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Per eseguire una ricerca è necessario specificare un termine, un genere, un editore oppure un codice Ean. Microbes, and probably most organisms that are today’s parasites, developed long before mammals or humans.
That is what humans are doing today by trying to eradicate so many micro-organisms and larger parasites from our bodies and environment. He delves into our evolution to reveal the previously unknown and astonishing ways the human body is built to endure.

Both books highlight how much a part of the larger ecosystem we are, no matter how much some of us would like to argue that point.
Our entire evolution took place alongside and together with bacteria, viruses, retroviruses and larger parasites. Yet we are surprised that so many serious chronic diseases are now striking us, and that those chronic diseases appeared just after major changes in both our diet and our cleanliness. It seems that our bodies would have had to learn to deal with these other living things in order to live long enough to be able to reproduce.

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