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A ground-breaking new approach to treating cancer of the gullet is being trialled by scientists in Wales.They are trialling a combination of radiotherapy and two different chemotherapy drugs before surgery to try to improve survival rates. Alistair Brownlee wins triathlon gold ahead of brother Jonny as sailors Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark also win on day 13 of the Rio Olympics. The rise of esophageal cancer rates occurred since the 1970s, with an increase in obesity, alcohol consumption, and other reflux related diseases. The five-year relative survival rate (percentage of people who survived at least five years after their cancer was detected) is about 16% for people who had esophageal cancer. Thus, with the looming threat of an increase in the statistics of another growing form of cancer, there might still be hope for finding a cure with curry powder! The Obama administration has voiced its intentions to promote outreach efforts with Muslim communities abroad. Your esophagus is a 10-inch long, hollow, muscular tube that connects your throat to your stomach.
Thick muscles under the submucosal tissues contract in waves to push food down your esophagus.
Usually esophageal cancer starts in the glandular epithelial cells or squamous cells that line the esophagus. Cells from esophageal cancer can spread outside your esophagus either by breaking through the wall of the esophagus or by entering your bloodstream or lymph system and traveling elsewhere in your body.

In addition to being an essential component of traditional ceremonies in many South Asian weddings, it has also been a common spice used for skin conditions in the past, and now has been shown to aid in killing cancer cells, according to BBC News, the Cork Cancer Research Center at the University of Cork conducted a study in association with Mercy University Hospital, and the Necki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, Poland. Researchers have discovered that after the esophageal cancer cells, which are often resistant to cell death, were exposed to the curcumin, a “lethal cell signal” was triggered, thus the cells digested themselves in a process known as mitotic catastrophe. As my parents always tell me, eat healthy, naturally grown foods…after all nature is the best healer. The wall of the esophagus has several layers of tissue that work together to push food down into your stomach when you swallow. From there it may spread into the esophageal wall and to nearby lymph nodes or other tissues or organs. They do not respond to regular cell growth, division, and death signals like they are supposed to. Closer to your stomach, the lining of the esophagus is made up of glandular epithelial cells. Adenocarcinoma tumors usually grow near the bottom of the esophagus, where the esophagus meets the stomach. Squamous cell carcinoma can grow anywhere in the esophagus, but it occurs most often in the upper and middle esophagus. While it is important to kill the cancer cells, it is equally important to make sure that healthy cells remain unaffected, which the curcumin extract does effectively. As a follow up, it was predicted that 14,530 deaths (11,490 men and 3,040 women) would occur.

Sharon McKenna, a researcher of the study at the Cork Cancer Research Center explained that the discovery of tumeric as a potential new treatment that has been shown to destroy gullet cancer cells in the lab within 24 hours, which indicates a promising future for the “therapeutic value” of the curcumin. The healing stories are no longer an old wives’ tale or mommy’s silly stories to plump you up. Geraldine O’Sullivan-Coyne, concluded that curcumin kills esophageal cells without causing optosis (cell suicide). This finding allows researchers and scientists to broaden the treatment options available for cancer patients.
It is clear that from the statistics that esophageal cancer is about four times more common among men than women; the seventh most common cause of cancer death that occurs among men.
Instead they grow into a tumor, which may extend into the open space inside your esophagus or break through underlying layers of your esophageal wall. As the rates of gastroesophageal reflux disease and obesity have risen in the last two decades, so has the rate of adenocarcinoma. Esophageal cancer is the cancer that forms in the tissue lining of the esophagus (a muscular tube that passes food from the throat to the stomach). Furthermore, this finding opens doors to future investigations that aim to find other natural treatment options, such as possible plant derived substances.

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