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Arthritis or wear and tear around the big toe can cause arthritis around the sesamoid bones and cause pain on walking and activity. An acute injury causes severe pain, swelling and bruising around the big toe that can indicate a “turf toe” injury.
Dull chronic pain especially if it comes and goes under the ball of the big toe, or changes with certain shoes or activties can be indicative of sesamoiditis.
The clinical story can indicate whether an acute injury is likely or a more persistent chronic problem exists.
If the symptoms are associated with an acute injury, rapid surgical assessment is advised to ensure return to full function is assured. Off-load the toeThe foot can be off-loaded with a boot or special insole to allow any inflammation to settle. Repetitive impact activities, such as running and jumping, can cause small cracks in the bone called stress fractures.
If left stress fracture unattended, a stress fracture can become a complete fracture and lead to complications such as bleeding and nerve compromise. Seek medical help if any instability is noted in the lower leg, or inability to bear weight. During the recovery phase, it is important to maintain fitness levels by using low or non-impact activities such as swimming or biking.
Call (+65) 6471 2674 (24 Hour) to fix an appointment to see our doctor to treat Tibia Stress Fracture today. Posted On October 7, 2015 Last Updated On June 8, 2016 By surekha Elephantiasis is an infection caused by filaria that causes abnormal enlarged limbs or other area of the body. Elephantiasis can be described as lymphatic filariasis in medical terms which causes abnormal enlargement of organs.
It is reported that about 1.2 billion people across the globe are suffering from elephantiasis. According to the statistics available more than 120 million people in the word are infected with this disease and among them 40 million have become incapacitated on account of this disease. Lymphatic system operates as immune system in the body thus preventing the body against many infectious diseases. Any block in the free-flow of the lymph through the lymphatic vessels causes elephantiasis. The worms or parasites are generally carried by mosquitoes and when they bite it transfers the parasites (in larval stage) into the bloodstream. Elephantiasis causing enlargement of genitals can be caused by bacteria called lymphogranuloma venereum which can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. People living in tropical regions like India, Africa, Southeast Asia and Southern America can develop elephantiasis. Based on the test results the doctor would start the treatment for underlying condition of lymph damage. Unwanted lymph tissue is removed from the vulva region of females through surgery or radiation. At present, research work is going on to give preventive medicine to reduce the rate of transmission. Even after completing the course of medication, the health of the patient will be regularly monitored for at least one year or more to observe any changes. Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try. While there are sometimes dangerous reasons such as an infection, tumors, and fractures, most causes are mechanical. While mechanical causes of knee pain such as sprains, degenerative knee osteoarthritis (wear and tear), meniscus and ligament injuries are usually not dangerous, they can cause significant distress, making it hard to walk, causing time off work, affect a person’s social interactions and result in poor mood. Where the pain is severe, or when there is an obvious emergency such as an accident causing a potential fracture, it is important to consult a doctor urgently. In long standing conditions which have been properly assessed by your doctor to not be dangerous or in mild cases of knee sprain, rest and self-help measures can be useful. Many mild cases can usually be well managed by an experienced doctor who can provide a clinical diagnosis based on a patients clinical history and physical examination. In cases where the initial treatments have not been effective, an X-ray would be a cost effective way to rule out most dangerous underlying problems. Using techniques such as manual therapy, medical massage, ultrasound, stretches and exercises, it can have a good result in many cases.
However recent medical opinion indicate that the benefit of viscosupplementation on pain and function in patients is minimal. However, years of clinical experience have also now shown them to be of very limited benefit. In most other cases, even where pain and stiffness are severe or have been present for a long time, there are multiple non-surgical options that a patient should first consider. As surgery can have significant risks and cost, it is important to balance this carefully against the potential benefits expected.

In rare cases, patients may continue to suffer from symptoms of pain and stiffness after surgery.
In some instances, the body has not had enough time to fully recover and symptoms will improve with rest.
At times, there could be some technical aspects of surgery that should best be discussed with your surgeon. There are also cases where a patient’s original symptoms are caused by multiple factors such as inflammation, joint dysfunction, degeneration, and muscular trigger points. Surgery may correct one specific cause of the patient’s symptoms but not be able to address the other causes. At The Pain Relief Clinic, we adopt a biomedical targeted approach that addresses how the multiple component causes of knee pain affect you. This allows us to provide treatment strategy that targets the root causes of your condition using medical technology in a comprehensive and cost-effective way.
If you are suffering from knee pain, or if your condition has not improved despite other treatments, we are able to help. Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try. Some of the symptoms seen in varicose veins include feeling of heaviness, pain, burning sensation and noticeable swelling in legs or ankles. If you want to do something for your failing vein health, butcher’s broom is unquestionably worth a try. This herb contains a sufficient amount of ruscogenins, which aid in controlling swelling, a common and troublesome clinical feature in patients with varicose veins. Horse chestnut, with the botanical name of Aesculus hippocastanum offers definiteA relief from varicose veins. Centella Asiatica, is perhaps one of the most trusted herb of treatment for an array of ailments, beginning from ulcerations in the stomach, hepatitis, bronchial asthma to diarrhea and varicose veins.
It is quite easy to avail the vein strengthening benefits of Gotu kola or Indian pennywort by consuming it in the form of either herbal tea or tincture form. Witch hazel, otherwise known as winter bloom, has been extensively used as tinctures for many conditions, one of them being varicose veins. Its topical application as a cold compress (twice in a day) help in relieving pain and swelling on a temporary basis.Its ingestion has, however, been linked with many adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting and constipation. The bark and red berries of Prickly ash offer help for individuals dealing with swollen veins and poor elasticity which results in pooling of blood in the lower extremities. The alkaloid and tannin content is responsible for stimulating the tonic actions of the herb.A This is probably why tincture or tea form of prickly ash is recommended for those dealing with circulatory problems, such as leg ulcers or varicose veins.
The big example is the patella or kneecap bone lying mobile in the front of the knee within the thigh muscle tendon.
If the pain is more persistent and even at night, the toe may have developed arthritis around the sesamoid bones.
In the presence of a chronic, grumbling pain in the toe it is likely that it will continue to persist without surgical assessment, where a variety of treatments may be applicable. The sesamoid bones can be removed if troublesome however the surgeon must ensure correct reattachment of important tendons that were attached to the sesamoids to ensure good toe strength. If non-operative measures have been unsuccessful and your quality of life is affected then surgery can always be discussed with your surgeon who will inform you of the potential outcomes from the surgical intervention planned. At the proximal end, the medial and lateral condyles articulate with the distal end of the femur to form the knee joint.
Pain is most severe at the early stage of activity, subsiding in the middle and returning at the end.
The pain from an untreated stress fracture may lead to a complete cessation of activity and further injury to surrounding tissues.
This micro-organism causes obstruction in the free flow of lymphatic system resulting in accumulation of fluid (causing enlarged limb). Lymph vessels are arranged in the form of network through which water like fluid called lymph flows. Normal color of the skin changes in the infected area resulting in dark skin due to hyperkeratosis. Lymphatic system is distributed throughout the body and obstruction is caused by parasites called filariasis. Another bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis can also cause obstruction of lymphatic system leading to swelling of genitals.
Elephantiasis can develop after surgery or radiation therapy also wherein the removal of lymph nodes can lead to accumulation of lymph fluid resulting in swelling of organs. He would collect the complete medical history of the patient and order for collection of tissue sample from the enlarged limb to test it in the lab. Common examples include being offered expensive and frequent treatments for extended periods. The reason why this occurs is that the veins which perform the task of carrying blood to the heart fail to do so in an efficient manner.As a result, blood begins to pool resulting in dilation and bulging veins.

As a matter of fact, butcher’s broom is considered as a reliable form of herbal treatment for cases of chronic venous insufficiency. The intake or topical application of Horse chestnut isA contraindicated in individualsA with liver or kidney disorders and even for those taking blood thinning drugs. Till date studies have been conducted to verify the role of Gotu kola in venous insufficiency. Some of the side effects associated with its use are gastrointestinal upset, nausea and drowsiness. Also, Gotu kola has a tendency to interact with several medications; for example cholesterol lowering drugs, sedatives as well as medicines that lower blood sugar level.
Herbalists tout witch hazel as a potent anti inflammatory with astringent and haemostatic properties. Owing to the high level of tannins, Witch hazel should not be used for a long duration of time. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Special X-Ray views can be taken to look accurately at the sesamoid bones under the big toe. Athletes with lower bone density, due to dietary issues or genetic predisposition, are more susceptible, as are athletes who train on hard surfaces at increased distance and duration. Warming-up properly and using cross training techniques to limit the impact of the bone will help prevent stress fractures. Very rarely surgical intervention may be needed to strengthen the bone at the fracture site. Primarily elephantiasis is caused by 3 worms by name Brugia timri, Brugia malayi and Wuchereria bancrofti.
Research is going on to identify the complete gene structure of Brugia Malayi worm that causes this disease. In simple words, the herbal seeds strengthen and tighten the muscular tissue that constitutes the vein. It has been fully ascertained that the use of this herb aids in minimizing swelling and helps improve circulation, as well. Not only does it improve vein health, it contains constituents, such as tannins which aid in tightening and repairing distended vessels.
Each one is about 1x1.5cm in size and helps the big toe joint moving from a straight position to a bent or flexed position.
Other special tests can be helpful including an MRI scan or a CT scan, but your surgeon will advise on this as required. Women are more susceptible to this injury than men due to bone density deficiency conditions such as irregular or absent menstrual cycles, eating disorders or osteoporosis.
The tibia is the weight bearing bone of the lower leg and therefore takes a large amount of the force of impact during running and jumping activities. Since the enlarged limb looks like the leg of an elephant, the term “elephantiasis” is used. When the lymph vessels are blocked by overgrowth of micro-organism it can stop the regular flow of lymph resulting in fluid accumulation. These worms enter into the body and grow in the lymphatic system multiplying in number ultimately leading to blockage of lymph (liquid).
Besides hereditary and ageing process, other factors that may escalate the risk of varicose veins include pregnancy and excessive body weight.
It is essentially the presence of an active compound, Aescin thatA promotes improved blood circulationA via toning effect. Lymph is the fluid that flows in the lymphatic system and when the normal flow is blocked it leads to fluid accumulation in the body.
Bones are constantly repairing and rebuilding, leading to the robbing of calcium from one area of the bone to build another, causing a weak area. Elephantiasis is caused by 3 kinds of worms and sometimes due to sexually transmitted diseases of bacterial infection. In addition to the above, if elephantiasis is not treated it can lead to secondary infection in any organs causing more complications. When the impact is transferred up the shaft and encounters a weak area, due to either calcium deficiency or a prior stress fracture, the bone will crack slightly. This disease can be managed by suitable medications and in many cases by combined approach of surgical procedure. The muscles are meant to take some of the shock away from the bones but a fatigued muscle is a poor shock absorber.

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