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Even though schooling is frequently misidentified as education, there is much difference between education and schooling. Normally, children of age 6-8 are enrolled to schools and are promoted to higher grades or classes depending on their performance.
The terms education covers not only formal, but also informal methods of gaining knowledge. So, in conclusion, schooling stands for the formal education system that take place in school while the term education includes a number of different sources of knowledge both formal and informal.
The main difference between culture and religion is that culture is based on the shared values of human being, its tend to be manmade while religion is wholly associated with the God, The Creator and most of the religion in the world claims their religion come from God side.
Culture is the shared values of knowledge, belief, thoughts, customs, ideas, habits, and many other relevant things that are common between the members of a specific society. Religion means the organised collection of beliefs, myths, and world views that related humanity with each other to an order of existence. Religion exists in some written forms like holy or sacred books while culture exists in practical form. Cultures varies with the passage of time while it is impossible to rewrite the fundamental structure or basic structure of the religion.
Sorry, the culture is before religion, the culture is a human evolution, but religion is a doctrine from one man called prophet to dictate certain particular inhuman rituals, which it is not accepted by other group of people.
Culture is easily appreciated and shared, religion, is not, the history and recent events will show you most the wars are from religions. Communism and socialism are two important school of thought in political, social science and economics. The idea of communism is as old as Egyptian civilization but this idea got popularity in 19th century.
Karl Marx, Fredrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky were some famous communist while Robert Owen, Pierre Leroux, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill were some popular socialists.
In communism, all means of production are owned by the state, meaning no private ownership of property while in socialism, means of production are socially owned and any surplus earned is distributed to the employee members of the enterprise. Communism provides no incentive for specific people to work while socialism does reward hard work.
In the Asia, Middle East and Europe, employers are most likely to ask curriculum vitae over resume.
Your curriculum vitae may exceed into more than 2 pages as it offers condensed details of academic achievements, as well as achievements, honors, affiliations, publications and awards.
A resume as discussed above is a condensed version of your skills, academic, employment background and should never exceed its two-page limit.
Chronological type is most commonly used as it tackles the sequential format of your job experiences. Combination resume lets you highlight both function and chronology of your past job experiences.
Most commonly the spotting is marked as the one of the earliest sign of positive pregnancy but yet it can’t be assured as several other reasons might be lying underneath it.
Many women still found it noticeable and several other who even got spotting just avoid it as in this process it is just the minimal (even just droplets) coming out from the vagina. In spotting its intermittent discharge of blood, which is minimal or even unnoticeable, whereas, in periods the bleeding might last for around several days. Periods are the naturally occurring regular process, which even hit around after every month duration, whereas spotting is the rare case, which unveils the gynecologic condition.

In spotting the blood soaking material (pads and tampons) isn’t needed, whereas in periods it might not be possible to move around without them. Spotting is termed as the early sign of pregnancy, whereas period is the blood flow from vagina following the menstrual cycle.
Spotting is often used interchangeably for the implantation bleeding; on the other hand, the period is also regarded as the menstruation days in females. In spotting the blood discharged might be of pink or brownish colour although it’s not being observed the same in periods. In periods, the blood flow is quite high whereas in spotting it might be of few droplets or minimal. It is common for youngsters who are below the age of schooling to attend pre-schools for basic educational skills. In all schools, be it public or privatized, there are specific curricula intended for each age groups or grades.
It includes formal means of education that start with schools and continue to universities, post-graduate institutes which are high in the hierarchy.
Culture is also uses to define the complex networks of practices and accumulated knowledge and ideas that is transmitted via social interaction and exist in specific human groups or cultures.
Many religions have their own narratives, and symbols that explain the meaning, and origin of life or universe in their own way. For example, some of the habits of American Christian and Muslims are same but same religion may not have different cultures. To some extent both term uses interchangeably but the fact is that there are many points that create a fine line between these two. Communism refers to social, political and economic system that is based on that ideology that everything in a country belongs to public or state. The difference is that communism mainly focus on the state ownership while socialism also focus on the workers who are contributing for the state. In the USA, however, curriculum vitae are often used in applying for academic, research, educational, and scientific positions.
It reflects the job requirements in details such as objective, educational background and work experience.
The major difference between Spotting and period is that in spotting minimal or sometimes even unnoticeable amount of blood gets discharged from the vagina. Although, as the information about spotting is further spreading, many have knew that it shouldn’t be left unnoticed as it can be strong indication of positive pregnancy or if it’s during the pregnancy it might be due to any casualties in pregnancy. In her period days around 3-5 days, some noticeable amount of blood is discharged from the vagina (if normal).
They are formal and informal ways of gaining knowledge while schooling stands for the initial and secondary stage of formal education system that take place in school. The historical evidence of education institutions similar to schools in the present day runs back to the days of ancient Greek, Rome and Indian civilizations. Formal aspect of education is always systematic, pre-scheduled and well administered by authorities.
Some aspects of human behaviours like language, social practices like kinship, gender and marriage, expressive forms like music, dance, ritual, religion, and technologies like cooking, shelter, clothing are called to be cultural universals, usually found in all human societies. The practice of religion includes rituals, sermons, veneration, sacrifices, festivals, feasts, funerary services, matrimonial services, prayer, dance, music, public services, or other aspects of human culture. I feel no ill will to any others and my ethics and morals are guided by my own self worth and instead belief in treating others how I would like to be treated.

The main difference between these two systems is that communism is a political and social ideology that is based on the holding of all property on the name of state or community or public ownership while socialism refers to the ideology that is based on the holding of most property in common on the name of workers or state. Its ultimate purpose is to build a society in the basis of common ownership of the means of production. It strive for social ownership that refers to cooperative enterprises, citizen ownership of equity, common ownership, or any combination of all these factors. People who have various job experiences, employment intervals and limited experience usually use this resume type.
While period is a complete process which comes in a regular 28-eight days of menstruation cycle and following it the bleeding from the vagina may last for around 3-5 days. And for this purpose it’s a compulsion one has to need pads or tampons to assure that these absorbent materials soak the blood coming out from the vagina.  And before the regular periods kick off some early symptoms are also being observed by the females around 1-2 week before the actual date of blood flow (menstruation). Education as mentioned above can take place not only through informal ways such as learning from peers, life experiences, by reading or learning things through online sources but also through formal means.
In all these ancient contexts attendance to formal education institutions was considered a privilege and depended on social classes.
The students in school are educated in classroom settings with teachers acting as resource persons.
The purpose of this movement is to establish a system of social ownership that refers to cooperative enterprises, citizen ownership of equity, common ownership, or any combination of all these factors. For instance, through educational institutions like school, university or even training colleges. As well, more importantly all other informal means of knowledge like learning from peers, in work situations, from sources like books, online sources and free lecture sessions that take place outside educational institutions are also part of education. So, there are two major classes in a system: the working class that work most and get low and the capitalist class that drive earn profit without any hard work by seizing the resources. The underlying principle of socialism is to satisfy economic demand of human needs instead of producing goods to earn profit and holding capital. Thus, it becomes clear schooling is one branch of formal education in the wide arena of education.
As well, many countries have government schools and their fee is rather affordable to the general public. It is important to remember in schools the teaching process is pre-scheduled , and a rigid structure involves in everything including student categorization,administration and promotion to higher levels.
When this informal aspect of education is concerned as a whole, it is not systematic, pre-scheduled or properly administered.
It believes on the social ownership of the means of production instead of giving them in few private hands or entrepreneurs. In this article, we will be discussing the sources of knowledge, the stages and the participants of both schooling and when education is concerned as a whole. Most of the time the learning content is not pre-scheduled, it is either random or depends on the interest of the learner.
Also, there is no specific stage that leads from one to another in this case, for example, the concept of lifelong education. It is noteworthy that the term education stands for both these formal, institutionalized and informal, personalized ways of learning.

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