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If prevention really is the best medicine, gents may want to take note of the top 10 things that can affect their erection.1. Health experts warn an imbalanced diet will lead to weight gain, which in turn lowers testosterone levels. Consuming too much soy Soy-based products contain compounds that resemble human oestrogen, which in turn decreases libido.
Soy is commonly found is many protein supplements so boys who are bulking up may want to take it easy on the shakes.

Stress and anxiety These factors have long been associated with decreased sexual performance or libido.
Low self-esteemMen with a poor body image have been found to struggle achieving and maintaining an erection.
Binge drinkingPerhaps the most commonly accepted cause of erectile dysfunction, alcohol lowers mens’ testosterone levels and increases oestrogen. Strain within the relationship One of the more difficult causes of ED to diagnose is issues within a relationship.

Sugar The sweet poison has an endless list of health impacts and for diabetics, sexual dysfunction is one of them. EBOSA today via email [email protected] Any problem you are, he has a way of bringing solution to it.

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