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Since 1996, Kings Driving School recommends teenagers at least 15 ½ but under 18 years of age sign up for CA online drivers education.
Students that pass our DMV approved online California drivers education course receive a DL 400C Certificate Of Completion of Non-Classoom Driver Education, plus all necessary information required to successfully obtain a California learner's permit and drivers license.
Before you can take hehind-the-wheel driver training, you will need to show us your instruction permit from the DMV.
Our DMV approved California drivers ed course includes sample DMV approved practice tests that provide information approved by the DMV to help you pass the learner's permit test. Our CA drivers education online video courses have been created to be convenient, interesting, and interactive.
Online lessons include interactive tests or quizzes and information that are relevant to everyday California driver situations. You will enjoy the online video courses because they keep you learning at your own pace while encouraging you spend time on the drivers ed site.

Drivers Ed Direct and The Next Generation of Drivers Ed are registered trademarks of Drivers Ed Direct, LLC. Our driver's education resources are applicable to all states, whether you live in California, Texas, Florida, or even Alaska. It will guide you through the steps to properly learn the necessary steps to become a proficient, competent and safe California driver. Our on-demand video streaming capabilities deliver the best online drivers education training course in California! After playing almost a dozen different driver’s ed games, we decided that this one was the most enjoyable of the group. After choosing your instructor, you move on to take tests in parallel parking, turning left at a 4-way stop, turning left at a green light, proceeding through a 4-way stop, and pulling out of a parking space. Nothing contained within this website should be misconstrued as professional driving instruction.

Please note, however, that these educational materials are not state-certified and do not fulfill any DMV requirements. We designed our articles and practice tests to work as a supplement to driver's ed classes and parent taught driver's ed courses, not as a replacement for proper schooling.
For more information on online driving classes that will meet those requirements, see our "Reviews" section.
If you want to learn to safely drive a car or truck, you'll need as much practice as possible.

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