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Here we take a look at what that means using Lumia and Windows Phone as your school survival guide. The Microsoft Lumia 640 has to be at the top of the list as the best, and most affordable, smartphone for the back to school season. With a choice of bright colours, kids can choose one that matches, or more likely clashes, with their school uniform, while you’ll know that all this is underpinned with instant access to OneDrive, so homework and files are never more than a click away. With prices starting at just ?109 on PAYG and as little as ?130 SIM free, you’ll find that the Lumia 640 meets the needs of your kids, as well as you budget. It works with iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets and Lumia smartphones running Windows Phones 8.1 with Update 2, enabling you to power through emails on your tablet and then instantly switch to your smartphone with the push of a button to reply to a text.
Now that you have the perfect hardware setup, it’s time to take a look at some of the great Windows Phone apps your kids will find essential in their first term (and longer) back at school. Wunderlist: This Windows Phone app is ideal for creating to-do lists and sharing them across multiple devices – making this the perfect homework reminder.
Perfect Dictionary: We all need a little help with words on occasion, so this comprehensive off-line dictionary is essential as it allows you to search in more than 50 languages.
Duolingo: Thinking of earning a little extra credit in Language class, well with Lumia you can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish Gaelic, Dutch, Danish, and English for free with this app that makes learning a new language fun. You more than likely haven’t found yourself behind enemy lines or been left alone in the field to fend for yourself, but these are the exact scenarios that inspired the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife and Nylon Sheath.
Pros: Great value, a strong and excellent blade and is loved by over 99% of those who purchase it. Cons: The handle has been said to be the weak point with a wide grip and construction issues. Many consider the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife one of the best survival knives on the market today. Although the weight of the LMF II makes it heavier than some similar knives, it carries well in the sheath while on a belt or on the arm or leg.
With the LMF II Green Infantry Knife and Nylon Sheath, Gerber did not choose to laden the knife with gimmicks.
The LMF II can perform nearly every task, from building a shelter to cutting firewood and much more, the knife lives up to its reputation as one of the most adaptable survival knives. The over-molded handle of the LMF II provides a comfortable grip and is successful in limiting blistering. The versatile sheath easily works with parachuting and can also be attached to your thigh, arm, ankle, belt, or MOLLE vest. The nylon sheath of the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife comes with two convenient straps that allow for various attachment methods, making it perfect for aquatic uses.

The sheath is actually comprised of two parts (as you can see on image to the right): the nylon backing and the plastic sheath insert, which is firmly secured and moves very little when pulling out the knife. The corrosion resistant blade of the LMF II can resist corroding even if the protective coating gets worn away by heavy use over time. Established by Pete Gerber in 1939, who just so happened to be inducted into Blade Magazine’s cutlery hall of fame in 1985, Gerber is a renowned hunting, camping, and outdoor company that has become known for providing high-quality knives to outdoorsmen and the nation’s military personnel for years.
We partner with I AM THAT GIRL, a non-profit helping girls to transform self-doubt into self-love. Portions of every sale - including 100% of profits of our Build Beautifully bag - go toward making a difference in girls' lives.
This 5-inch smartphone offers a big and bright screen making it easy to enter text, as well as read homework and To-Do lists. It is a brand new family of three chargers for your Lumia, or any portable device, designed to keep you charged for longer and more active than ever. With this Windows Phone app you can do maths exercises, take tests, learn theory, and collaborate or compete against other students with this excellent app.
Why not record lectures and classes and upload them to OneDrive with this intuitive recording app and listening back to them later. Designed by Jeff Freeman, a retired member of the military, the 10-inch survival knife was engineered to near perfection. A combination of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the knife is perfectly balanced, well-designed, and extremely durable.
As a heavy knife, it is perfectly balanced and ready to tackle a variety of heavy duty work.
They merely produced a straight forward survival and tactical knife that performs its job well each and every time.
From the handle construction to the point of the blade, the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife and Nylon Sheath is beautifully constructed to take abuse and handle any chore. The tang and the butt cap are completely separated, allowing the knife to absorb shocks when hammering, and prevent electric shock.
Set at a 35 degree angle, the sharpener does a nice job of sharpening the fine edge of the blade while in the sheath. The built-in sharpener is also extremely convenient, automatically sharpening the blade while it is sheathed. Although the sheath is a little on the heavier side and is quite sizable, its low-profile keeps it from being a hindrance and allows it to be used in a multitude of situations. Although the blade is made from 420HC stainless steel, which is softer than other stainless steels, it is much more flexible than other blades and much less likely to break.

They simply work for nearly every task and are as versatile as any type of knife on the market. Continuing the tradition with the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife and Nylon Sheath , Gerber has utilized innovative materials and unparalleled design to form a knife that can handle the most rugged conditions and continue to perform time and time again.
Put to the test by troops in the field, the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife and Nylon Sheath is as adaptable as the people who use it.
Mine has endured a fair share of abuse and continues to be regularly used when backpacking, performing search and rescue missions, camping, and game hunting.
With intelligently designed lashing holes and grooves, the LMF II can easily be tied and converted to a spear. Thus, the innovative integrated sharpener provides users with the ability to retain the knife’s edge while outdoors or in the field.
Once secured, the knife is highly unlikely to fall out of the sheath, regardless of whether you are parachuting or rock climbing. The heavy-duty straps can be difficult to adjust at first, but they stretch out to a comfortable fit after a day or two of wear. Unfortunately, the softness of the steel means that the blade of the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife does not hold its razor sharp edge as long as some other knives. I have one that I use for hunting and skinning game, one that always stays in my personal deployment kit, one that I keep in my truck, and one that stays in the garage for use around the house. From cutting through seatbelts and fuselage to egressing through a chopper’s Plexiglass, the LMF II is a sturdy knife that can seemingly do it all.
In addition to being able to be used as an entrenching tool, prying tool, and hammer, the LMF II survival knife can also be used for cutting, chopping, and self-defense. The sturdy, low-profile sheath allows for easy movement while limiting noise at the same time.
The blade is nice and thick, and it features a stout design, making it a heavy duty tactical knife that comes in handy when performing an endless array of tasks.
Overall, the Gerber LMF II Green Infantry Knife and Nylon Sheath is a terrific survival knife and sheath combination that everyone can use to perform a variety of tasks for years and years.

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