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The Song of Solomon, as its Hebrew title indicates, is "the best of songs." In it we hear the passionate melody of romantic love.
The Space Between Us tells the story of an Irish architect who loses his wife, Beth, in a car accident, and is left to bring up his three-year-old daughter alone. I suspect that I am not alone in having difficulty with what is revealed at the end of this otherwise absorbing book. If literature is something with the ability to shock and transform, John MacKenna has created a masterpiece. I often wonder what people who follow me on pinterest think because for every one workout pin I have like five naughty food pins.
It took me all of two days to read the first book (nothing got done and I'm even totally guilty of letting the boys watch TV so I could read) - I'm 83% through the last book and I'm exhausted.
1) Your statement fills everyone with dread (seriously, you know the moment you read a statement like this and then immediately mentally scroll through your past interactions with this person to see if it's you - it's horrible right).
I'm not perfect; I will make mistakes, say stupid things, act insensitively, selfishly, etc at some time or another. I don't know what happened to this picture but you will have to click on it to get a better view!
So here's how we made them:Cut out the letters with a craft cutter (if you don't have one go to Michael's and get some letter stickers) and paste them onto patterned paper (this was Stampin Up!).
My friend Sophie started up this great facebook group called "What We're Eating For Dinner" where we all post our menu plans and recipes and such.
When I was pregnant with Chicken, at the age of 26, I started to notice some lines on my forehead. And then all of a sudden I was 30 with two kids and I had some deeper lines on my forehead. The first one we discussed is a really low dose antidepressant, taken at night, that sedates you. I'm totally an "airbrusher" and I could be guilty of being a "linker" (not listed) and my biggest annoyance is the "poser" , "documentarian" (I just don't have time to read about everything you do during the day, what you are eating for snack, etc) or the "complainer" (not listed) but really, at some point I'm guilty of them all. How come there is always a toy car, truck, motorcycle, etc on my kitchen table and counters. I had to get blood work done on Wednesday and I totally saw a young guy pick up a girl there; honestly, they exchanged phone numbers and everything! As Freddy Krueger turns 30, take a stroll back down Elm Street and revisit some of the dream weaver’s most memorable kills. From death-by-TV to death-by-chalkboard to death-by-waterbed, Freddy’s committed dream murder in just about every wacky, weird, and horrifying way imaginable.

Song of Solomon (or, Song of Songs, as I prefer) is the one book of the Bible that likely has more interpretative approaches than the book of Revelation. In the immediate aftermath of Beth s death, his emotions lurch from relief to guilt: relief because he no longer has to pretend to have any interest in a relationship that has been falling apart for some time, and guilt because he did not have the courage to talk to Beth before her death.
One of Ireland’s most accomplished writers, MacKenna explores the complexities of love, friendship and loss in The Space Between Us.
Is it a couple's love for each other, God's love for Israel or Christ's love for the church? The book deals with the man’s grief and his interaction with friends and relatives in the aftermath. At the heart of this novel is a straightforward narrative of an anonymous Irish architect who lives in an unspecified country area outside of Dublin.
The book however,was wonderfully written, and through the entire book I hoped that they would be together, However the disturbing way this book ended ruined the book for me.
When the church is afraid to talk about sex, or puts the topic of sex in the corner of the room along with other things we “should not discuss” then the church does great disservice to it’s people. The details of the domestic rituals surrounding an Irish funeral are instructive for anyone not familiar with them. When he loses his wife in a car accident, instead of feeling overwhelmed with grief, he is overwhelmed by relief, having known for a long time that his marriage was dead but that neither he nor his wife had the courage to end it.
They have felt uncomfortable--even embarrassed--when confronted with its strange and erotic imagery.
Left to raise their two-year-old daughter alone, he feels like he has been given the chance to start anew. The prose is spare, but mostly beautifully done, and I think MacKenna achieves what he set out to do.
When a married neighbour admits that she is in love with him, it looks as if there is a clear plot ahead, but MacKenna is much too clever for that. Obviously, like any inventor, He knows how sex can best take place (as well as the incorrect, hurtful, harmful, and idolatrous ways to express sexuality). Any application of this song to our culture must bear in mind that the Jewish culture placed death as preferable to infidelity. On the question of what is revealed at the end MacKenna confirmed that it has proven difficult for many readers who told him "I loved the book but I couldn't take the last 12 pages." He went on to tell us that his two beta readers were divided about whether he should include those pages when sending the MS to his agent. Seventeen years later, his daughter is found murdered and the narrative takes a trajectory of remembrance, revealing a shocking secret at the heart of the novel and explaining the crux of the book’s title – that the space between us might always be greater than we know. It starts with the death of the narrator's wife, so we never meet her, except through his eyes.

They are one in their desires because their desires are God-given." So writes Lloyd Carr in this introduction and commentary to the Song of Solomon.
Carr points out that since sexuality is so core and fundamental to being a human it makes perfect sense that at least one book of the Bible would be devoted to the topic of sex.
It was not a happy marriage and so when the officers come to the door and he finally understands what happened, he's relieved. With his own unique style, Carr skillfully explains the meaning of this ancient love story in a way that can be clearly grasped and applied for Christians living in today's world. The agent responded saying she thought there was something missing so he sent her the twelve pages he had witheld. The original, unrevised text of this volume has been completely retypeset and printed in a larger, more attractive format with the new cover design for the series.
The main body of the commentary is spent defining words and phrases throughout the Song of Songs.
She accepted them and they appear in the published version of the book.Frankly, if that doesn't make you go out and get the book to find out what those pages contain, I don't know what will. I found the commentary on each of these words and phrases to be helpful, but the main strength of this book lies in its Introduction. His family and friends try to gently nudge him to where they think he should be, but he lives his life as he thinks he needs to for himself and Jane.I cannot really explain more without giving major spoilers. Over the next 15 or so years, the man (he remains nameless through the book) raises his daughter who was three at the time of the accident.
He doesn't seem to have any close relationships with anyone other than his brother, who moves to Arizona (the setting is Ireland) near the beginning of the novel and his neighbor friends, Kate and Brian, whose two daughters are friends with his own. Even though the narrator is telling his own story, he's so closed off that it's difficult to feel you know him. The language and writing propel the reader through the story, but there's this feel all throughout that there's something coming, and so there's this tension that builds and builds because maybe there's a twist that the narrator doesn't know or maybe the narrator is leaving something out (the book is broken up into five parts with the narrative leapfrogging the years without so much as a word to note the passage of time). As closed off as the narrator is, he doesn't seem terribly reliable, but it turns out that he is honest to a fault, and he circles round to tell more than I wanted to know in the last and shortest part of the story.

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