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Hello NextGenUpdate, in this thread I will be posting ALOT of information, glitches, and guides for The Division. In order to claim your outfit you must Login to you Uplay account and then you will be provided with a code which is use for following the direction and grab them. This outfit is only available for the player who have Purchased the Gold or Sleeper Agent editions, or purchase the Season Pass. Pre-ordered or Purchased something from uPlay Store, but can't find where to grab those items from? The Reward Vendor will be locked until you progress in the Main Story and Unlock the Base of Operation. Tom Clancy's The Division players can make use of the Phoenix Credits to purchase Level 30 end game items.
In order to get Phoenix Credits in Tom Clancy's The Division, you need to either complete the Daily Challenges marked on your map or beat the missions in Challenge Difficulty. Base of Operations, Tech Wing, Close to the Recalibration Station: Here you will come across a Special Gear vendor. North of Dark Zone 06: You will get this vendor in the Safe House, and he will be selling items completely different from the Base of Operation vendor.
An interesting issue has appeared in Tom Clancy's The Division and it does not allow players to get past Manhattan as they are stuck in Brooklyn after the cut-scene timeout. Here is how to get past Manhattan if you are stuck in Brooklyn: Go through the gates again. This alley can be found by going counter clockwise around the block from the mission point. Check out the location on the map below, you need to go here, upper left by the police station, by Brooklyn Bridge. Now as you know that Level 30 is maxed and every player is going to reach there someday as it takes hardly 15 hours of gameplay to reach there. As we mentioned earlier in our Wiki, the mission can be attempted a number of times, but you are going to apply for Hard Mode. We are not asking you to go through the whole process again, but the real motive here is to try completing the mission in Challenging Mode(Unlocks for only Level 30 Players). Every player in Dark Zone enters as Neutral and is equally part of hunting the contaminated loot. In the Division, Players have already started their exploration in the Dark Zone and the places where they have encountered the Boss Fight. If you want to know the Dark Zone Bosses then do check our Guide for Dark Zone Boss Location. In The Division, there is a PvP enabled environment which is allowed in this additional area in the Map called The Dark Zone.
As You Max to level 30 the Dark Zone mechanics will change and will have no level-segments which mean the area will be repopulated with new enemies with higher challenges and danger.
Once you've eliminated the Thugs and entered the Building, you will find the real enemies waiting for you on the first floor. After getting down you will again encounter the shotguns rushers so take them down and then the Big tanks. Once you Manage to complete the Mission Successfully you will be awarded with one Guaranteed High-End Gear along with 30 Phoenix Credits. If you?re one of millions of players out there in New York this month, you could well be coming across the ?end game? of content launched with Tom Clancy?s The Division. The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are essentially three levels of the Dark Zone.
On the most current in-game map for The Division, areas with at least one piece of loot or mob in them will be lit purple, in most occasions directly correlating with this map. As you?ve seen in the image above, some named mob packs live above ground, while others live in the subway system. Enduring: While in your last segment, your health continuously regenerates to fill up the segment. Rehabilitated: When you are affected by a status effect you are healed for 2% every second. Recovered: Damage taken while doing a cover to cover maneuver is regenerated over 5 seconds upon reaching your destination. Nimble: While doing a cover to cover move in combat, you heal 2% of your max Health for every y meter run. Commanding: Every kill performed while the signature skill is active extends its duration by x%.
Dominant: Every kill while your signature skill is active reduces the cooldown of your other skills by x%.
Intense: The first bullet of a magazine has a x% chance to apply the 'on fire' status effect.
Proficient: The first bullet shot when out of combat has a x% chance to result in a critical hit.

As you start the Main story mission, Agent Faye Lau informs you about the first wave of the Division agents has lost and have no contact with them. As we said everyone entering the Dark Zone are neutral and equally part of hunting the loot, but when a player attacks another neutral player, the attacker or his group member then he will turn into a Rogue Agent. There is 5 level of Rogue Agents and at level 5 you will have five minutes countdown until you lose the rogue status again. It Totally depends on your rogue-level that you will be marked only for other players in your area or be a visible marker on the map when you hit rogue level 5.
The Best way so far to get the Lockpicks is by taking down the NPCs, they do drop them sometimes and another way is to loot the nearby bodies in random Encounters on your map. Open Locked Door is very easy, All you need to do is go and stand in front of the locked door and see how much Lockpicks does it request for and then perform the Open Key to enter inside. Blue Gloves Level 11How to Unlock: Complete all Side Missions and Encounters in Garment District then return The Cavern. It seems that we?re finally getting our first reports of cheaters flocking the servers of Ubisoft?s latest release of The Division. As mentioned, freebu have reported that his entire squad was instantly killed by an a player within the Dark Zone. While these cheats are just not becoming reported online, it seems that this is an exploit that is becoming more common. All Echos, Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, and Missing Agents.
For players outside of the US, you have an alternative method for claiming check Here and Use it at your own Risk. Don't worry this Guide will help you find the Reward Vendor who will be offering you the cool offers. You must know this already as you might have purchased some of them from uPlay Store, the real question is how to get them in the game?
If you have already unlocked the Base of Operation then you are one step ahead, and now enter the Base of Operation and directly head towards the Reward Vendor who is located at the end of the room, find him behind the table. In this guide, I am going to show you how to get these Phoenix Credits and where to trade it.
According to the report coming out from the player, the servers are live now (it was down a few hours ago) but players are stuck in Brooklyn. These won't give you any reward, but there are chances that you might get a certain Gear Drop.
Completing these mission will reward you with awesome Phoenix Credits, but note that these missions won't be easy and can only be played once. Players with no Dark Zone Pouch are useless as they carry no loot, but they can still attack you so be careful. If you are a level 30 player then you must be aware of the 3 Daily Mission which are allotted to you, these are similar to the Story Missions, but the only difference is that you are rewarded with Phoenix Credits if you manage to complete it successfully. The Rare Elite Enemies outside the Dark Zone drop 2 Purple weapons and gears along with Phoenix Credits.
Here you will find high level contaminated loot and players with different levels in different sections.
One of the Reddit User - Khezekiah, has taken time and appreciate his efforts for creating the map where the Named Boss Spawns. So you better gear up with some high-end Weapons with obviously higher DPS, Health and Skills. Head to the Special Gear Vendor and grab the Vector 45 ACP Blueprint(200 PC) to craft it or if you have the Complete Supply Drop - Clinton Food Supplies to obtain it. Running through the streets of New York, there are two ways to prepare yourself for the upcoming content ? be that DLC or the post-launch freebies we?ve all heard about.
That is because all landmarks with activity in them have this purple highlight thanks to a last-minute change by Ubisoft before the launch of The Division. I wouldn?t personally advise combating named mobs underground until you?re confident in your skills, and they can slow down your pace for stacking up Phoenix Credits. Once one turn into a Rogue Agent then he will be marked with a big skull which is visible to all the players along with a Bounty on his head. When you are killed as Rogue Agent, you not only lose the loot that you just stole, you will also lose Dark Zone Keys and Dark Zone XP(depending on your Rogue-Level). According to a Reddit post by username freebu, the cheaters have been manipulating both weapons and the ammunition at hand. One user within the Reddit subforum altered players that specific items within The Division such as ammo count and individual gunshots can be altered within the actual client instead of other aspects that are out of harms reach through Ubisoft?s servers. I'm just using the sources around me to create this mega thread which could benefit you all on NGU.
Daily Challenge and Challenge Difficulty will be available to you only after Level 30 has been reached).
This guide will show you what to do after reaching Max level and some tips and trick to do with Level 30 Character.

Visit the Dark Zone Vendors to grab the Top order equipment, but for that, you also need Phoenix Credits. If you are Interested in becoming a Rogue Agent then do Check our guide on How to be a Rogue Agent.
One of the Reddit Users have created this Map and Shared all the location for Rare Elite Enemies and Here are their locations.
Once you get it then you must craft it in order to use it, if you have done this already then you my boy are one step ahead. Lexington Event Center in Challenge Mode will be the easiest one so far and here is the Walkthrough on how to complete the Mission with ease.
After taking the elevator up first try to take down the two big tanks then use the elevator as your cover and clear out the rest. Lastly, the boss fight will start up, Firstly take down the two snipers then for the grenades and lastly the Main boss. So try completing it multiple times to farm some good high-end gears and then craft the ultimate weapons.
Either you?re out there running through daily missions, or your in the Dark Zone fighting back against players and groups of mobbing gangs.
These mobs vary between Purple and Yellow difficulty, and none will be your standard ?white? difficulty.
If you?re looking for the most simplistic method of hunting down named mobs while you?re in the game, look at this purple highlight as a guide and you?ll be working to about 70% efficiency.
Pairing your route running for named yellow packs in The Division with Dark Zone chests is the best and most efficient way to gear up for new content. You will find the reports on the agents on how they had lost in the field then follow the marker tail to recover the information. When you accidentally hit a player that is not in your group, you will only be marked with a warning icon. At Level 5 Rogue Agent you go into Manhunt mode which is you are clearly visible to all the players and have a good Bounty on your head and, therefore, you become everyone's favorite target to kill or hunt. If these reports and videos hold up, it seems that Ubisoft will have to tighten up the security of The Division with a patch. Though more importantly, the player who is cheating within The Division has the control of teleportation, create unlimited ammunition, and weapon manipulation. Upon giving up trying to take them out for their bounty, his squad was executed as they attempted to move on. Enjoy and keep exploring and do check our The Division Wiki Guide to know more about the game. After you have reached Level 30 in Tom Clancy's The Division, on you map you will see markings of Daily Challenge, and also Challenge Difficulty will be locked for you for few missions. So without any further ado, let's focus on what are the things to be explored for a Maxed Level Character.
This means that you can expect that every step you take in the Dark Zone is as hard as your missions outside of the Dark Zone. Balance challenge with speed and get yourself leveled up and geared as quickly as possible!
This marks you as an agent that has shot another player but has not done enough damage to go Rogue. When he is killed he loses some Dark Zone Experience and respawns at the nearest checkpoint where the player can enter the Dark Zone. For now, it seems that players will have to put up with the cheaters until Ubisoft comments on the matter or fixes the issue. As a major part of fighting off yellow mob packs, you?ll be picking up Dark Zone keys occasionally, and will want to include these Dark Zone Chest locations in your adventuring, to maximize your progress in The Division.
As soon as you do more damage, you will be marked as a rogue, your Health Bar turns red and the full Rogue Protocol described above is in effect. You can kill him, get his loot and the bounty that was set on his head and earn the DZ XP and DZ Credits. When he is revived he can pick up his loot where he died, but only if it has not been stolen already. At worst, you?ll be able to break down each purple quality item for two blue crafting materials. Keep in mind that in the map above, the Dark Zone chests are highlighted by a green dot, but those with blue outlines are underground. Not every Dark Zone chest will be heavily guarded, but most are guarded with a named yellow mob pack ? if you?re already on the lookout for Phoenix Credits, it?s worth looking at both maps and building the best possible route for your skill level.

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