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SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERThe British flagship financial magazine The Economist, considered one of the preeminent voices of the global financial, business and political elite, has waded boldly into U.S. Beddoes goes on to say that “Mr Trump is unfit to lead one of the world’s great political parties, let alone America. The magazine furthermore proposes a list of possible geopolitical crises that could face a Trump presidency, suggesting that no one knows how the candidate would respond. But if the primaries are a place to test candidates for leadership and courage, the magazine concedes, then Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, the leading alternatives to Mr Trump, “have flunked that test.” The piece goes on to propose that everyone else get out of Rubio’s way so that he can stand up to Trump alone.

Alas, everyone wants to tell Americans how we should govern ourselves, even when they cannot get their own political house in order.
This is, after all, the same country that last month staged a parliamentary debate over whether to ban Donald Trump from even entering the UK. Moreover, after more than 200 years of experience, the Brits should have learned that when they try to tell Americans what to do, the strategy inevitably backfires. Food Stylist Jacqueline Buckner's portfolio of food and beverage images styled for print advertising, menu photography, food packaging, magazine editorial, cookbook photography and the art of food styling.

Elected British leadership has languished in mediocrity for decades now, in part because of heavy-handedness on behalf of party leaders–the same sort of behavior the Economist is advocating now. Jacqueline Buckner is a food stylist who provides food styling and home economist services for all print and motion picture mediums and is available to work on food shoots nationally and internationally.

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