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There are many different methods of Starting a Fire in the wild – all are possible if you have enough time and the materials, nut you must have the basic survival knowledge and learn these skills before going out in the wilderness.
However, if you do ever find yourself in a situation where you are miles from home and need a fire urgently, your fire starting material must be readily available and your methods uncomplicated. There have been cases where hikers, hunters and others have been stranded out in the cold because the matches they had with them in their pockets were useless and would not light.
If you carry matches in pockets next to your body, they will absorb any moisture and perspiration, making them damp. Any matches that are left in your backpack and exposed to humidity will also be useless as well.
It is essential that your basic survival skills include knowing how to start a fire in the wild by ensuring you actually carry a means to create a high temperature spark, and have the tinder available to turn that spark into a good, workable flame.
A bow and drill is a method that has been used to produce a hot ash ember for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The overall concept is to try and spin the main drill, using the bow, fast enough and long enough to create an ember in the fireboard. Make sure you have dry tinder available close to the fireboard – once you have an ember you only have to move the fireboard a bit closer to combine the tinder and ember. Some experts will tell you to catch the hot ember under the notch in the fireboard and, using a leaf or piece of bark, move it across to the tinder. However, moving the ember can cause it to extinguish, you can drop it or the wind could blow it away. A much less complicated method than the bow and drill above –  but will requires more effort and both pieces of wood must be very dry for this procedure to work.
However, this method has been field tested thousands of times and the wood file will definitely produce a hot ember, but you must practice patience and attention to detail.

When your in the wild, you tend to carry lots of odd things – alcohol wipes or hand sanitizers in particular. Use the steel and strike it against flint – this will create a spark, which in turn will ignite the alcohol and you have a flame to start your fire. Just about any knife blade and a flint or even a hard stone and steel can be used together to create a spark. Take a piece of broken glass or you can even use a pair of glasses to magnify and focus a sunspot at some dry tinder – after a short while the tinder will ignite. For the very best results, the sun should be directly overhead, but this method will generally work anytime the sun is shining, you simply have to position yourself correctly. Another way to improvise is using a soda can bottom as a the reflective material –  simply magnify and direct the sunlight to create a fire in dry tinder. Next, position your dry tinder on the ground and move the can about until sunlight is reflecting off the can onto the tinder.
If you have any steel wool – this make the perfect conductor and will flame up instantly. Choosing a knife is an essential part of wilderness survival – good bushcraft relies on a good knife and without one you have reduced your chances of survival ten fold. Every hunter will have their favourite and quite often its the most beaten up, miserable looking knife that they love the most.! The chart below is designed to show the various differences between knives and should help you in your choice of the best survival knife. An 8-month-old boy, found dead in a Walmart parking lot, was identified as Jayce Markell Benjamin. On the morning of September 23, an unidentified relative drove four children to a local daycare center.

As reported by Kids and Cars, nearly 40 infants and children die inside hot cars every year.
In many cases, the children are in the back seat — strapped in a rear-facing car seat. The circumstances of the death of the 8-month-old in the Walmart parking lot are still unclear. Rihanna ‘Proud Of Drake For Ending Eminem Feud,’ Couple Rekindling Romance After Split Rumors?
A simple Ferro Rod Fire Starter will slip into any small space and be a perfect emergency backup.
On Wednesday, the infant was found unresponsive inside a sport utility vehicle at a Walmart store in Macedonia, Ohio. Three hours later, the children’s grandmother used the same vehicle to go to work at the Macedonia Walmart.
The 8-month-old who died in the Walmart parking lot was the 23rd child vehicular heat stroke death this year. Kids and Cars President Janette Fennell said an estimated 10 percent of parents are found criminally responsible in child vehicular heat stroke death. According to Fennell, children are often forgotten inside cars when parents deviate from their usual routine. Although he does not suspect 8-month-old was intentionally left in the Walmart parking lot, there are several unanswered questions.

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