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The Starting School Survival Guide: Everything you need to know when your child starts primary school is available from Amazon. And surely a guide that covers a subject that is a little nerve-wracking for most,  but is such a rite of passage for any parent, and always has been, would be redundant? I was wrong.The Starting School Survival Guide starts from how to choose a school and ends with moving onto the next stage ie Year 1. Classes ScheduledSIGMA 3 Survival School is finally opening our Virginia Survival School programs.
Improvements to Survival CampCheck out our brand new signs that we have added to our main survival camp in Arkansas. It covers lighter-weight matters such as parental playground cliques and much more serious ones like bullying. After almost a year of anticipation we have finally got our classes in Virginia up and running.

The signs are at the entrance to the primitive camp, where we have examples of dozens of different survival shelter types.
Whilst much of it is relevant to independent education, it does assume that its reader has chosen a state school for their child.Its author, Sarah Ebner, is a respected Times journalist who has written a popular education blog. It has been hectic finding an instructor, so Rob has just decided to come out and teach them himself.
Eugene Runkis was scheduled to teach programs for us but due to his hectic TV schedule shooting for his 3rd season of Hillbilly Blood, he couldn’t make it for 2015.The Virginia Survival school wing of SIGMA 3 will be a unique training location to say the least! We will also be adding new signs to our upcoming 3D archery range, the primitive weapons golf course, and the primitive trapping area round robin that we are building! We have full access to a full scale permaculture farm in Ridgeway, Virginia and a 150 acres of backwoods to play around on! There was a lot in the meatier chapters that really helped my understanding of the system, for example Actual Learning was great at putting the National Curriculum facts into a parental perspective.

We have classes coming up right after Christmas, so if you are the east coast and havebeen wanting to train with us then here is your chance!
And even the lighter-weight chapters such as Navigating the school cliques for parents are written entertainingly enough to be recognisable and successfully make their point.But what I felt was The Starting School Survival Guide's greatest strength was that it acted as a wake-up call to me. Students have been begging us for over a year to get these courses scheduled, so if you plan to get a slot in this course you had better register soon. It cleverly (and maybe unwittingly) painted the full picture of the reality of being a parent of a child starting in Reception in 2011.
So whilst I did not necessarily need all its words of comfort, I put it down realising that my son’s experience of primary school is going to be very different from my own and perhaps that is the greatest thing a parent can learn.

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