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An associate degree in accounting is what is needed to bring a person with direct contact with the basic work of accounting but bachelors in the same makes one educationally and psychologically strong to continue with the subject. The other norm presently observed is a student taking up business administration with special emphasis on accounting.
A PhD degree is what would overstate the academic position of the students which in turn would increase their job opportunities arbitrarily.
Fore how many years will it take for a person to be a reduate, professional to study the word of ACCUNTANCE in nigeria. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
All registered nurses (RN) in West Virginia (WV) are required to complete Continuing Education (CE) in order to maintain state licensure. A new CE requirement for WV RNs is CE for mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans. Additionally, we also have specific CE requirements related to drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances. What do you need to know about the continuing education requirements necessary for your APRN license renewal? There are APRN specific CE requirements that you must meet in order to renew your APRN license. The CEs required to maintain your APRN license do not add to the total number of CE hours you are required to earn. Evidence of completion of a minimum of 24 contact hours obtained within the most recent licensure renewal cycle; 12 hours in pharmacotherapeutics, 8 of which may be used for renewal and reinstatement of Limited Prescriptive Authority in accordance with WV19CSR8 and 12 hours in the clinical management of patients from an approved continuing education provider recognized by the Board.
The practice of WV CRNAs is regulated by the WV RN Board. Every CRNA in WV should be familiar with the state nurse practice act, along with the rules and regulations of the state WV RN Board. The current average salary for a registered nurse is $74,000 per year according to indeed dot com.
A contemporary education should not be difficult to obtain considering how convenient the education industry has become.
Please leave a comment at the bottom if you’d like us to add or edit any requirements. The school offering an art therapy master’s degree program must be an accredited institution, as designated by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). A Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as psychology, counseling, art, art education. A designated number of hours in studio art, showing a proficiency in things like drawing, painting and sculpture. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as psychology, counseling, visual arts, occupational therapy, nursing social work, et al.
Graduates of approved art therapy programmes are eligible to register with the Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA) as a professional AThR (registered arts therapist). As always, you should check with your specific program of interest for their specific requirements. The following was sent by one of our readers, Vivien Beere, and is being promoted to an article.
To young people I often suggest a first degree in Social Work because it’s hugely flexible. The other route is to first have a Fine Arts degree and stay connected with the arts world and art making for a part of your professional time and income, in addition to getting the Masters in Art Therapy.
One of the key points is that during training and as you practise, you will need Supervision or as the Americans call it Case Consultation or Case Control.
With art therapy you can land up unconsciously and subtly directing your clients to work out your own unlived issues, or you can find yourself drawn into their stories or unable to sleep because of the images that you have seen. I also suggest that if you are interested in obtaining your Masters degree in Art Therapy in the US, contact a program. I would love to start and charity program in my area in local hospitals where artists, art therapists, counselors join forces and visit children in hospitals and in communities to help express their emotional and physical pain. In brief a face to face 2 years Masters in Art Therapy is a good idea for your own support, learning and peace of mind if you want to work in the field.
I wonder if it would be worth your while seeking out some open minded Art Therapists and doing co supervision to support your work and to explore similarities and differences in modality personal style and possibly focus? Congratulations on your distinction in arts and crafts.I wonder if Art Teaching or Special Ed might be a useful qualification and field of experience for you that could later lead on to Art Therapy or Child Psychotherapy or Child and Family work.? I am about to enter my senior year with a biology major, but I have considered a career in art therapy for a while.
I am very interested in being an art therapist but not the best at the drawing side of art but I am still very creative. Also what are the main classes I should be taking to improve my skills in becoming an Art therapist?
We were wondering if you would be interested in ading our Art Therapy programsto your listings in Europe: Metafora hs been working extensively in the field of rt therapy training in Spain since 1999.
Hi, I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and I want to be an art therapist. I just graduated with baccalaureate in natural science, but I want to pursue a career in art therapy. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Art and Counseling and Masters in Art Education. My aunt is staying in Houston, Texas and i would like to know if there is any institutes or universities near that area.
So what my concern is, is that I’m wondering can you not practice art therapy privately without a license?
Is it possible to become an art therapist if you get a master’s in occupational therapy?

Is it possible to learn the psychology needed to take the masters courses throughout living? In the modern world it has become very important to understand the structure of the courses and the course requirements along with the opportunities they provide.
Formal education has become one of the basic necessities of the mankind ever since industrial revolution.
The job market these days demands specialized educational requirements at various levels to make oneself qualify for them.
College requirements are even demanding particularly in the elite institutions as most top companies recruit people from there not just giving importance to the qualification requirements. People show interest to specialize in their field to make them qualified for a particular job title rather than to diversify their areas of interest. Higher education, that too at master and doctoral levels, particularly needs extra guidance with regard to the job opportunities as they may go in vain if there is not much demand in the market. Here we have the details of requirements for various jobs at various levels and also the standards for various certifications to keep you informed and thus make you achieve the same. This very fact pushes the importance of accountants a few notches higher and makes certain accountant education requirements mandatory for students studying for the course. That would invariably make a person more at ease with the jobs at managerial and consultancy posts. This particular CE is defined as educational offerings that include information on training on inquiring or inquiring about whether the patients are veterans or family members of veterans, and screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, risk of suicide, depression and grief, and prevention of suicide. The initial course(s) is at least a total of 2 hours and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement.
After the first 2 hour course, subsequent updates must be at least 2 hours and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement, and must be completed on or before October 31 of each year.
The training may be in 1 or 2 courses or a portion of a longer program provided the brochure or agenda describes the content and the number of hours related to the requirements.
We must complete at least 1 hour of this particular CE and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement, and must be completed on or before October 31 of each year. An APRN must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice each license renewal period. The CEs you are already earning to maintain CRNA recertification can be used to meet these APRN requirements. 12 hours may count toward the continuing education requirement for the registered nurse license according to WV19CSR11. These include the following: earning a Bachelors degree in nursing, Associates degree in nursing (ADN) or a diploma.
In order to become a professional art therapist, you are required to complete a graduate level Master’s degree in art therapy. The art therapy program must also be approved by meeting the standards set forth from the Education Program Approval Board (EPAB).
Here’s a sampling of what else is typically required in order to purse an art therapy degree in the United Kingdom.
A professional member of the Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA) must abide by their code of ethics. Keep doing your creative work and reflect on it using a journal…keep on doing it forever! If you do want to do this as a profession get a professional masters degree in Art Therapy!! After having done this and also done a Masters in Art Therapy, you will always get a job as a Social Worker and open up ways to use your expertise. It amy be worth joining ANZATA or another Arts Therapy professional body as an associate member to keep up to date with issues, courses, conferences etc.
I’m interested in becoming an Art Therapist, in making a Master Degree online, because I live in the Dominican Republic.
The learning process will expose you in many ways to your own biases and deeply held personal and cultural assumptions about yourself and the world. Perhaps then you could work up a conference presentation about a research question in your own work…?
If I want to study a master degree of art therapy, do I need a MA psychology degree or other requirements?
Would it be a good idea to take the required courses at Moraine then transfer to Illinois state for a psychology baccalaureate or just transfer the credits I already have to Illinois state and start there?
I’m beginning my Junior year as a Psychology student minoring in art and mental health services. This is what I have wanted to do my whole life and I am such a plan-in-advance type person. I was an art major for 3 years, so I would have some art experience, but would I have to figure out a way to take some art classes along with an OT degree?
Is there a chance to study Art Therapy if I only have a bachelors degree of Art and Visual Arts? You may have a clear cut choice of the designation with articles about various fields and courses by experts on this site.
As he spoke, by investing the resources in education, one can achieve great levels both on the professional and personal fronts. The guidelines may differ from one country to another or from one educational board to another but the basic essence of the criteria remain almost constant.
Click this link for more detailed information about this specific CE: Guidelines for Veterans CE Requirement. Please note that this means each WV APRN must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice between July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. However, they must meet the above criteria for content, be earned in the correct time frame, and be of the required hour amount.

Approximately 45% of registered nurses are over age 50, which leads us to believe that several thousand nurses will leave their careers for retirement in the near future. Alternatively, you can get a Master’s degree in a counseling-related field with an emphasis in art therapy.
However, you should always check with the specific art therapy program to verify exact requirements. There’s now a lot and it ranges from the exploratory type of books on specific subjects to scholarly books and theses. Just as your clients will need you as a witness to help them observe, contain and reflect on what they are doing so you too will need that same support. I have a Bachelor of Arts Education and Work Specialist Education with autistic children from 4 years ago. There is a huge learning that goes on in a peer group that to my mind cannot be replicated by solo study, which is not to say some distance study could be useful.You will also gain academic knowledge that will help you develop your own philosophy of practice and have the feedback of teachers as well as gain credentials. If the former doing your own in depth process with an Art Therapist could be a good idea.Then when you train formally you could do some papers and research activities in this rapidly developing area of Art Therapy practise. I didn’t know until about a week ago that there is an actual certification process for art therapists. I feel thrown for a loop and a little distressed at the thought of something messing up my life goals.
The initial course must include at least 3 hours of CE related to drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances. The WV RN Board will only accept CE Certificates as evidence that you have completed the required CE.
In addition to the educational requirements, registered nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to become a licensed registered nurse. There, a nurse can easily obtain a degree or certification without ever leaving the comfort of his or her own home. Have a look at Amazon for titles, especially Jessica Kingsley, then browse the American Journal of Art Therapy for a start. And no, at this point Art Therapy, although much needed, is not well paid or easy to start a career in, even in the USA. Since the forth grade I have wanted to help people, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized that through art I would enjoy it most.
The ultimate was a combination of finding a program in Art Therapy but, at that time wasn’t an easy find or not recognized. However, during my studying, I realised that health is not only related to the physical condition but mind is very important as well. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as I feel nervous andand wonder if I can gradually get better during an arts degree after I’ve had more therapy, then could I still be accepted to do this if I can get well by the time I do a masters. If I can find a university that would let me have a concentrated area of AT while I pursue my LPC then I would definitely do that just to have a basic understanding of the structuring. Click this link for more detailed information about this specific CE: Guidelines for Drug Diversion Training and Best Practice Prescribing of Controlled Substances CE.
Please make sure that the certificate indicates how many of the CE credits awarded were designated as Pharmacology CE credits. In 2009 approximately 16.7% of registered nurse employment was in a nursing home, outpatient care center or home health care setting.
The NCLEX exam can be taken through your State Board of Nursing once the pre-requisite educational requirements have been fulfilled. And while online schooling is a wonderful alternative to attending a physical school, even physical schools offer many programs, grants, and scholarships, that make attending school much easier. Because my husband is in the army I am limited in the schools I can go to, and the one I am currently attending does not have an Art Therapy program. Im presently recovering from surgery and not employed and am interested in a career change.
I mainly want to do counseling but also art therapy as an alternative form of therapy for select children that do not seem to be benefitting from traditional counseling (I want do pediatric counseling).
But how does that work when you are trying to offer it to someone since you technically don’t have any credentials to be an art therapist? Within the next few years it is expected that this number will increase significantly and one third of RNs will be employed in a home health care setting and one fourth will work in a nursing care facility. So I had thought that majoring in psychology and minoring in art would be the next best thing; however, after reading the comments am thinking that I might do better with a different major? Art Therapy is a wonderful find and am curious to know if I’d be a good candidate for this field. I found it very familiar to me, as I always enjoy art and I feel my soul being healed every time I express myself with drawings.
I have not ever really considered doing art therapy as a full time job just because I want to be an LPC, but also using AT as when needed like I was saying. This increase is due to the millions of baby boomers who will soon be entering retirement age and will require home health care and reside in assisted living facilities.
Can I enter into this field with my present credentials, and if not, to know what courses would be needed to attain the masters in this field. I have a sense of healing people with physical and mental disabilities and I believe art therapy is one of the best way to heal their souls.

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