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Dry patches on face can result to loss of the skin luster on the face and can therefore cause the early onset of wrinkles and lines on the face. The skin is the largest organ found in the body and functions as a barrier against the harmful elements from the environment.
When the skin is dry, facial tightness may be experienced as a result of insufficiency in moisture or is when the skin is not properly hydrated. The environmental factor resulting to dry skin patches on face is due to the external stimuli that irritated or aggravated the skin causing it to dry and form patches. Cold winter months can cause the skin to dry not only on the face but also in the other skin area of the body. Prolonged exposure under the sun can damage the skin and reduce the natural oil of the skin including the facial skin. The medical factors that can cause the dry patches on face are those underlying condition that result the skin to dry not only in the face but also in other areas of the skin. Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition characterized by rashes that are extremely itchy and scaly. Dry patches on face caused by underlying condition are generally treated with appropriate drugs for the underlying condition itself.
Coconut oil has sufficient amount of fatty acids which can help in replenishing the skin of the natural oil lost. Thankfully, dry skin can be fairly easily rectified, as long as you know how to treat dry skin. This article will give you pointers that will immediately allow you to make changes that will help you eliminate dry skin.
Here’s a simple long term plan to eliminate dry skin and never be affected by it, ever again. It is also important that you use a separate facial moisturizer and a separate one for your body, as facial moisturizers will generally contain extra ingredients like antioxidants, to repair and heal skin on the face that is exposed throughout the day. Certain things you eat and drink will dehydrate your skin, causing your skin to dry out from the inside. It is not only a cause for cosmetic concern and discomfort but dry patches on face may also lead to other skin problems. It is a common occurrence during the dry winter season but dry skin can happen all throughout the year which is then a health concern to some.

It also functions to contain the vital organs and keep them in place including the other inner parts of the body.
There are several factors and conditions that can cause the skin on the face to dry that will later have dry patches.
The cold wind causes the skin to dry especially when it is not protected with moisturizers.
The extreme heat during the hot summer months reduces the natural oil of the skin which leads to dry skin and dry patches on face. Exposure to UV rays of the sun is particularly dangerous to the skin which can cause damages to the skin and its ability to produce enough natural oil to keep the skin well hydrated and moisturized.
Application of cosmetics on the face brings beauty to the face but it can also be harmful and cause dry patches on face which can be embarrassing and unappealing. This skin condition is characterized by excessive production of skin over an area of inflammation and infection. Skin moisturizer is the usual treatment for dry patches on face to restore the moisture of the facial skin. Inflammatory skin conditions are treated with topical application of steroids while anti-histamines are prescribed for dry patches caused by allergies. The olive oil is an antioxidant rich in vitamin E and vitamin K while the egg yolk is rich in vitamin A and helps in managing skin shedding. It is a natural way of moisturizing the skin and is best done at night and left for the entire night. The gel inside the plant is what is being applied on the face which can be obtained by cutting a leaf and squeezing out the gel inside.
Dry skin can make a person look older, unhealthy and super stressed out, even if they have an otherwise beautiful looking face. Cheap soaps will clean the skin although they will simultaneously strip out the moisture as well.
If you are having dry skin problems, please invest a good amount of money into a high quality sunscreen that will provide you with at least a SPF 20+ protection. Once your skin returns to normal, it is important that you continue to protect your skin with sunscreen, if you don’t want it to be affected by dryness again. The skin is composed of four types such as the normal skin, oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin.

It can also be reddish in appearance while itchiness and sensitivity of the skin is common among individuals with dry patches on face. The cold winter months also causes the small amount of moisture in the air thus lack of moisture for the skin that it usually gets from the environment. Detergent soaps and bath soaps can also be harmful to the facial skin and can cause the skin to dry out and form patches on the face. Atopic dermatitis is aggravated by exposure to dry air and cold air and contact with other irritants.
Psoriasis is triggered by stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking and withdrawal from systemic corticosteroid.
The use of non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic soaps and cosmetics are also advice to patient with dry patches on face. While hot showers are very relaxing after a tough day’s work, you must know that they are very harsh on your skin, stripping out crucial moisture that is locked into the skin’s pores.
Wear this for everyday use and use a cream that offers you SPF 50+ protection when you head outdoors for extended periods of time.
Limit the intake of such diuretics and start consuming a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables, vitamins and plenty of water. The appearance of dry patches on face is unappealing that the quality of life is affected as it can cause embarrassment on the part of the patient. Cosmetics and other chemicals can strip away the natural oils of the skin and the skin of the face.
Cheap soaps or soaps with high lye content should not be used on your skin, specifically your facial skin. The incidence of dry patches on face is not a serious or life-threatening condition although measures should be taken to manage the dry skin on the face which may cause complication often due to incessant scratching of the face due to itchiness.

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