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Training professionals in tomorrow’s world will be media professionals.  Which means they must know about media for learning. Communication is like bad traffic.  Everyone complains about it but nothing ever gets fixed. One of destructive myths that has perpetrated our workforce is the importance of working long hours.
In this ultimate survival training, you’ll live out wilderness survival situations in the remote mountains of British Columbia. In Survival Training-Advanced Skills, we’ve built many challenges and learning opportunities into the course. Most of us have focused our skills and careers on just a few areas and we tend to invest our time in the things that interest us the most.
The thing is, how many of us are adequately cross-trained in the practical skills for survival a€” the broad set of skills which would become much more valuable in a world with fewer safety nets or systems which we depend upon today? Being a a€?Jack of all tradesa€™, a person that is competent with many skills, but is not necessarily outstanding in any particular one, is desirable for a way of life of significant self-sufficiency. If possible, make sure that there is more than one person in your group who knows how to do each job. Thank you for the photographs and once again thank you for an excellent experience on Saturday afternoon.

A special thanks to Al who has quite some general knowledge and also had to put up with our drunken ramblings for the whole of Saturday night! Your basic survival skills will be put to the test throughout the course, as your instructor uses real-world challenges to assess your baseline abilities and works with you to build your proficiency in vital wilderness survival skills. In this outdoor survival training, you will be tested mentally, physically, and emotionally. Given that our jobs and careers typically consume so much of our time a€“ it leaves little time to explore other areas and to learn new things, skills.
Give some serious consideration to all of the a€?jobsa€™ that would need to be done in an emergency-disaster-collapse-SHTF situation where you may be on your own or without the help of those who would normally be doing said jobs. If you know others who may already know any of those skills a€“ seek to learn something from them.
This was an enjoyable and memorable experience for all 14 who partook and none of us would hesitate to recommend your services to others.
Our advanced outdoor survival training focuses heavily upon the mental aspect of wilderness survival and gives you the rare opportunity to find out what you’re made of.
And while we maintain a high level of safety and supervision throughout the course, we do not shield you from the real challenges of wilderness survival. While creating a course that excludes real wilderness and real survival situations would be whole lot easier, it would rob you of the ultimate purpose behind survival training: building your survival skills and mental toughness so you can survive the unexpected and make it out alive.

You can revoke permission to mail to your email address at any time using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email. Most people are happy to share some of their knowledge a€“ especially with those who are interested to learn it.
That’s why we provide a safe, albeit challenging, class format that requires you to apply your wilderness survival skills in the midst of unpredictable, real wilderness.
As we gauge your baseline abilities, through survival situations and simulated stress scenarios, your instructor will work with you to bring your wilderness survival skills to the next level. Throughout this outdoor survival training, you’ll have to push past your comfort zone and tap into reserves of inner strength that you’ve never used before. The mental toughness and extreme confidence that you develop through this real-world survival training are well worth every ounce of effort you invest.
At the end of this course, you’ll be able to effectively use your wilderness survival skills in harsh environments and under stressful circumstances.
And that’s the crux of our advanced survival training - empowering you to apply your survival skills when your life depends on it.

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