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The teams will navigate 50 miles of turbulent rivers, battle through a deadly stretch of whitewater rapids known as Hell’s Gate and bushwhack through thick brush to reach the extraction point. The teams trek 30 miles up and over the snow-covered Tordrillo Mountains to reach the landing zone on the banks of Frustration Lake.
In the second-season opener, contestants race across a glacier before white-water rafting to Berners Bay.
On the final leg of their journey, the explorers summit a massive mountain of rock and ice in the Juneau Icefield.
With only a few days left in the expedition, the survivalists travel to Admiralty Island, home to one of the densest brown bear populations in North America.
In this leg of the expedition, our eight survivalists paddle 40 miles through a minefield of icebergs and glaciers in Prince William Sound.
The explorers have 72 hours to reach their extraction landing zone: a very cold, distant 35 miles away. The eight explorers are on the fourth leg of their expedition and are struggling to stay afloat on the Talachulitna River.

FRIENDSSpecial thanks to all independent cappers: err0001, TM, Reb, XS, tNe, wrcr, Reb, MW, pwe, JannaJives, GF, SHO, bigfish5, loadstone2k12, thirteen28, CLDD, RKSTR and anonymous other cappers and suppliers. The Military team sticks to lower elevations, but ends up staring a huge canyon straight in the face. With the Woodsmen and Military teams forging forward, the Endurance athletes are eager to build an early lead. The men arrive at prime feeding time, when hungry brown bears are devouring everything they can eat. River crossing opportunities are hard to come by, and the rushing, unforgiving glacial waters could sweep even the toughest explorer off his feet. Massive waves and powerful tides beat against their boats as they struggle to stay upright and stay together. Mountain man Marty Raney and his son Matt search for fish but after three days and no luck the team is going hungry.
Dallas Seavey and his brother Tyrell are the first group to break off and travel into one of the most bear-populated areas in the world.

The men split into three groups and approach a 300-foot cliff, descend a ravine and traverse eight miles of the Triumvirate Glacier.
Mountain man Marty Raney is taking charge, building a colossal raft weighing nearly 2 tons which he hopes will be sturdy enough in the rapids. Going head to head, eight men of a rare breed are about to take the ultimate test of survival in Arctic conditions that only National Geographic could inspire. For as much trouble as the river presents, it also provides desperately needed salmon for their stocks. After spending five hours on construction, the five-man crew get on their way, but hunger starts to take its toll.

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