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It’s clear that the United States is preparing for something; although opinions vary considerably about what it is that we are preparing for.
Regardless of what is being said or who is saying it, it’s clear that many people are getting nervous; nervous enough to do something about it.
While we tend to think of the prepping movement as something new in America, I have to say that it really isn’t. Of course, the Y2K thing didn’t turn out all that bad and most of us didn’t notice it anywhere near as much as we noticed the ball dropping in Times Square at midnight.
The Essential Survival Secrets of The Most Vigilant…Most Skilled…Most Savvy Survivalists in the World!
Back then we weren’t known as “preppers,” “but survivalists.” As far as mainstream society was concerned, we were just a bunch of kooks who were building bunkers in the wilderness, so that we could survive the nuclear holocaust. Children during the Cold War were taught to “duck and cover” in the case of a nuclear attack. That style of prepping was founded very early here in these United States — all the way to the coming of the Mayflower. Prepping for winter has a very long history, going back so far that there really isn’t any way of documenting it.
With a history of over 500 years, it’s safe to say that the “modern” prepping movement really isn’t all that modern after all. When non-preppers make fun of us, they are saying in essence that they think that humankind has evolved to the point where we have overcome nature, overcome disasters and overcome problems. This campaign is being systematically produced by opportunistic people with a clear agenda disguised as patriotism, survivalism and end-time fantasy. They also use the tactic of denying some of the real issues occurring and to denigrate those that have identified them. But according to some, I’m supposed to believe in those other things too, by virtue of my involvement, my many publications and my long-standing efforts with this community and even because of the name of the business that I run. I’ve a big problem with this sort of preparation because it is ill-advised and wrong-headed. Both Republicans and Christians are now inseparable and really belong to one group when it comes to the survivalist paradigm. The dominant paradigm within the survivalist movement today is to avoid culpability and responsibility and participation. Accept the propaganda and never check the facts. Lacking any notions of sustainable, real living and common sense, today’s survivalist paradigm has been morphed into the highly-prophetable [sic] brand of End Time Defeatism that offers nothing to nobody except delusions and disaster. Start looking at what sustainable really means, and live your lives NOW – not wait for some fantasy make-believe imagined world of the future. My apologies to the real, true survivalists who are compassionate, informed, educated and involved with the world around them. 2009 Ford Edge Limited AWD Car looks awesome in beautiful colors, White Suede , White Platinum Tricoat Metallic, Sterling Grey Metallic, Redfire Metallic, Drk Ink Blue Metallic, Cinnamon Metallic, Brilliant Silver Metallic and Black in which it is made available.
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Exaggerate the lift and angle of the foot as it moves out of the passing position to into the up position. Arm Movements: The arms swing in an arc, like a pendulum, to balance the thrust of the feet. At the passing position the body rises, the shoulder drops, and the arm is at its lowest point in the arc. You can change the nature of the arm swing by changing or exaggerating the passing position. At the passing positions (frame 5) draw the arm with the shoulder in its lowest position, the arm hanging down, slightly bent and the hand dragging behind.

Next draw the contact (1, 9) positions draw the arm swinging out in the opposite direction of the leading leg. To emphasis the squash of the down position (3) swing the arms out a little bit wider than the contact position.
On the even frames of your animation create the inbetween drawings on the arms and legs element layers.
To create a walk cycle we will put each of the final drawings in one new document or layer, called WalkCycle. Reposition the drawings so that the toe of the grounded foot lines up with the grounded heel of the previous drawing. While there are no accurate figures about how many people in the United States identify themselves as “preppers,” estimates range right around 3 million people. Some are looking no farther than a disastrous weather event, while others are predicting the end of life as we know it and a return to simpler times.
This “new” movement may actually be changing the way America is thinking in a rather fundamental way.
Nevertheless, had things gone anywhere near as bad as some of us predicted, the only ones who would have survived in anything near comfort were those who had bothered to prepare. They brushed us off with their condescending remarks, much like the media of today does with today’s preppers. While today’s prepper movement is mostly a middle-class movement, it seems that in those days it was something that the upper crust participated in, moreso than the common people. The pioneering days of the westward expansion of the United States was filled with preppers as well.
We even celebrate those early preppers every year on Thanksgiving, in honor of their celebration in which they gave thanks to God for having successfully prepared to survive the winter. The American Indians were known preppers, creating jerky and pemmican to help them make it through the winter. Maybe they should take a look around and talk to the victims of Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy. And when they need clean water, elite soldiers are choosing the Paratroopers Water Purifier -- the smallest, lightest, and most durable water purifier on earth! Using a gross misunderstanding of facts, conjecture and straw arguments to foster a climate of fear, slick presentations are routinely generating higher and higher levels of fear in the American people.
They’ve even mounted a campaign to attack those that are trying to reason with them and share important issues and concerns.
They’re even better prepared (some of them), rivaling even the equipment issued to military troops. This component of the modern day survivalist movement is absolutely huge, taking up 50% and more of the survivalist budget, time, training and efforts now being expended. This is because of the failure to check the facts, simply accepting whatever is put into print or makes it on the radio, and to sort out the conjecture and straw arguments so often introduced, and to examine carefully what remains. The reason is ignorance, some of it is quite profound, others not so much, but ignorance laced with heaping doses of false assumptions, false facts and false conclusions. They never examine if their beliefs, lifestyle or attitudes are valid, harmful, painful to others or causing any problems in the world. This rejection of responsibility and contribution extends much farther into all other aspects of their lives and activities too.
It is evil, it is wrong, it is misguided and it will end in disaster for those that embrace it. The arm swing is like the pendulum, slowing out of the first key frame and slowing into the second. Remember that because frame 17 is the same drawing as frame 1, we won't need it for this cycle, however you might wait until your done to delete it.
A more accurate idea might come from looking at how many new prepping websites there are and how many new businesses which cater to those with a survivalist mentality. Whether this fundamental change will affect other parts of the American way of life is yet to be seen. Nobody seemed to know what was going to happen when all our computers rolled over into the new millennium. I remember reading a number of novels which talked about surviving in a post-war scenario and decided that I was going to be one of those who were ready to survive. In some cases, they were even stocked with government supplies of food and water, to make sure that people could survive. They would gather food and firewood during the summer, storing their food in an underground bunker known as a root cellar. Maybe they need to take the blinders off of their eyes and see what kind of shape the country is in, as well as the wider world around us. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box.
Some of these claims and conjectures are just flat-out wrong and were created by utter idiots. It’s been taken over by big business and bottom lines, pumping out an endless array of propaganda, products and fear through the mouths of talking fools. And it’s not the Rapture, the End Time or Satan himself which is going to show up and cart you all off into cattle cars. This is being promoted and delivered by thousands of websites, radio programs, DVD’s, televisions shows and other forms of media.

This is rarely done and because it’s so rare, millions of people now believe truckloads of utter bullshit. It’s just a group after all, and like any group, it can be dead wrong about any given issue. Of course, this is a load of horse shit and it stinks to the high heavens in the nostrils of the Almighty.
Millions and millions of people are being taught to expect this magical event to occur at any time – which makes them useless as  participants in our society and culture. And it’s been turned into a gigantic profit-making business encompassing thousands of companies. Nothing wrong with having the skills to survive without civilization or when lost in the wild or to help educate others on these topics and skills (which is what I’m attempting to do here). Why, even mainstream retail giants like Costco and Sam’s Club are carrying prepackaged survival food. The concern for that unknown pushed people to stockpile food, water and other supplies, so that they could survive the loss of computer control for our infrastructure and all that such a widespread loss would entail. Together with some friends, I made plans to head into the Colorado Rockies whenever Washington pushed the button. Even so, when World War II started, the owners added a bomb shelter (read “bunker” in our modern lexicon) and stocked it so that they could survive a Nazi bombing of our eastern seaboard.
You can be sure that even today there are many wealthy people who have unadvertised bunkers beneath their homes.
In some parts of the country, that bunker served double-duty as a tornado shelter, as well. In fact, all of our modern methods of food preparation, except for freezing, came from the desire of people around the world to prepare for leaner times. A return to taking charge of our own lives and futures, so that come what may, we will be ready to face it. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion. Survivalism has come to mean many things that I intensely dislike, including conjecture, denial, conspiracy and end time fantasies that have no basis in reality.
I’ve been to the gun shows, seen what the preparations are and understand the reasoning behind it.
Their version of reality is even more warped then just plain-old down to earth Republicans. While spending a lifetime ignoring the world around you while constantly hoping it all comes to destruction. They neither care or involve themselves (outside of church functions, doctrines and activity) in what is going on in the world.
The invention of the Internet has caused a massive explosion of these false profits [sic], one which I have witnessed first hand.
But even if they didn’t get any tornadoes, their prepping was necessary so that they could survive an annual natural disaster called … winter. They’re not going to start rounding up political dissidents, gun owners, Christians, home schoolers or any such thing.
Quite a few are even looking forward to the conflict to come and if this happens, it will be a bloodbath of idiots and fools killing other people for no valid reasons at all. While some of them have come around, we’re still saddled with too many (imo) that are steadfastly refusing to accept reality. Christians (some of them) are preparing for the End, but first it will be the Tribulations, where persecution of Christians and Jews will occur worldwide. They listen to Fox News, they accept all that is said as Gospel, they live, breathe, eat, shit and die as Red as they can be. Just as soon as a 10-cent part breaks or your gun jams up or some kid with a knife sticks you in the ribs and takes all your preparations. HELP civilization and society STAY ALIVE while also try fixing what is wrong (plenty of that to go around). Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated. You have to be really obtuse, even quite stupid, to continue to deny climate change and our involvement.
Within the Republican group, there are still plenty of quite stupid and willfully ignorant people who go on denying climate change while ignoring the visible, testable, verifiable reality occurring right outside their homes. It’s a distorted teaching taken from the Bible and projected thousands of years into the future. Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away. None of them realize that they’re being lied to by their preachers, teachers and evangelists to keep them afraid and fearful (and under their thumb).
It’s a common tactic used by groups throughout human history, but especially within religion.

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