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Dick, Johnny and Dave head to the heart of Texas to hunt and trap hogs in the center of an overrun hog population, using only handmade weapons. The former Green Beret now trains military, law enforcement, and civilians on survival training.
Lung cancer rates have fallen in men by 1.8% each year since 1991 and finally started leveling off among women. Health experts mentioned that the declined mortality rates are due to decline in smoking, better treatments, and early detection of cancer. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. James Wesley Rawles, author of How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, says that you need a shelter that is “in effect, a modern-day castle able to provide for its inhabitants and protect them from any outside danger.” To some preppers, that means building super-secure condos in the shaft of an abandoned missile silo, or spending up to $10 million to build a hardened underground redoubt such as the ones sold by the Dallas-based shelter developer Deep Earth Bunker. Practical Preppers consultant Scott Hunt, however, worries that preppers are getting too deep into the fortress mentality. That doesn’t mean that a prepper dwelling shouldn’t be hardened to resist intruders, or to protect against extreme weather or other hazards.
While some preppers are remodeling abandoned missile silos, Hunt says that steel shipping containers also can be modified to make sturdy, resilient shelters. If you’re remodeling an old farmhouse to use as a shelter, for example, Rawles advises replacing all of the exterior doors with sturdy steel ones with steel door frames.

The underground portion of your structure is a great place to put a root cellar and storage for your food. Remember those medieval castles consisted of both a keep—a central redoubt—and external fortifications that ideally would keep attackers from ever getting to the residents. Make sure that the door opens inward, so that in the event of a hurricane or explosion, you won’t be trapped by debris.
One consideration in picking a structure is what sort of potential threats you envision in your region. If you’re after style points in addition to function, they look really cool in 1950s modernist kind of way, too.
If you’ve got a built-in garage, replace the door between the garage and the interior of the house with one that’s as tough as the exterior ones. But it should also include a panic or safe room (which term you use depends upon your level of anxiety). Barbed wire perimeters, sentry posts, fortifications inside your property, and obstacles planted on entry roads are essential. If you live in a place where powerful storms are a continual threat, for example, you may want to invest in a hurricane-resistant circular structure.
Additionally, Rawles advises planting thorn bushes beneath windows, to make it more treacherous for invaders to get to them, and equipping the windows themselves with tough steel shutters that can be closed in the event of an emergency.

Rawles says a safe room with reinforced walls, emergency supplies, communications gear, and a safe for weapons and valuables is a must. 2 for women, prostate cancer is the second most common killer of men, and colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death for both sexes. The latest report from American Cancer Society reveals positive news that cancer death rates continues to go down. Here’s a Popular Mechanics guide to the features that your shelter should have to protect against extreme weather. You also should have a door that opens inward, so that it occupants won’t be trapped by debris in the event of a tornado, hurricane or bomb blast. If you live in an area with soil that is between 50 and 75 percent sand, you may want to consider erecting an old-fashioned rammed-earth house, whose super-thick walls can keep your shelter cool in summer and warm in winter, and also will be highly fire-resistant. Whatever sort of structure you end up building, you may also want to invest in a metal roof, which Hunt says is best for capturing rainwater for purification and storage.

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