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The use of media materials is protected by the fair use Clause of the US Copyright Act of 1976 , which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purpose of commentary, criticism, and education. He is a professional joint roller.Jealous, much?Tony Greenhand puts his creative skills to use for rolling fancy marijuana joints.
A resident of Albany in Oregon, where marijuana is legal, he turns grass into art work using rolling papers. His smokeable AK-47, peacocks and even Pokemons, are a big hit among his clients as well as on social media.

Not all his clients come to pick their orders in fancy private jets, in fact Greenhand is ready to roll a joint for anyone who hits him up on social media.
Also read: NASA will pay you Rs 12 lakh if you spend 70 days in bed smoking weedThe 26-year-old lives with his girlfriend, Courtney, who also happens to be a weed photographer and has 270,000 followers on Instagram.
Tony gifted her a joint in the shape of a rose on their first date after they met at Colorado's High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014. Tony now charges $50 dollars an hour for procuring weed from the local growers though it can be changed based on its size, scope and interest he has in the sculpture.

12 places that allow you to use cannabisBut delivering his work is problematic as he cannot just send it through mail or ship.

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