knew that there was a phone that I definitely wanted, I would wait til my contract is up and just upgrade at that time. Because adding to this perfect storm is the issue that Verizon is the only big company that really acknowledges serving my area.
With it being VZW, there’s a good chance they might want your phone to start the plan. The 30 day claim isn't really a lie (you could technically do it), but it's kind of a pointless change.
After 2 years of payments, the total is $5400 and new phones in every 6 month if you want to. I have a GS3, and with some of the GS4 updates coming to the phone, I have no problem staying on this phone. The sellers allow no refunds and I have no recourse if I get a phone that has even minor wear on it. Up until recently Verizon Edge plan for early upgrade was available only for smartphone owners. As long as I can Hulu+, Netflix, HBOgo, Youtube, iHeart or any other data streaming app I use is good on my phone, I will stay with unlimited…Thank you, but no thank you, VZW!! Now it also includes Android tablets and Apple’s iPads.Verizon’s Early Upgrade Edge PlanVerizon Edge program is an installment plan which allows customers to spread the payment for a device of their choosing over a longer period of time. Instead of paying full retail price at checkout or jumping on contract, users can pay off the device in 20 monthly installments. They are simply allowing customers to pay for the full phone price (unsubsidized) in monthly installments. With the changes that Verizon introduced on Monday, users can become eligible for upgrade as soon as 30 days after buying the tablet.
A new tablet can be picked up with no extra fees only on the condition that the current one is paid off in at least 60%.Recently, Verizon’s selection of tablets has improved greatly. Name (required) Email (will not be visible) (required) Website Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter. Meet smartphones for eldersN e w s l e t t e r Don't miss any Sales, Events and Price Drops.

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