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This section contains tactical and military survival kits, medical kits, and equipment for military personnel, operators, law enforcement, and government contractors.Civilians interested in tactical equipment may also purchase. This US Military Surplus Bivy is very well made and will be a welcome addition to your Bug Out Bag.
Features Accessory Pack with coffee or beverage powder, matches, seasonings, gum, wet wipe, tissue. If you are knife nut like myself you may lust after the sexy Italian Extrema Ratio knives like motorcycle enthusiasts lust after a Ducati 999. The Ontos features a front faux secondary top grind for increased piercing and a rear portion with serrations to cut through the tough man-made materials and provides a sharp edge regardless of how heavily the main edge is used.
This brings me to my next point on both kits which is the quality of components in the kit. The intent of the Ontos kit was to provide a general purpose survival kit if the rest of a soldier’s pack was last during the mission or emergency situation. One side of the case houses a diamond knife sharpener and the other a 12 hours chemical light stick.
The Selvans was designed under the assumption that many of the atypical survival kit items would be in a primary pack. The base sheath platform shared by both the knives is the best feature rich sheath system I have seen to date. The blade contours on each knife are consistent and edge grind is perfect with no casting seams on the Forprene handle. The Ontos and Selvans blades arrived arm-hair shaving sharp and remained so through testing which is somethign I would expect from any knife with a steel similar to the VG-10. These knives were not designed to be really thick for the intent of improving prying strength. The Ontos undoubtedly will be the more popular of the two knives due to the kit and blade serrations. Honestly I wanted to test both these knives because I thought they just looked cool and I collect knives, however the performance really stunned me.
We have over 30 years experience in the field and are well trained in all aspects of the business. However, soldiers do carry gear that is well suited for use by civilians — gear that it is perfect for surviving natural disasters and other emergencies. You might be surprised to learn that military surplus gear is readily available online and is even available locally.

The poncho liner is a great example of a peice of military surplus gear that is perfect for survival.
Some of the military surplus gear that is available will be an excellent choice for your survival clothing. Molle Gear (pronounced MOLLY) such as Molle Assault Packs, and Molle Tactical Assault Vests. If you do a little bit of digging, you will likely find military surplus gear that is perfect for surviving in any type of environment.
As you can see there are lots of different military surplus items that are great choices for use as survival gear.
Great post thanks, You can find military surplus backpacks in almost new condition for very little money. It would be my choice as a survival knife for general everyday utility, military and urban type survival. I have tested and owned literally hundreds of knives over the years and these two knives changed my mind about what a survival knife should look like, feel like, could be and can do. We are here to provide you (our client) with the highest quality of service available to meet your individual needs. That is why they carry so much gear: they need to be  prepared at a moments notice to fight and survive with what they are carrying on their back. Some of the gear that soldiers are equipped with is for situations that are beyond the scope of what most civilians prepare for: situations such as biological, chemical and nuclear warfare. I believe it is best to find the gear that has been made to military specifications, not the gear that is little more than a military gear knock-off. For example it is easy to find wet weather ponchos, poncho liners, BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniforms), and field jackets.
These are not only of a higher quality than their American plastic counterparts…they hold more water too!
I have seen surplus gear that is tailored for use in hot desert environments, extreme cold environments, and everything in between.
I suggest that you don’t get hung up on just buying the military surplus survival gear from your country. Yes they are different than a typical drop point survival knife, a different blade tip, different look, a more substantial heft, and different feel, and certainly more money than almost any other knife, however this out of the box thinking performs spectacularly and worth every cent when your life is on the line. Extrema Ratio only cares about one thing; making sure their own Italian Military has the best equipment possible to survive.

N690 is quite resistant to rust or corrosion, however Extrema Ratio finished both the blades in a unspecified burnished black finish which appears to be carbo-nitride or oxide of some sort. These knives were designed thicker and heavier to have enough heft to deliver stunning cuts which both do effortlessly.
Our goal is to do whatever we can to make your experience enjoyable as well as informative! When the military has a surplus of this gear or it is fazed out it becomes available to civilians for purchase as military surplus gear — perfect for anyone needing good survival gear.
Locally you can often find military surplus gear in thrift stores, national chains like the National Army Surplus Stores, and even in garage sales.. The military standards for their gear is usually much higher than their civilian counterparts and knock-offs.
It is very important that you tailor your survival gear and clothing to your local environmental extremes and always have the appropriate gear packed in your bag. I like the Alice because they have an inner compartment so all your stuff is not just packed in one compartment. If you have the money, the Extrema Ratio Ontos and Selvans have proven to me to be the ultimate survival knives.
The Selvans pouch is considerably smaller but completely packed with little room for more than a few matches and cotton for tender.
One is the Alice pack which holds all our would like to haves such as extra cloths, cooking utensils, sleep system, etc. Pair these with a quality multi-tool and you have everything you will ever need for survival cutlery. The result is a thicker blade to increase prying strength, serrations, increased grind angle to prevent chipping and deeper blade profile.
This way if we need to drop our main pack for some reason (like being pursued) then we can continue with our survival needs. It felt like I was working a standard chef knife except I was able to cleave right through an entire chicken without any efforts. Without a doubt either of these knives easily provide the cutting ability of a short machete and camp axe.

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