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February 15, 2011 by Staff Reports 4 Comments If you care about a post-carbon world, you've already taken the red pill.
An image that I come across often when meeting people in the peak oil world is taken from the movie The Matrix.
We hear about peak oil, climate change, or the economic crisis and because a light has gone off in our minds, we are driven to consume all that we can related to the subject. However, few of us are surrounded by people who agree with us about the state of the world. Or perhaps your interlocutor might get that something is up, that the infrastructure that we know is starting to wobble and show signs of cracking, but they are in denial about it right now, hedging their bets and bargaining with the future.
Yet, we are still called to ask how we hold the view of reality that the red pill has afforded us, while surrounded by those still living through the vision of either the blue pill or no pill at all. Those who have tried, out of frustration, exasperation, care or fear to warn others, will know that simply trying to metaphorically yell in someone’s face about what you believe is going on will not result in any positive result. This lack of agreement from others can touch something that can be deeply unsettling for us. Since this truth applies to all beings everywhere and at all times, we just can’t avoid discontentment in our lives. We are called to build an inner, personal resilience in our minds like the resilience that the Transition Town movement is modeling for us to create in our communities. Sit in a comfortable posture and breathing naturally, bring your awareness to the breath entering and leaving the nose. As your mind quiets down, bring to mind the situation or person that causes you concern, such as a good friend who you feel is not wanting to hear your news. As you breathe in, visualize that you are breathing in what you perceive as her denial, lack of hearing, confusion and fear. Then as you breathe out, exhale all that your friend will need to overcome his denial or lack of wanting to hear, and come to his own clear decisions. As a way to prepare for Tonglen, it can be helpful to reflect on equanimity, the idea that all beings regardless of background are the same as you in wishing for happiness and not wanting to suffer.
None of this means that we do not continue in our efforts to help create the post-carbon world that we and our friends aspire to.
Will the message that I want to deliver be heard if I say it in in the way that I’m planning? Or do I need to ease my way into the discussion, meeting people where they are and allowing them to discover things in their own time? I see educating friends, family and others about post-carbon living as an ongoing practice. About Staff ReportsTransition Voice is the online magazine on peak oil, climate change, economic crisis, and the Transition Town movement. David, found your comments while searching for the Stages of Dying metaphor to pass on to a fellow Climate Project presenter in Texas. I am familiar with Thich Naht Hanh’s teachings, and indeed have found that they have enriched my Tibetan practice. The world will not be the same when it inevitably arrives. No, I’m not talking about global warming, or the next recession, or war with Iran or China.
Most exciting is the development of a non-hormonal male birth control pill (NHMBCP) by Prof.
Of note also is that the Israeli effort is only one of several different kinds of developments taking place concurrently in different countries globally, with a focus on producing a male birth control pill. Scour the internet, as I did recently, looking for feminist commentary on the topic of the imminent non-hormonal male birth control pill (NHMBCP) and chances are that you’ll find a huge and telling silence. Strip some of the words away and you’re left with two words that will surely strike fear into the heart of feminist ideologues – “male control”.
Male pill = increased male political power as men will be able to hold out on reproducing with biologically ticking women everywhere – until men are granted long overdue human rights translated into laws and social conventions which treat men as equals. I think these men are possibly recognizing something related to an evolutionary psychologists view of male and female sexuality too. But here’s the thing I reckon (feminists are hugely silent about this) – What if the situation were, in a way, reversed?
They obviously overlook and don’t appreciate that it was overwhelmingly male brilliance which invented the technologies and systems – democracy, electricity, home appliances, transportation systems, birth control, modern medicine, telecommunications, etc. I imagine some of this meshes with the huge current social and political drive to get masses of young women educated and on professional career tracks too.
What men need in order to successfully control their reproduction is the one type of contraceptive they are missing (and that women currently have – Long Acting Reversible Contraception), LARCs. So will future life for men soon be a LARC? Will we be literally as well as figuratively taking the red pill? AVFM depends on readers like you to help us pay expenses related to operations and activism.
I too am hopeful but, I won’t be ecstatic until I have a bottle of this stuff in my hand.
Remember the story of a guy who got a blowjob and his girl dashed off into the bathroom and used the semen to impregnate herself? I used to be a clinical research coordinator for one of the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals. Though I believe the science has arrived on this (finally) I’ll still believe it when I see it.

Trials might drag on for decades, or the FDA will buckle under political pressure – you know the deal. This would mean true reproductive rights for men and feminists are a lot of things, but they’re not stupid.
We have had cars that don’t use petroleum products designed and ready to use for dozens of years… but guess who owns the patents? If we could get this pill, along with the passing of mandatory DNA testing (one that feminist are fighting tooth and nail to stop) men… for the first time, will finally have control over the feminized monopoly of birth rights that have run rampant in favor of women over the last half century.
I really don’t see any rational reason that feminists could argue (admittedly lack of rational reasoning has never stopped feminists arguing) against a NHMBCP that passes clinical trials. It’s not like a man taking the male birth control pill would in any way harm a woman. Then there’s the argument that some men might act fraudulently and impregnate women by deceitfully pretending to take the pill, or simply forget to take it.
As for Big Pharma, I don’t see them losing customers as every female customer who gives up using contraception is likely to get cancelled out by a male who becomes a customer by taking up the NHMBCP. Indonesian scientists, who have transferred this folk method from the jungle to the lab, claim they can extract the shrub’s active ingredient and mass produce it as an over-the-counter pill. If they’re right, they will accomplish what Western pharmaceutical giants have researched but failed to deliver for decades: a birth control pill for men.
So I get the distinct impression that the pharmaceutical race is already on to win this massive market. Now the thing is is that the other companies on the cusp of giving up will think, “Bugger ! I also don’t think that they would stop on the street to check if your pulse is ok either. Fine article indeed and now to sit back and watch the femmsters come out to scratch out each others eyes. I can see such scenarios with technologies the bankers and shit never saw coming, like the Internet and desktop computing. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be developing in the USA and Europe, so just maybe, hopefully, these are developers not under their umbrella and managed to slip through the cracks. I mean, for 40 years feminists have bitched about how the burden of contraception was always borne by women and how whine!
Now that the cup is on the other set of balls, they’ll whine about the exact opposite. Given the huge impact that the female pill had on women’s liberation, men have every reason to look forward to this. I also believe that without such a breakthrough, the MRM will never properly pick up to reach a critical mass.
You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. This might not be such a bad situation if you’re lucky enough to find yourself surrounded by like-minded people all of the time. Whether it is family members, colleagues, or just people who we meet at parties, sooner or later we find ourselves in a conversation that doesn’t bear any resemblance to our felt reality. They are necessary emotional phases that we can all go through when dealing with change, comparable to the the Five Stages of Dying as explained by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Through having people not acknowledge what we have to say we are forced to face uncertainty.
This personal resilience can look at pain in the face, breathe it into the heart, hold it, cradle it and breathe out the needs that those around us are looking for. Fortunately for us, Tonglen is now widely taught in the West as a way to build patience and strength in compassion, defined in Tibetan Buddhism as the wish for beings to be freed from their suffering. But by practicing it during a formal meditation session we enable ourselves to build strength in working with individual people or situations through utilizing the power of visualization. Continue doing this, allowing the resistance in your heart to be chipped away a little bit more each time.
This gives us an even foundation to work from even when dealing with a difficult person or people. And just as in a practice of meditation, just when you think that your patience is fine-tuned enough or your heart is open enough, someone will come along and show you that, well, you may still have a little bit further to go, whether in this lifetime, or in the next one, should you choose to follow that far horizon.
Such efforts are apparently underway alongside traditional native non-medical approaches in China, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Africa, USA and U.K. A fact borne out (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) and skillfully elucidated time and time again on this website and borne out by their willfully ignoring men’s plight whilst actively seeking further female advantages plus being silently and tacitly complicit about that process as well.
However, I’ve thought about this topic many times over the last year or so and do strongly suspect though that it will go a long way towards that end.
That view is that historically it’s been the case that women produce only a few hundred eggs during their entire lifetime, whereas each man produces billions of sperm daily.
In effect they are willfully, albeit temporarily, making themselves infertile until such time as they decide that social and political conditions are safe enough to breed.
For their future under the Western feminist model is very probably not as wives and mothers – not when the power to become such is more and more in the hands of men.
For many men, neither of the two currently available male contraceptives is well-suited for their contraceptive needs: they want a long-acting, reversible contraceptive. No longer holding exclusive reproductive choice, they will have to make serious concessions.
My question is solely one of evidence, especially with the likelihood of a court that’s hostile toward me and my little wigglers.
Women are 99% in control of reproduction, and men are 100% responsible for whatever their women decide. I know all about Phase III and IV clinical trials and how new drugs get approved by the FDA. In fact men on the contrary, men taking their own contraceptive pill would free women from taking their own and any attendant side effects that women got – so it’s a bonus for women!
Out of fear of being heavily sued for product failure by some inadvertently impregnated couple Big Pharma is likely to rigorously test the product.

But the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if it might only happen after men have been completely stripped of their rights, and ground into the mud.
But here’s the thing: why would the assholes in charge allow the creation of a pill that effectively destroys their control over them through women? However, I reckon like any green bill printing machine on caffeine, they will just like a threshing wheel march on at the same speed no matter what.
Infants will all be manufactured in Africa, where they can’t afford any pills for anything, and imported into the States. Even those men who have no intention of using it would benefit greatly from the shift in societal treatment of fathers and men.
Just look up what the female pill did for women and if only a fraction of that is in for us too, times are going to be truly interesting for men. Of course the male pill is only one such a possible breakthrough (and the most likely to occur). When encountering peak oil, climate change and economic crisis for the first time, someone may experience denial, anger, bargaining  and other emotional states, as Martenson explains. It can make the person you’re trying to educate dig their heals in around their view. That’s the part of your heart which is closed to people around you who you feel do not understand peak oil, climate change and their implications, whether you are aware of it or not.
We recognize that there is a common thread running through us all and that at heart, even if we appear to have different points of view, even if we are struggling in communicating, we all wish for the same basic things in life. And, true revolution to a post-carbon, just, sustainable world needs all the open-heartedness we can muster!
The professor claims that the pill, when it arrives, needs only be taken once every month, or every three months depending on dosage, and being non-hormonal has no side effects and is also harmless to long term male fertility (being easily reversible upon not taking it). Female birth control, conception, childbirth, abortion, adoption – they’re all covered extensively from a feminist point of view with articles, academic papers and blogs easily accessible.
I’ve reasoned out but a few of the enormous social ramifications of its inception and want to offer some thoughts to open up discussion.
What we have then is a scenario in which sperm becomes scarce and eggs relatively plentiful. I think now, however, they are also tellingly silent about how male invented technologies will inevitably free men up from their own sex roles in the near future too. Men who are choosing relationship and fertility strikes as weapons for male emancipation (Think MGTOW and Japans millions of young male “grass eaters’).
The lack of such options forces many men in monogamous relationships to rely on their partners to contracept. If a pregnancy does occur—either unintended by both partners or when the woman decides to stop contracepting without telling her partner—men have no recourse. Scientists have been working on developing male contraception for the last 40 years and keep saying that these contraceptives are just around the corner. The way the law is now, generally speaking, is that a man is reponsible for whatever results (a baby) from his sperm, no matter what the extenuating circumstances. Then the Liberal elite dream of reducing the world’s supposed overpopulation can begin in earnest!
But these has been in development for years, by pharmaceutical companies, one main subsidiaries of the bankers. Imagine the resistance in your heart being chipped away at by your friend’s confusion as you breathe it in. I’m glad to see that amongst a few men at least that discussion is apparently already underway. Far too many men and children in the United States are being exploited for financial and other gain by our incredibly sexist and bigoted society that places no value on fatherhood”.
According to the theory, this situation has become further exacerbated by further “egg scarcity” compared to massive sperm production due to the advent of the female oral contraceptive pill and other female only contraception. Women’s response is another story though, and frankly not one I’m much interested in discussing as I prefer to think about men’s future rather than the future of women. Even when men choose to use the condom, given its high failure rate of 16 percent for typical use, they are still not able to regulate their reproduction as effectively as women, for many female hormonal methods and IUDs have failure rates under three percent. The laws does not care if the girl lied to you, or dug out the condom from the wastebasket and did the turkey baster thing. It seems the timing is ripe, as men’s concerns regarding reproductive rights is starting to be voiced online. Currently there are 11 contraceptives for women whilst there are only 2 for men – condom or vasectomy.
To further decrease the probability of pregnancy, some couples use both the male condom and a female method. Regardless of the circumstances under which the pregnancy transpired, men are still held socially and financially responsible for any children they father. I guess my problem is that feminists are sitting silent, and although on the surface the hardliners might enjoy this there are those who still try to shame us to the table. It is simply not that easy when a woman states that she is on the pill – and she may be. But even if men contracept, they are often dependent on women to also use contraception if they want to use a method with a high success rate (and they are not yet ready for sterilization). In some ways it seems unfair to hold men responsible for children they did not want when they are ill equipped to prevent pregnancy. This new pill potentially provides men a choice; do we really believe western society wants men to have the right to choose?
Maybe I’m just jaded but I will never be convinced that such a pill would be introduced in the interest of men.
There are plenty of programs to help make contraception available and inexpensive for any woman who wants it.

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