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Although the scent on its own is uncomplicated, to review Diorissimo is not as simple as it would seem.
Usually, an Eau de Parfum, is just the same fragrance but a stronger version, around 10-20% aromatic notes; whereas the Eau de Toilette usually has a higher alcohol content and only 5-10% aromatic notes. You see, Diorissimo edp uses Jasmine as the heart note which is said to carry the fragrance; whereas the edt uses Lilly-of-the-Valley as the heart note. Although, both edp and edt Diorissimos are Lilly-of-the-Valley fragrances, in my opinion, only the edp is a noticeable and lasting Lilly-of-the-Valley. Although Diorissimo in either version is such a unique and intricate fragrance composition, that it would be worth trying both. The Perfume Expert The Perfume Expert is an online Perfume Blog, Beauty Blog and Skincare Blog all rolled into one so you can stay looking good, smelling nice and feeling great all in one place!
My name is Lee-Ann and for as long as I can remember I have been a great admirer of all things beautiful.
Written by an expert you can trust, I provide you with Perfume reviews, Makeup Reviews and Beauty Reviews that are all written with passion and an eye for excellence. I also provide a list of the Best Perfumes and the latest MakeUp trends so that you can stay up to date and smelling pretty all at the same time! February 5, 2015 by Jean Holy Smithereens 14 Comments Garuda Indonesia has had a very busy 2014 revamping their entire business class product and service.
The check-in desks of Garuda Indonesia in Sydney are in desks I or J, which is smack in the middle of the departure level.
Boarding did not start until about 15 minutes before take-off (so it was later than the planned boarding time) and passengers were getting antsy at the gate. I made a quick video of our flight from take off to landing, with an emphasis on the in-flight food (what else? The Airbus A330-300 is a two-class aircraft, seating configuration is 2-2-2 on Business and 2-4-2 on Economy. All crew were extremely attentive in giving us fresh towels, refilling our drinks, and asking how we are finding things. With the flight departing at 10:00 AM Sydney time (arriving 1PM Bali Time), lunch was served.
Zombie opted for the Japanese Meal which I had the opportunity of sampling last December at the catering grounds.
Garuda Indonesia’s concept and goal is for passengers to feel they are dining in an actual restaurant and not in a plane. So this starter tray consists of: smoked eel, simmered eggplant salmon sushi, silken egg custard and purple potato. The dessert for the Japanese meal is Mango Sponge Cake with blueberry Coulis and Strawberries with Coconut Ice Cream.
Meanwhile, I opted for the European Meal because I’ve already had a taste of the Japanese Meal in December, and the other option (Indonesian Degustation), though I was tempted to get, I resisted because I knew we were in for weeks of Indonesian food! Dessert was Warm Apple & Butterscotch Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis. There are 3 in-flight magazines – Arcade, an in-flight shopping catalogue, Stars for their in-flight entertainment and Colours, the main in-flight magazine for Garuda Indonesia. For me, blankets are a big factor in getting a good in-flight sleep and I really loved Garuda Indonesia’s business class blankets. The in-flight meal:  the presentation, choices, preparation and food itself are quite impressive.
And another factor worth mentioning is the extremely competitive airfare that Garuda Indonesia has. An airline operating long haul flights need to have full-flat seats in both First Class and Business Class. There are currently eight airlines that have met the 5-star qualifications (with 1 being under review due to recent circumstances), see the list here.
Jean & Zombie tested this flight as guests of Garuda Indonesia, but all thoughts and opinions are their own.
About Jean Holy SmithereensJean is a lover of luxury travel and adventure, always looking for that "Holy Smithereens"-inducing moment on her travels.
Oh no, I feel you — last time I flew Etihad on economy (and it was the codeshare with Virgin Australia too so techinically it was a VA flight) it was from Abu Dhabi to Sydney more than 13 hours- I felt paralyzed from waist down after!!
Hi Monique, yes I’d say Garuda is really now ready to be pitted up against the bigger airlines to compete for business class ?? Oh and I think Qantas also have just released their new business class products on the A330s. Quelle que soit la plume qui a compose ce poeme, on retiendra de l’histoire, que meme les plus grands noms de la litterature et de la poesie peuvent trouver l’inspiration au petit coin. Vous pourrez telecharger et imprimer ce poeme  pour l’afficher dans votre petit endroit a la fin de cet article!

Quel papier toilette humide Lotus vous convient le mieux ?Ce n’est pas une seule variete de son nouveau papier toilette humide que Lotus vous propose, mais bien quatre ! Nouveau papier toilette humide Lotus : tordons le cou aux idees recuesLes nouveautes bousculent toujours un peu les idees recues et declenchent des interrogations, des doutes, des remarques sceptiques… y compris le nouveau papier toilette humide Lotus ! Sonia*, la deco-addictChez elle, les couleurs, les formes et les matieres sont le fruit d’un shopping pointu. The materials in this site are for informational purposes only and are the property of Avon United Kingdom. However, in some cases, perfumers decide to change the formula slightly or alter the concentrations of notes between the edp and edt, and Diorissimo is an obvious example of just this. Firstly, all Lilly-of-the-Valley scents have to be chemically produced as it is near impossible to naturally harvest the actual fragrance oils from the Lilly-of-the-Valley flower. She arrives with a vibrancy, it’s hard to take your eyes off of her as she brightens the room with a fresh, crisp, effervescent floral. If the edt is the aloof debutant, than Diorissimo edp is the grown-up princess, or at least, the equally captivating woman that lingers in the room a little longer; perhaps even long-enough to make you fall in love. Combined with sensuous Jasmine and smooth Musk, Diorissimo edp is a more palatable take on Lilly-of-the-Valley. It’s a rare education on note combining that will leave you mystified and intrigued at the same time. Perhaps Diorissimo is better left alone; un-analyzed and just enjoyed for the beautiful enigma that it is!
Written by an expert you can trust, I provide you with Perfume reviews, Best Perfumes, Beauty reviews and Makeup trends that are all written with passion and an eye for excellence. I attended a press event in December to see their brand journey to excellence which led Garuda Indonesia to winning the 2014 Skytrax Award for World’s Best Crew. It was at the check-in desk too where I found out that there are no more Visa on-board service with Garuda Indonesia. It’s such a pleasant surprise that when boarding finally commenced, it was done so quickly and smoothly that we actually took off in time. Then our designated cabin crew approached us to ask what we wanted for lunch after take off.
One thing I should say is that all the cutlery and dining ware used for the business class meals are full size and weight.
But not before twiddling with the entertainment system and watching my favourite tv show to watch on a plane. A selection of 85 feature films, 10 channels of sitcom and tv, 48 music albums and 25 interactive games.
Because these episodes and pranks are always shot in either Quebec or Montreal– don’t they get found out? Hand Lotion, a lip balm, a small bottle of Eau de Toilette, Socks, Toothbrush and toothpaste and a foldable brush. At 165 Degrees, this is all the recline I need to have a comfortable seat on flights less than 6 hours. Really perfect for long-haul flights, where I imagine Garuda would have fully flat bed seats.
The amenities are full-sized L’Occitane toiletries consisting of a hand lotion, facial mist and Eau de Toilette. I have not flown their business class product before ( I only did a business class inspection more than 2 years ago) and what I just flew was really a better product.
No request is too hard (not that I requested anything complicated) but you can definitely feel the warmth from the cabin crew.
Follow the blog and other social media pages of Holy Smithereens to get the ultimate travel ideas for the luxurious adventurer!
Such a good length of flight too, long enough to enjoy some free time and good meal but not too long at all. I still haven’t gained full use of my left butt cheek (not that your butt cheek really does too much) post flight with Ethihad from Singapore to Brisbane a month ago. It’s great to be flying business these days, as more and more airlines revamp their products!
Quatre varietes de papier toilette humide a utiliser en complement du papier toilette sec Lotus pour parfaire votre hygiene en vous apportant fraicheur et proprete.
Pas de panique : un rouleau de Lotus J’essuie-tout, deux gobelets en plastique… Et on a du son ! Ces personnages sont representatifs des profils types des consommateurs et leur avis ont pour seul objectif d’illustrer les usages des produits Lotus. This is because it is also one of the rare moments where the edt version of the fragrance is a much different scent compared to the edp version.

So from the start, Lilly-of-the-Valley perfumes are a bit of an enigma.  But an even more mysterious confusion arises when comparing Diorissimo edp with the edt.
Her spark of sumptuous Ylang-Ylang remains but you are instantly engulfed in the intoxicating scent of the blooms and stems of Lilly-of-the-Valley. I would love to recommend the edt, especially to those who love indolic scents, but the lasting power is so fickle that I would find it hard to believe that anyone could make use out of it. Starting off straight away with a breath of delicate Lilly-of-the-Valley and then quickly blending into the heart of the fragrance, dreamy Jasmine that lingers for quite some time. This long-lasting fragrance for men has top notes of oxygen accord, bergamot, watermelon and clementina.
I believe this is in conjunction with the Indonesian Government’s plan to waive the visa fee for Australians. If you just watched the video, you would have seen how our cabin crew almost literally radiated sunshine!
I mean, I only get to watch this on flights but I already know what some of the actors look like.
Lots and lots of leg room, though bear in mind too that I am not so tall at 5’4 inches. For Airport service ratings, the airline is assessed on it’s home base airport, where we have 5-Star targets that cover all product and service topics associated with arriving, transfer and departing passengers.
D’autres soutiennent qu’Alfred de Musset en serait l’auteur et qu’il l’aurait adressee a la romanciere.
Seal the deal on your search for the perfect summer sandal with feet- bearing flats from boohoo.
I think that the Jasmine compliments the Lilly-of-the-Valley so well that it seems to hold on to it throughout the scent journey and its seems to stick in our noses as a lasting note adding more depth to the Lilly-of-the-Valley. The edp instantly adds a more mature tone as compared to the fresh-faced top notes of the edt.
As brilliant as the whirl-wind of perfume intricacy the edt is, I definitely would recommend the edp over it simply because it is a more rich and deep Lily-of-the-Valley and one that lasts longer than a blink-of-an-eye.
It’s true that smiles are infectious because as she was talking to me, I felt my cheeks starting to quiver from prolonged smiling as well. The barramundi was sweet and succulent with the skin seared just to the right amount of sea saltiness.
I felt like I spent 9hrs in the fetal position, in the end… it was less painful moving than moving. Pick stripped back sliders for poolside, chunky sole block heel sandals for day-to-night grunge and make gladiators your must-have for wearing with a maxi dress.
Lilly-of-the-Valley as a heart note itself is a lot greener and fresher than what we would assume the flower to smell like. And unlike the edt, the edp dries down to a warm and sensuous mix of Jasmine and Musk but hints at the Lilly-of-the-Valley subtly underneath. Spray the perfume on your pulse points, namely, the inner wrists, base of the throat near the collar bone, behind ear lobes, inner elbows, cleavage, and behind the knees immediately after bathing. If you watched the short clip, you would have seen the cabin crew first deliver the plate with just the small dot of salsa, then later poured the soup into the plate. Join the 90s crew in candy coloured jelly sandals , or take it back to basics in white wedges. In addition, Lilly-of-the-Valley, in reality, is quite an indolic scent (meaning it smells slightly like decaying flowers which on its own can be slightly off-putting). I suppose it’s also safer doing it that way in an aircraft, rather than carrying a shallow bowl with hot soup.
And remember to paint your toes sandal-ready in pastel nail polish from the boohoo beauty corner. But if you love that organic, indolic, greenness of fresh Lilly-of-the-Valley then go for the edt. Seal the deal on your search for the perfect summer sandal with feet-bearing flats from boohoo. Featuring a hand-crocheted background a sumptuous 95 carats of faceted onyx gems are separated by cultured white pearls and iridescent white beads.

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