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Anyone who’s been watching TV the past three years has probably caught a whiff of—if not thrown herself fully into—the Walking Dead hype. Yes, even the humble PR intern to c-suite communications professional can learn a thing or two from George A.
Get down to the basics – It’s all too easy to get caught up in the laundry list of public relations duties: ROI, budgetary restrictions, the dos and don’ts of media relations and creating good content in social media, just to name a few. Surviving this dog-eat-dog (or zombie-eat-person) business world necessitates an iron-fisted grip on the core reasons for existence. It comes down to common denominators: along with neutralizing the zombie threat, survivors need food, water, shelter and other people. Adapt to reach your end-game – In any dystopian world, there is one outcome for which every person struggles: survival.
Living in a zombie-plagued world isn’t about killing zombies; it’s about making a life in whatever way you can. What makes one option more effective than the other comes down to the audiences we’re looking to reach and the social, political and economic context of their (and our) surroundings. You are never safe – Any good horror-movie-goer knows that the moment a character lets his or her guard down, the creepy music starts to play and his or her epitaph is all but written.
Upticks in sales and positive customer feedback always make brand guardians feel all warm and fuzzy inside—but we must not rest on our laurels as communication experts.
By staying focused on what matters, adapting to the ever-changing environment around them and planning for whatever comes their way, PR pros will have the essentials for tackling any challenge—or zombie—that comes their way. Any good survivalist will tell you that building a fire is one of the most important skills you can learn. Watch the following video now, and read the tutorial (below the video) to learn some outstanding bow drill tips. Before you start your bushcraft fire you will need to collect some dry wood, leaves and foliage from the surrounding area to use as fuel for your campfire. When you have a smouldering bushcraft fire, you can start to slowly add the dry wood, leaves and foliage. Below is a Bow Drill Tutorial by survival instructor Kevin Estela  that we thought you might enjoy. About UsFrom time to time we may share links to various products, and services in our posts, and articles for which we are affiliates, or partners.
To get the RPSL straight and level, use a tripod 50′ away with a white string and plumb bob. Attach guy lines from the top of the lifting poles to the bottom of an adjacent lifting pole for stability.
Raise all the roof joists at the same place and then side them down after they are bolted together. Might want to place a 2×10 from the ground to the top of the wall to create a ramp for the roof joists top ride up as you pull them into place.
Nail 2x4s on 2 foot centers to the car decking to create something you can nail the 2x8s to that will create the insulation pockets.
A study at the University of Fairbanks calculated that the R value on a 12″ log is R-48. At one time I contemplated taking Skip’s class, but the more I have read about it the more I am disinclined to do so. Hi Michael – Thanks for your input, I would sure enjoy taking that class and enjoy hearing from those who have. Hi Kent, no I have not built my cabin yet currently I have 5.8 acers that I plan to build on.
And as a side note Skip did build a fully scribed log house, more then one, but peffered b&p for speed and simpilcity. Hand-washing performed at key moments throughout the day is shown to prevent a variety of diseases and infections.
Here are a few frequently asked questions from the CDC and free downloadable hand-washing signs to help get you in the hand-washing habit.
If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers quickly can reduce the number of microbes on hands in some situations, but sanitizers do not eliminate all types of germs. Welcome to Shine365Shine365 is your source for healthy living information from Marshfield Clinic.
Plus, Google didn’t introduce their famous 20 percent rule, allowing employees to spend 20 percent of their time pursuing extra-curricular projects, without an ulterior motive.
The ability to work at your own pace, according to your own schedule, without deadlines or specifications imposed by anyone but you, is truly liberating.
Pursuing a side project that combines your interests can help you uncover your true passion which can play a pivotal role in shaping your career.

Side projects compensate for what work assignments often lack – freedom and autonomy. Pursuing a new career and swimming away from familiar territory can spark panic and a generous portion of uncertainty. If the 9 to 5 grind is dampening your spirits and dissolving your motivation, search for another source of fulfilment that jolts you awake each morning. Witnessing the progression of your side project and mastering a set of skills will undoubtedly restore your confidence and faith in yourself. Whether you choose to write a book, develop an app or code a website, the benefits you are exposed to are invaluable. Based on a popular comic series, AMC has taken the dystopian land of the living dead and created its own unique spin off of the Image comic franchise.
It’s not just The Walking Dead—from author Max Brooks to Resident Evil video games, the living dead have been limping across our media channels for decades. If all mediated means of communication were to shut down tomorrow—websites, social media, newspapers, TV and phones—how would we do our job? Your organization’s mission should be piloting every act that organization undertakes, from sending out a postcard to holding annual events. For organizations, the end game can be increased sales, more donations, influence of public awareness or other objectives. When new methods of accomplishing our jobs come along, we must be quick to assess the value of each tool and either pick it up or leave it behind. The unnerving thing about the zombie apocalypse lies in the sheer overwhelming ubiquity of the danger.
No sooner do we enter a supposed safe haven than the next challenge is moaning and clawing at our front door.
Bushcraft fire starting, or creating a friction fire is very difficult at best, and many experienced survivalist struggle with this from time to time.
Take the 8″ stick (drill) and sharpen one end to a point like a pencil then round of the other end.
Place the flat peace of wood on to level ground and place tinder into and around the notch. Slowly use a sawing motion, moving the bow back and forth allowing the drill to spin and generate friction, which in turn will create heat and then fire.
As mentioned in one of the post above the walk up the hill is very vertical, but I was warned about the climb so no biggie, the current classes are not held at Skip’s log house, he passed away but classes are still held just check out the log home builders associaton website. Right now I am gradualy clearing the land and trying to envision how I want everything to be. We’ll provide you with ideas for healthy living and ways to maintain balance, stay fit and take care of you and your family.
Every day you’ll find helpful ideas and advice on a wide variety of health topics to help you and your family live well. You’re more inclined to take risks and reach your creative potential when fear of judgment is removed from the equation.
If work is frequently intercepting your thoughts and it’s all you find yourself talking about, tackling a personal project can help you restore the balance in your life. Side projects give you the opportunity to test the waters of a potential career path or startup before diving in headfirst, unequipped with the knowledge or skills to succeed.
Pursuing a project that you feel passionately about can offer a renewed sense of purpose and restore your motivation.
You can expand your knowledge, acquire new skills or at the very least, refine your current skill set.
If the knowledge that you have acquired is relevant to your line of work, this new found confidence will shine through in your performance. Woven with cultural allures of apocalyptic narrative, rustic settings, horror motifs and a few vibrant characters, this show has landed some envious cable TV ratings.
Being an amateur zombophile myself, the allure of the undead genre is not just about getting a good “eww” or scream factor for many fans. How often do we see a brand severed from the mission that first gave it life, now to be found haunting the market in frail attempts to keep the status quo? How does one manage the reputation of an organization without the distractions of all the different ways you can carry out that management process? Using a bat or an AK-47 to eliminate brain-craving walkers can be compared to choosing one communication channel over another. So whether you’re Rick Grimes, Robert Neville or Ash Williams, a good zombie survivor knows that he must always be on the defensive.
That’s why any good PR practitioner strives for proactivity and planning, anticipating the worst-case scenarios and executing to achieve the best-case outcomes. If you are prepared you’ll most likely have all the items you need such you as a lighter, wood stick matches, a can of gas.

Another thing that i did not care for was there political view of our goverment and different products out there we should not use because they didnt like them. I did not get any anti govt stuff from the class, just what if I decided to do this, again you get out of it what you want, and also a money back if not satisified soo?? This of course begs the question; how did all those pioneers manage with only a couple of axes saws and wedges? The thought of pursuing a side project might send you running for the hills, but for those of you who are eager to quench your thirst for fulfilment, beginning or resuming a side project might just be the perfect thing to activate your joy switch.
In order to reap the rewards, one must adhere to the following criteria: low risk, low pressure, and labour of love. Zombie lore explores the fragility of the human condition, the superfluous distractions of everyday life, and so on. Folks can debate about what brought the decline of brands from Xanga to Circuit City, but I’d argue that each of them (and those companies that suffer the same fate) lost connection with their core missions and purposes.
For example, if you are walking out on your own in a field ripe with roaming corpses, you’ll want a bit of stealth, silence and speed. Capitalize on both the high points and the disappointments by applying lessons to future endeavors.
Taking to sticks of wood and rubbing them together will create friction, but this will take far to long to light any campfire. As far as this supposed holy war on butt and pass verses full scribe, I suppose some may consider it as that, but most of us who go thru the class like the simplicity of stack the logs, pin the logs cutt out windows and door holes and chink the logs, verses fully and correctly scribing a log much more tedious. I have helped on one of out association members cabins in Ala and Ky and it is very hard but rewarding work. In other words, food on the table should not be contingent on the success of your project, you should have complete freedom to experiment with new ideas and this should be something that brings you joy. If you haven’t yet reached for the notepad, perhaps these 7 perks will inspire you to take action. Likewise, we as PR professionals must make decisions that will best meet publicity goals for the company or a client: some instances call for a social media campaign, while others demand more direct efforts of phone calls and door hangers.
This is the scenario companies face when looking at a new tool like Facebook: should we have a page? That all depends on if it’s an adaptation that will push you closer to the end-goals of your business. These backpacks are made for carrying loads long distance and are usually easier on the back thanks to their metal frame and general design.On the other side of the stream are the tactical backpack fans.
With a tactical bag it’s easier to store stuff in some ways, but a hiking bag will be easier on your body if you plan to walk for several miles.
There is no sense in lugging a massive 4lb flashlight as big as your arm that puts out less or just as much lumens as a modern day compact LED the size of your palm.
LED is a must for battery life, and having a handheld light and a headlamp is a good idea.Alternate powered lamps are another option. There are many great LED flashlights with handcrank or solar power options on the market.We researched, reviewed, and field tested dozens of flashlights. You will need one for just about everything like cutting rope, cording wood, and preparing food.
Sawyer and Katadyn are also great filters, but the portability of the Lifestraw puts it on the top of our list.We used and reviewed water filters and purifiers for days. There are a thousand+ choices but in the end you need something simple that always works, wet or dry. They are super thin and loud, kinda like wrapping yourself in a trash bag made of aluminum. I use them to lay on the ground under my sleeping bag (inside the tent or on the bare ground) then put another on top of me. They also make excellent reflectors for a fire, with you between the fire and the thermal blanket.Sleeping bags should be bought based on your lowest nighttime temperature. The below bags have separate temperatures and you should consider which you need in your situation.We spent a lot of time reviewing, testing, and harshly judging shelter gear. Imagine if you took all your most important Bug Out Bag gear, minified it, and wrapped it in paracord.
Carbon steel takes more maintenance to keep it in top shape.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
To learn more about our ethics and how we work, check out our about us page.Like what we're doing? Save money on your preps, don't get ripped off on cheaply made yet overpriced China cordage.

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