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Starting today, players can start getting their pre-orders out of the way and snag themselves a special bonus scene. Interesting alternative logo but I personally like the official one more, I don't think seven is a number thta fits the hole of the letter T very well.
Sony has announced that survival horror title Until Dawn will be coming to gamers this August.
Three editions of the title will be coming out — the standard edition, extended editions, and steelbook edition, so players can decide what they want based on how much they want to spend.

The japanese logo "Biohazard" makes the seven appear inside the letter z, and it fits perfectly! Depending on region, the title will make it way to PlayStation 4s starting on August 25th — for North America, the following day in PAL territories, and the 28th in the UK and Ireland. For the latest on all that’s epic in gaming, movies, television and cosplay, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! While the cast has boasted a handful of stars people are familiar with, such as Hayden Panettiere, Rami Malek and others.

It was also announced that Peter Stormare — famous for appearances in Prison Break, Arrow and The Big Lebowski, would be added to the cast.

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