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Triangle Self-Defense Training is a Veteran Owned & Operated Training Company based out of Durham, North Carolina, in the center of N.C.
Have your partner position a target as high as your flexibility allows, then practice kicking it as many times as you can with one leg.  Have your partner switch places until they tire then repeat on your opposite leg. Triangle Self-Defense Training Academy is a Veteran Owned & Operated Training Company based out of Durham, North Carolina.
Triangle Self Defense Training specializes In Firearm and Knife Training, Concealed Carry Classes & Martial Arts in Durham, NC.

If you liked what you read, please take the time to share and like by clicking the social media buttons below! Military Veteran & President Of Tactical Survival Training, You Have My Honorable Word That We Will Never Share Or Distribute Your Information. Our professional and passionate instructors provide practical, reality-based self defense, firearms and weapons training.
We specialize in Filipino Martial Arts, Kali, Muay Thai, Defensive Combatives, Ground Fighting, Defensive Pistol & Rifle, and North Carolina Concealed Carry Training.

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