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We have teamed up with Virgin Trains’ ‘Don’t Go Zombie’ Google Street View game to offer readers the chance to win ?100 Amazon voucher.
For a chance to win Night of the Living Trekkies just tell us who would win in a fight, zombie Kirk or zombie Picard and why? Win Capcom's latest zombie game, Dead Rising 2, by simply telling us what your ultimate combo weapon would be. At some point, cord is going to be essential for your survival in the zombie-infested world of tomorrow and you’ll be glad you learned how to make your own.
When faced with the impending Zombocalypse it’s important to know what kind of zombie you are dealing with in order to kill it effectively and protect yourself fully. The most popular depiction of modern zombies is the viral zombie; highly contagious, can be both fast or slow and motivated to spread the virus through bite and driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh.
All information here is hypothetical and when the SHTF it is recommended that you keep a diary and make notes of zombie behaviour.
Viruses are presumed to have been around since life first evolved and there are 3 current theories as to their origins. Regressive Hypothesis – Parasitic small cells that attached to larger cells and call only survive with a host. Cellular Origin Hypothesis – That viruses evolved from the DNA or RNA that escaped from the genes of a larger organism. Popular fiction has also seen viruses borne from other worlds and man made in laboratories. Viruses are the most likely reason zombies will rise, as viruses themselves tread a fine line between living and not living.
All viruses follow the same life cycle of attaching to a host cell, re-appropriating enzymes through genetic manipulation to create more viruses before destroying the cell to release these new copies, which explains the life cycle of zombies quite well also. All virus outbreaks share a common starting point with Patient Zero, the person initially infected, who spreads the disease to others. Infection is most popularly portrayed as transferring between victims through open wounds, such as bite or a scratch but this is not always necessary for viruses to spread.
Depending on how the virus can be transferred and where it starts depends on how likely the disease will threaten humanity as a whole. In the case of transmission through contact the spread of the disease is limited to how far zombies can walk or run at any given time and how dense the population is.
If the virus can be transmitted from human to animal then ticks and rats may carry the disease more quickly, with Continents being infected within 3 – 6 months and humans almost wiped out in less than 2 years. In a worst case scenario the virus will be airborne and with international transport so quick and popular all continents could be infected within the first 2 weeks and have humanity facing it’s end inside a year. Most viruses are fragile and cannot survive for long outside a host but some, especially deadly viruses such as smallpox and Anthrax, can survive for years. The normal method of immunizing against a virus is commonly thought not to work in the case of zombies as it is so virulent that even the smallest dose will kill and re-animate the subject. In the worst case scenario it may become necessary to attempt immunization against becoming a zombie but should be done in supervised conditions by trained specialists. It is not recommended that you go out of your way to check if this is the case but, again, keep a diary and watch the zombies behaviour very carefully. It is unlikely that viral zombies will be able to vocalise as they do not breathe, so if one is shouting “Braaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsss” at you make sure it’s not just a fellow survivor playing a joke in very poor taste before eliminating them.
It is likely that zombies would be slow without the heart functioning as blood would collect in the legs and muscles would cease to function as well. The infected person themselves would most likely be driven to spread the infection and try and get close to bite or otherwise injure an uninfected person.
Viral zombies would seem to posses limited sight and aural capabilities chasing down sounds and movement.
It is unknown for how long a zombie can continue to function once risen, often it would seem indefinitely until decay eventually halts their spread in the same way removing limbs would. It is most likely that, once infected, the major organs would begin to shut down in the victim culminating in the heart stopping or brain activity ceasing.
At this point the victim would be officially classed as dead but is merely entering an incubation stage while the virus takes over the body.
Plants have very effective defence mechanisms against viral infection which often involve killing the surrounding cells to stop infection spreading. The slightly more worrisome sort would be a virus that simply attacks or causes the break down of the brain’s parts which are responsible for cognition and inhibition.
I do believe viruses like the ones mentioned can cause this to happen, but only to a certain extent. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The perfect gift for high school graduates, with tools, tips, and treats for first year survival. Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). The idea briefs well but promises to turn into one more “good idea” that still might end with a canceled program, lots of hurt feelings and no improvements for our troops’ guns and gear. I once had the good fortune of attending a Special Forces Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training program, which lasted eight weeks. The military doesn’t take pistol training very seriously because pistols are rarely used on the battlefield. The optional wraparound grip gives the slimmer Vertec frame the same contour as the original M9 for those with large hands.
Beretta USA started with commercial parts bins and found that it could give the military an 80 percent or more solution to its list of MHS requirements for a lot less expense. The dovetail front sight is a welcome change over the originally mandated integral model on the M9. Suppressing a pistol is one of the MHS requirements, and it makes sense for any pistol, military or civilian. The manual safety is mounted higher up on the slide to help prevent inadvertent activation. When we hang a suppressor on a barrel that needs to rotate, the weight will cause the pistol to malfunction unless we use a timed, spring-loaded booster that momentarily allows the suppressor to float on the muzzle as the slide cycles. Guns & Ammo visited Beretta USA’s manufacturing facility in Accokeek, Maryland, for an exclusive testfire of two different variations of the Beretta M9A3 (one with a full-size wrap-around grip, another with the standard grip panels on the thin Vertec frame).

The Beretta M9A3 has nearly all the updates needed to help our service pistol meet its operational requirements both on and off today’s battlefield. The adoption of Beretta’s Vertec frame would make the Beretta M9A3 a much better fit for shooters with small hands or even those who favor slender grip panels and straight backstraps (think back to the M1911). In addition to the above frame work, the Beretta M9A3 has an oversize magazine release from the commercial 92 Combat pistol, which makes it possible to drop the magazine without repositioning our hand on the pistol.
For those troops wanting a traditional safety, the Beretta M9A3 can meet that configuration, too. Some instructors teach grabbing the slide in an overhand hold and raking the slide length to clear stovepipes and simultaneously charge the pistol. The M9A3 represents the most sensible approach to improving our forces’ capabilities with their issued sidearm. Beretta makes beautiful magazines, and they slide right into a steeper-beveled magazine well on the Beretta M9A3, much like on the Marine Corps’ A1.
Phosphate coating works on barrels, receivers and lots of other gun parts, but it’s a horrible choice for magazines.
So, Checkmate produced tens of thousands of magazines to the specifications demanded — and they were complete garbage.
Beretta, on the other hand, developed a beautiful 15-round sand-resistant magazine in the mid-’90s, and an improved 17-round version is what would ship with the Beretta M9A3. The Beretta M9A3 follows an exacting test and verification process before earning its Mil-Spec rating. After that, pistols are tested from a fixed Ransom Rest on a 50-meter indoor range to verify that they can place 10 shots of military ball in a group that does not exceed 8 centimeters, or about 3.15 inches. During one of two visits to Beretta USA’s factory, G&A Editor Eric Poole confirmed that the Beretta M9A3 does in fact exceed these standards, even when parts are randomly interchanged with 12 other pistols.
Outside of a host cell viruses cannot reproduce and are not, technically, alive but due to their interaction with living cells they fall just on the side of a living organism. This would be the easiest strain of the virus to contain, but left unchecked it would take around 8 – 12 months for all Continents to be infected and decimate every country within 3 years. Unlike other zombies however, a viral zombies bite will almost always infect and turn the injured person into another of the living dead. That said, it is a zombie, so defies modern science’s explanations to define how they actually re-animate and move around. The necessity of this is unclear as eating the subject incapacitates them from spreading the infection when they themselves rise.
They also do not seem to experience any pain or fear and can use as much strength as the muscles allow without needing to rest or ease up. While the body or both parts may still continue to be undead, without a command mechanism zombies appear to be incapable of continuing a pursuit. This prevents the spread of the epidemic as quickly and buys more time for a suitable location defence to be set up. Next, symptoms would appear rapidly in most infected individuals when the quorum was detected. Otherwise you would most likely be infected by the time people started attacking each other.
The virus reason is just another zombie flavor that people can’t seem to move on from these days. Here, we’ll take a look at the updated Beretta M9A3 platform and see how it stacks up to military specifications.
The standards to pass the program were very high, and many of my Green Beret brethren didn’t pass because they failed to meet the required shooting standards. This doesn’t mean pistols are unnecessary, just that the majority of the troops carrying them are not proficient in their use. Looking back, the Army didn’t have a problem carrying out a dual-path strategy with the M4 and other systems. One of the design features that make the M9 and the newer Beretta M9A3 ideal for military use is the trigger system.
The first round’s long, heavy pull is the most effective way to deter accidental discharges with young shooters. In this manner, there are no safety levers to move out of the way when it’s go time, and the double-action trigger pull minimizes accidental discharges. The military uses a very heavy mainspring to ensure detonation of the hard primers used with military ammunition. Shooting a pistol in an enclosed space is incredibly loud and can detract from our efforts to put rounds on target.
We can stick a threaded barrel (which the A3 has) on any pistol, and it still won’t match the Beretta for reliable use.
We found that attaching a suppressor to the Beretta M9A3 had zero horizontal impact shift out to 50 meters. We can just screw the suppressor directly to the threaded barrel; no booster is necessary, because the barrel remains oriented along the bore’s centerline axis during the entire firing cycle. The most obvious changes when compared with the M9 are the addition of a Picatinny rail on the dustcover and the slimmer Vertec grip.
The noncaptured recoil spring makes this item interchangeable with other M9s already in the military’s inventory. The reduction in grip circumference is substantial and, to my hand, preferred over the original M9 series.
When this is coupled with the smaller grip, it is now much easier for smaller hands to effectively operate the Beretta M9A3 than its predecessor. The grooves down the side of the magazine body greatly reduce how much contact the 17 cartridges have with the magazine body, making for reliable feeding.
The redesigned A3 slide can be converted back and forth between a “G” decocker-only model and an “F” safety-selector model by an armorer. Beretta has redesigned the safety by moving it higher up on the slide with an over-center axis that’s slightly canted upward 10 degrees. The magazines that ship with the commercial 92 series are great, and the military has always had access to the same. The coating is rough and doesn’t allow a magazine follower to slide up and down like it needs to.
The phosphate coating gave these magazines the texture of fine sandpaper, and the oil trapped by the phosphate helped sand to stick like glue.

It’s coated with a high-lubricity PVD finish that feels slippery in the hand and does a beautiful job of shedding sand.
After assembly, an M9 follows its own path through magnetic particle inspection (MPI), reliability testing in water tanks, proof-round testing and another MPI test. It’s seen a couple of big wars and a few small ones and has matured into an exceptional fighting pistol. It is thought that the newer flesh stimulates the infection inside them as their necrotic flesh dies off or perhaps an instinctive need to eat is triggered by the virus.
Without a constant blood supply neurons cease to fire, and therefore muscles don’t move.
For example, everyone around the world would begin periodic flop-sweats containing a special signaling pheromone, as well as more of the pathogen.
Even if you did manage to survive that part, though, you wouldn’t want to stick around for the rest. The Freshman Survival Kit combines first year essentials with cool supplies, stress relieving toys, and items students forget to bring like a Flash Drive (for data backup) and a Book Light. The argument that our current pistol could use some upgrades is valid, but saying we need a replacement is laughable if you can see the big picture. Our military would be well advised to keep that fact in mind as it looks at contenders to replace the M9, a pistol around which we have already focused our limited resources. The best way to keep a pistol combat ready (for the majority of combat troops carrying it) is to keep a round in the chamber, safety off, with the hammer down. In contrast, a striker-fired pistol with no external safety is fast into action but requires focused vigilance with trigger-finger discipline to avoid an unintentional incident. Removing the mainspring entails taking out the retaining pin that secures the lanyard loop to the pistol’s frame, letting the spring drop out and putting a lighter one in its place. At night, the muzzle blast and flash will also cause our pupils to constrict, greatly diminishing our ability to see in low-light scenarios. The barrel’s centerline axis on the M9 family of pistols never moves when the pistol cycles.
Simple is always better and more reliable, and no suppression system is more simple than the Beretta M9A3’s. The Beretta M9A3 is offered with a wraparound rubber grip that replicates the M9 and M9A1 grip profile for those who favor the thicker grip with arched backstrap. Though most of us are certain that Uncle Sam would never go for anything but a pistol with a manually engaged safety, the decocker makes the most sense, as it renders the pistol as safe as any handgun, yet keeps the lever under spring tension so that it will always move out of the way once it’s released. This greatly reduces the possibility of accidentally engaging the safety when clearing a malfunction with a hand-over-slide technique. If this is how the owner wants to clear stovepipes, I’d recommend setting up the pistol as a decocker model. Thanks to the use of dovetails, the Beretta M9A3 can also accommodate suppressor-height sights.
However, in the late-1990s, the military elected to accept bids from third-party vendors to see who could provide a better, cheaper magazine. Checkmate won the contract to produce the magazines and begged not to use the military-specified finish because it knew it would cause feeding malfunctions. A virus is too simple to replicate even the simplest brain activities, and even if it could it would still need an energy supply – blood. While infected individuals could be dispatched relatively easily (same basic frailties as non-carriers) getting anywhere near one would practically guarantee infection. Army holds an industry conference called “Quads” for manufacturers and solicits solutions to capability gaps with product-improvement suggestions, which usually come from design improvements or technology that didn’t previously exist. I’ve never had a problem with the lighter “D” spring setting off the harder primers, and the trigger pull is much more user friendly.
Just about every other pistol has the chamber end of the barrel drop toward the magazine well to move out of the way and let the slide cycle.
History reports that many pistol engagements occur at night or in dimly lit spaces, so having a light on board makes a lot of sense.
The Beretta M9A3’s frame has the same Pic rail and checkering but also includes the reduced and recontoured grip to fit the needs of smaller-than-large hands. These sights stick up significantly more from the slide and are designed to see over the top of an attached suppressor.
Checkmate was initially unfamiliar with the “it does what it’s told” military philosophy, but it was soon made to understand that the military wasn’t asking it to use this coating. An entire generation of servicemen has some serious beef with the M9 because of these magazines, and it wasn’t even Beretta’s or Checkmate’s fault.
These channels keep cartridges inside the magazine from touching the mag body, allowing sand to fall through the magazine without getting trapped by the cartridges. Gifts with a twist of humor, such as the 'Just Sayin' sticky notes, help everyone to feel a little better. Beretta has also improved its trigger spring so that when it is fully compressed, it isn’t binding on the pin.
Light also makes target identification possible and makes us much more accurate by letting us see what we’re about to shoot. Of course, civilian shooters will also appreciate the dovetails because they allow them to use whatever aftermarket sights they prefer.
Finally, as with the enraged zombies, certain areas of the brain would be eliminated, manifesting as seizures. The same quorum sensing mechanism would prevent the infected individuals from attacking each other. Masses would then survive off of whatever food and water is available, eating each other when the need arises.
EA Confirms They’re ‘Actively’ Considering The Option EA Studios is considering a Mass Effect remaster when and if the time is right. Patrick Soderlund, executive vice president for EA Studios, recently told Game Informer the company acknowledges there is “clear evidence” remasters can do well with the right franchise.

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