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Knife trends come and go, but some knives stand the test of time and remain popular from generation to generation. One such knife is the Higo no Kami, a traditional Japanese pocket knife currently seeing a resurgence among everyday carry culture.
Higo no Kami knives were made in 1896, and its creation is attributed to knifemakers Murakami and Shigeji Nagao.
As such, nostalgia has contributed to the consistency of Higo no Kami ownership, especially among those who owned Higos as children, and it appears that the once-beloved knife is once again finding a home in the pockets of knife collectors worldwide. There are a few reasons Higo knives have been, and continue to be, popular: the design, the novelty, and the cost. Its inverted tanto blade shape is balanced with a handle of the same width, which gives the knife a simple, streamlined shape. Although not every Higo knife on the web is the real deal (as explained below), most are available for under $100 on the internet.
There are also variations of Higo knives, and it’s important for serious collectors to know the distinction. The Higo no Kami is a knife that’s remained largely unchanged for the past 100 years. In the majority of cases, we will only have a few seconds to react, so we have to be efficient and our techniques simple and flexible. In der Mehrzahl der Fälle hat man nur wenige Sekunden zum Reagieren, weswegen man sehr wirksam und entschieden vorgehen sollte, mit einfachen und flexiblen Techniken.

Nella maggior parte dei casi disporremo solo di alcuni secondi per reagire, perciò dobbiamo essere efficaci e le nostre tecniche semplici e flessibili.
Swordmakers turned instead to knifemaking to help recover lost profits from their flailing sword business.
It became a must-have tool for many people of all ages, and the popularity continued throughout WWII. It’s interesting to note that while the Higo no Kami is the result of a long history of Japanese warrior culture, current Japanese knife laws prohibit carrying blades longer than 3 in. Although the future of the Higo no Kami is uncertain, its influence has been as strong and sharp as its iconic blade. A former environmental journalist, she has a passion for innovations in gear, design and technology. That it was beloved by former samurais is also a powerful reminder of the impact knives can have on the lives of their owners. Nagao’s sucessor has yet to be named, and as he is aging, some fear that the trademarked Higo no Kami will be lost forever.
The aesthetic will likely continue to be cherished in the future, and the history makes Higos a priceless addition to an everyday carry and knife collection.
One only needs to know one technique that can be utilized universally and that will allow us to react and adapt ourselves to every kind of attack.
Man muß nur eine Technik kennen die man universell einsetzen kann, um diese dann auf den jeweiligen Angriff anzupassen.

Si deve conoscere solo una tecnica che possa essere usata universalmente e che ci permetta di reagire e di adattarci ad ogni tipo di attacco. The result is a traditional Japanese-style knife with a beautiful aesthetic that stands the test of time.
Moni Aizik, an ex-elite commando in the Israeli Special Forces and founder of Krav Maga Commando, shows us in detail the way to survive very different kinds of attacks, such as punches, chokes, ground fighting, knife, and threats with pistol. Moni Aizik, ex membro di commando d'élite delle forze Speciali Israeliane e fondatore del commando Krav Maga, ci mostra dettagliatamente il metodo per sopravvivere di fronte a diversi tipi di attacco come pugni, strangolamenti, lotta al suolo, con coltello e minacce con pistola. His knives have been praised for their quality, and although they are not the historical trademarked Higos, they are still well-respected among collectors. An evolved, simple, and effective system that is the fruit of combat experience in the Israeli systems. Un sistema evoluto, semplice ed efficace, frutto dell'esperienza di combattimento dei sistemi Israeliani.

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