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Last weekend I went to my first rock concert (Pearl Jam) in Buenos Aires, or rather in the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, at the sold-out Estadio Unico in La Plata. Firstly, I was really impressed with the organization of the whole event, except that the security people had some problems with the orientation so they made us walk in the wrong direction 3 times before we got to the right entrance to the stadium. Before Pearl Jam started to play I just wanted to drink a beer with my friends but it turned out to be very normal that in the big concerts they don’t sell any alcohol! The good thing is that the fans sing all the songs even if they have no idea of what it means or even if they don’t know the lyrics! As you can imagine now, the fans and the atmosphere is just stunning, but it’s like that almost all over the world. There’s one thing to remember: Be prepared to lose your friends and not to find them again when you are in the stalls. After the end of the concert I was just so happy, satisfied and exhausted, so I wanted to buy quickly a T-shirt as a “recuerdo” but there is one thing I was angry about: the merchandising guys already took off and you could only buy a bad quality t-shirt from a guy selling it outside the concert area…But next time I’m gonna buy the T-shirt before the concert gets started to make sure that it is a “buen recuerdo”. Right now, two days after the concert I still can’t stop smiling all the time and thinking about that great music event. Summer in the Southern Hemisphere just started and I’m already up to here with this heat and humidity. I admit, but I feel blissful enough to be writing this from an air conditioned room, but the thought of the errands that need to get done, going home riding the flames of the underground Subte, or just thinking about what’s going on outside is making me scared. The person who invented AC deserves a parade! To people who always complain about cold weather, you should know that you can always layer up to get warm.
ABOUT USBased in Buenos Aires, Mente Argentina is an organization founded to provide international education opportunities and top quality personal support for international students through dynamic, individualized immersion programs. Although I’ve already been to a lot of rock concerts or festivals in Germany, I was positively shocked and surprised about differences between the audience and the whole atmosphere. Oh and if you are thinking about going to a concert of this size you should know that the timing is very different to the smaller concerts in the city.

At first I was a little bit annoyed by that fact but after the concert I understood very well why they do that: obviously the Argentinean audience is just crazy (or as they would call it “re loco”) and with the people drinking alcohol it would be too dangerous. Sometimes it seems to be more like a football game…You should definitely learn some hymns of the Argentinean audience before you go to the concert, although you learn it very fast by listening to what they sing after every single song. Straight away during the first song, I lost them all and I didn’t see them until we met at the meeting point we (fortunately) had agreed on before. I can recommend it to everyone; it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss.  Can’t wait to go to the next concert and to enjoy the Argentinean way of celebrating the music!
We all dislike discomfort and with summer days like the ones we’ve been having, I had to give up on two very simple and small things in this world that I absolutely love- wear black tights and not being sweaty. I guess this one is a given, we all should drink water constantly, dehydration is no joke, people actually pass out because of hot weather.
Remember, even when the day looks cloudy, you are still being exposed to the terrible dangers from the sun.
I never in my life had to do this, but I already love them, and hey… you would not be charging that much on your gas bill! My AC is set up on a low corner of my room, and if I stretch my arm I can actually feel the bubble of hot air just above, crazy!
This will make you environmentally-friendly, but also will cool you down as they give off heat as well! The doors opened at the announced time and the support act started to play really punctually (which – as you might know – is very unusual in Argentina!). But try to limit your alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks intake as they can dehydrate you. Also use insect repellent, as mosquitoes love to feast from the buffet of human flesh, and I believe to be their favorite. Take advantage of the natural light as much as possible and try to keep up rooms cool by using as little light as you can, perhaps a romantic candle-lit night, every night… maybe, anyone?

Instead of staying in doing nothing, why not taking a calm stroll around all the bookstores Buenos Aires has to offer?
But don’t worry, it is unnecessary that the security guy – as he did when we entered – says “suerte” which means pretty much the same as “good luck”. I want to announce the idea of going to the Barrio Chino (Chinatown) and get yourself a fashionable wooden, paper or plastic fan! Lighter meals are easier to metabolize as the body produces even more heat after taking down a huge steak, so this is your time to get your summer-ready body ready for the already happening summer!
In the meantime, enjoy summer 2016, it’s a new year after all, we must embrace it with positive attitude! Buenos Aires has already gotten an “orange alert”, as temperatures are rising to 34°, this is scary folks! So for this one, I have to listen to my mom and get a better intake of fruits and vegetables.
But, luckily, I gathered a list of tips and tricks on how to survive the hot summer that Buenos Aires is experimenting as of now. Take your book to your favorite coffee shop (or better yet, ice cream shop) in the city, and spend hours reading about the cabin romance in the distant lands of Canada while you take a sip from your green iced tea or while you taste a delicious dulce de leche ice cream cone.
If books are not your thing, then catch up on the newest summer films and distract yourself from the humid reality while watching a fun movie!

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