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The Open Call of the Reality School Game Show Search for a Host sported quirky contestants from all over the world, who tried anything to impress the judges!
Competing for the honor to be crowned the new Reality School Game Show host, the contestants tried to catch the attention of judge Robert Galinsky in any way possible. The following contestants blew the judges away with their entertainment value, charisma, and their serious hosting skillz! Each contestant will go live a total 6 times, performing the challenges in front of the judges. The Honor of being casted as the official host of the weekly Reality School Game Show on YouNow! Get mentored by founder and coach Robert Galinsky (his work as a coach and host has been featured on BBC, TV Guide Channel, The VIEW, The Today Show, E! Get your very own professional step and repeat YouNow backdrop for hosting the Reality School Game show. Caitlin is devoted to her fans, and her main goal in relation to her music is to have fun with every opportunity that comes along. Twenty four hour time does not use "am" or "pm", but courts hours from midnight (0 hours) to 11 pm (23 hours).
Atomic clock -- usually multiple clocks that count seconds (average of all clocks in system) based on the frequency of the cesium 133 atom (Cs) which oscillates at 9,192,631,770 Hertz.

Mean solar time -- a measurement of the Earth's rotation with respect to the 'fictitious' mean sun. UT -- An abbreviation (for Universal Time) that should be used to show approximation of all the below. UT0 -- mean solar time on the Greenwich meridian obtained from direct astronomical observation. UT2 -- UT1 corrected for seasonal variation in the Earth's rotation (a smoothed scale that does not reflect the real periodic variations in the Earth's angular position). UTC -- civil atomic time scale on or about the Greenwich meridian kept within 0.9 seconds of UT1. REFERENCE: A Briefer History of Time -- Howard Barnes, Georgi Dobrovolski Solar Observatory, New Zealand, 2010.
The United States and many other countries use the Christian Gregorian calendar to mark years. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Since then, she has performed live at The Opera House in Toronto, and made it to the semi finals on Canada’s Got Talent in 2012 (which was also her TV debut)!
This calendar has become a standard in such worldwide industries as aviation, and international commerce and trade -- however, other calendars do exist.

Using Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass in a triplet lens configuration, with fully multicoated optics, creates images that are clear and bright without distortion across the entire field of view, with true color rendition.
Potato Head, and a dog, while other contestants played the harmonica and showed us their roommate tied up. We want to see a) how inventive you are when making challenges and b) how well you can explain and demonstrate each challenge.
There is no consistency between regions as to when DST takes affect, or reverts back to standard (real) time.
A 2" 90° star diagonal is included for comfortable viewing and aids in viewing objects approaching the zenith.
The included hard carrying case protects the OTA during transportation and storage with custom-cut foam for the scope, diagonal, a finderscope, and eyepieces.

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