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I’ve given a teaser and interviewed the translator, but I have yet to give my own thoughts on Dr. I have posted the complete table of contents here, but to give you an idea of what the book is really about if like to walk through each chapter. Chapter 2 – As he did in Transfer of Training in Sports Volume 1 and Volume 2, Bondarchuk explains the concept of transfer of training. The time it takes to perform an exercise is critical to consider in the process of sports mastery when selecting training means . Chapter 4 – Using the information in previous chapters, Bondarchuk starts to put the elements together and recommend how you can train different types of strength. Chapter 5 – This chapter provides some sample programs for developing the different forms of strength outlined in Chapter 4. Chapter 6 – Adaptation is the key to any type of training, so in the last chapter Bondarchuk takes a step back to look at how adaptation works and how the historical definitions of it have failed to capture its true essence.
In the end, the process of entering sports form is completely individual when it comes to time characteristics as well as the successive order of phases of development of sport form. The big knock against most Russian authors is that the text is at best dense or at worst incomprehensible. Hammer thrower Martin Bingisser leads two lives: during the day he's tied to his desk as a tax attorney, but after work he's training hard as the Swiss national coach and six-time national champion. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
Dougles Chan provides selective individual mentoring in business related to marketing, branding, digital marketing, viral marketing and recruitment.
Private mentoring is available via Skype, one-on-one session in different countries, if you are not in Singapore, please contact to check the availability in specific country mentoring session. Countries already serving are Singapore, South Korea, USA, Mexico, Australia, UK, UAE, Canada, Spain, Ukraine, China, Ireland, South Africa, Vietnam and India. Throughout the construction sector, ensuring healthy skin amongst an on-site workforce is a significant factor in achieving compliance with health and safety legislation dictated by the HSE. For Laing O’Rourke, a world-leading construction and engineering organisation involved with some of the UK’s foremost construction projects, surpassing their obligation to meet skin care compliance is a priority across each of its many major UK worksites. For Deb, a leading innovator and supplier of skin care products and hand sanitising solutions, the overarching message it applies to all the industries it caters for is to ‘Make Hands Matter in the Workplace’. Construction and outdoor workers are subject to a wide range of threats to their skin, the consequences of which vary from mild, short-term irritation through to life-threatening long-term conditions such as skin cancer. In terms of skin cancer, research commissioned by the Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH), the only chartered body for health and safety professionals, indicates that malignant melanoma kills nearly 50 people each year in the UK because of exposure to UV radiation at work. According to the UV index established by the UK Met Office, when the UV rating hits level 3 – or ‘Moderate’ – the amount of solar UV radiator reaching the earth’s surface is strong enough to damage the skin, which can lead to skin cancer.
While Laing O’Rourke is unique in the industry for directly employing the majority of its workforce, with operatives moving from site to site, it is critical the company ensures its health and safety message is constantly be reiterated.
In order to achieve this effective communication strategy, Deb and Laing O’Rourke deliver a programme of campaigns, built around the use of Deb skin care products, as well as through the provision of a host of educational resources.
For example, Deb is active in contacting each new Laing O’Rourke worksite, liaising with site managers to arrange for bespoke ‘toolbox talks’ – whereby Deb representatives speak with the workforce by means of a presentation designed specifically for Laing O’Rourke.
Deb and Laing O’Rourke are keen to ensure that workers’ apply skin products whenever necessary. Similarly in washrooms, the relevant Deb protect, cleansers, sanitisers and restore products will be readily available for staff to use and any point during the work day.
Finally, Deb provides Laing O’Rourke with bespoke resources including posters, personal cards for staff and Laing O’Rourke branded skin care literature that is distributed amongst the workers.

This free eBook from SHP is an indispensable guide to reviewing health and safety legislation updates over the last year, including recent health and safety legislative changes. For the latest health and safety jobs visit SHP 4 Jobs - the official jobs board of Barbour EHS.
Grain Whisky distillation is a constant process that needs to be constantly monitored for the build up of impurities.
The online whisky analysis system continuously samples 3 streams from the distillery, sequentially sampling from each and analysing on a 200 series GC. Liquid Injection Valve (at ambient temperature), Mounted over Injection Port for Instant Vaporisation of Sample, fitted with Micro Electric Actuator. As I said above, strength is many things and he lays out all the different ways to classify strength. In short, speed and strength are not as correlated as you might think and Bondarchuk spends this chapter looking at the connection in more detail.
For example maximum dynamic strength requires slow twitch muscle development and therefore works best at high intensities. I must be honest, when I first read through them this was part of the book I didn’t like. For that reason alone I learned a lot from the book, but I also picked up quite a bit about how I would train someone for other sports.
As you might notice, my name is on the cover as an editor but in actuality I was more like a consultant on the book. Whether you are currently an individual or business owner who needs a private mentor to scale up your business, marketing & branding, organisational transformation, talk to us. Here, Laing O’Rourke and Deb group talk about how their partnership is enhancing skin care across the sector. As such, the business has partnered with Deb Group to develop bespoke initiatives that help to cement Laing O’Rourke’s reputation for providing excellent workforce protection.
In the case of Laing O’Rourke, that means using its expertise to help the company establish a structure within their business that drives the importance of hand hygiene to the end users – the workers – when on site. Staff come into contact with many different contaminants depending on the building work they are doing – for example in construction, cement puts workers at risk of lime allergies and associated risks, similarly with lubricants and oils.
Outdoor workers, such as in the majority of construction projects, are approximately five times more likely to develop the disease. During the warmer UK months, irrespective of any cloud cover, the UV rating frequently exceeds these levels, exposing outdoor workers to the threat.
For the workers, they not only learn more about the importance of frequently applying skin care products, but they also receive a certificate to include in their health and safety folders. These products include Deb Protect PURE, Pure Wash, Solopol® Lime and Light PURE – leading products from the Deb Stoko® range that serve to encourage the application of Deb’s four-step skin care programme in construction and industrial environments, and that are readily available to employees at designated skin safety centres on site.
As we are sending out the pre-orders I thought it was time for me to weigh in with my thoughts. You can classify by specificity (look at his classic exercise classification system for more details here), the way the muscle contracts (dynamic strength vs. Isometric work can also help develop this, but is less effective in developing speed strength. As the translator pointed out in our interview, part of the reason is the nature of the written Russian language. I read through earlier versions to edit and provide feedback that helped put the text in context. More statistics from IOSH serve to magnify why greater preventative action should be taken: although 90% of construction workers use sunscreen on holiday, only 59% use it at work.

For example, Deb Stokoderm® Sun Protect creams will be available from dispensers in a worksite’s designated debrief room, with supporting UV boards that make help to inform workers on the Met Office UV index and how, why and when sun protection cream should be applied. He also does a deeper analysis of the numbers in his previous books by looking at the interrelation between non-competitive exercises for speed and power athletes. Identifying the type of strength you need for your sport is essential to any training plan. Instead he needs to know what someone is training for, how they adapt, and many other details. But part of it is also Bondarchuk’s writing style that includes long asides and lengthy introductions.
I was not, however, given a chance to do a final edit and this shows as there are still some small typos and even a missing table. Furthermore, 70% of workers in large UK construction companies have not had any training on the risks of working in the sun. But the closer you look at strength you realize it is not just one big thing; it is a combination of smaller concepts. With solid examples of how to develop each type, it also gives you an idea of how to start training it.
But then I realized that the plans are not necessarily to be used, they are to help understand what he is talking about. The translation in this book is pretty good at getting the general points across, but the underlying text still includes these elements and you have to work through them to get to the meat.
Therefore I would like to offer those that purchase the book from HMMR Media to contact me if you have any questions or don’t quite understand a section of the book. Through its collaboration with Deb, Laing O’Rourke is leading the drive towards addressing these alarming statistics. As discussed below, if you order the book from HMMR Media I can also help answer some questions you might have after reading it. Bondarchuk then moves on to look at different modes of training (overcoming, yielding, retaining, and combinations thereof), different zones of intensity, and methods of strength development (maximum effort, repetition, pyramid, contrast, etc.). Sections of the book also sometimes feel like a compilation of different entries on strength rather than a cohesive whole. I will gather the most frequent questions and provide feedback on them in a future post along with translator Jake Jensen.
Each of these things requires its own type of strength that must be developed in a specific way. For example Bondarchuk mentioned in Chapter 4 that speed strength can be best developed through working at 90-100% intensities and lifting a medium intensities. I can’t guarantee you will understand everything in the book, but I can at least help with the process so you can get the most out of it.
While you can provide an overarching definition of strength, you cannot provide an overarching approach to strength training. But the definitions are important: you need to know what type of strength(s) you are training for before you begin to design any type of plan. But when looking at the sample programs I understood what he was talking about: effort should be 90-100% while the load should be medium. It is about seeing what types of strength exists, what type(s) you need, and how to develop it.

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