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Got some extra time on your hands and looking for creative ways to up your survival preparedness arsenal? You’ll get food and cooking projects, light and fire projects, weaponry projects, gardening projects, and general survival projects. You’ll want to have some water purification tablets on hand to keep the water in the tank purified . Water should save for a long period of time, but will deteriorate faster based on the chemical or technique you’re using to purify it, amount of sunlight, quality of the tank etc.
If the real world situation has deteriorated to the point that you’re using a water storage tank you should be rationing the water, and using marks on the side of the tank to adequately predict the amount of water you and your family are using in a given time period.
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November 14, 2015 by Liz Long 11 Comments My eldest recently received his learner’s permit, also known as his “temps” in these parts. For those not in the loop, situational awareness is simply being very aware of your surroundings, and any potential danger around you. By lifting your head and watching the world around you, you’re in a much better position to not only detect and avoid possible threats but react to them quickly and efficiently.
For many people, the hardest part of situational awareness is putting their phone away and turning off the music, or at least turning down the volume. When you enter somewhere like a restaurant, seat yourself with your back to the wall, able to see the doors (if there are multiples, watch the main door), and make note of where any exits are. If you have been practicing situational awareness, then you have a far better chance of realizing what is happening quickly and finding a way to escape or hide until it’s over.
An added benefit to exercising situational awareness is that it gives you an air of confidence. At least as importantly as noticing bad people on a normal day, being aware of your surroundings means you will notice uneven sidewalks before you twist an ankle or break a heel, friends you would otherwise pass without speaking, and all manner of public notices – including clearance sales and warnings of upcoming road closures. If it isn’t already clear, the idea here is not to behave as though every trip to the post office is a dangerous mission deep behind enemy lines. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product.
Liz Long is an eclectic writer who lives in the exurbs (that's what comes after the suburbs) with her husband, sons, and cats. Another facet of Situational Awareness that may not be obvious is that once you start to develop that skill set, it becomes sort of a game; yes, it can be a fun part of your daily life. I tell my students all the time to avoid wearing earphones while walking or in public transportation.
I also highly recommend the book: The Gift of Fear, which goes into greater detail on situational awareness and related topics. Packaged to ensure long life, the contents herein can be used in any recipe that calls for beef, and if required, can be eaten directly from the can (since the meat is cooked).

Ensuring you and your family will have drinking water after a catastrophic event is vitally important. You should always boil water stored for an extended period of time to kill any unwanted germs or bacteria that might have gotten into your tank.
You should also have extra around in case of emergency or the chance that your supply line could be interrupted, and you should time your tank refills before the tank is completely empty. You can use old bath water, or dish water in the garden, and take water used to boil food and reuse it as a broth, stew, or even a drink for family pets.
It represents everything that Eberlestock has learned about the needs of the professional military sniper community. Its layout is much like the Phantom, but it’s bigger and has a two-chamber main compartment, plus the outer front pockets. The side pockets peel back to expose PALS-type webbing that can be used to mount ammo or other items.
When you’ve been driving for almost 30 years, there’s a whole lot of stuff that is just second nature. How do I keep an eye on the road in front of me, the cars around me, the speedometer, and the fuel gauge, while keeping track of where I am and where I’m going, all at the same time? After a while, all of it becomes second nature, though, right? Many refer to it as keeping your head on a swivel, always looking around to see what’s what. I don’t necessarily mean leaping into action like a super hero but rather walking around the open manhole rather than falling into it.
And just like when you started driving, it might seem as though you’re overwhelmed at trying to pay attention to everything. I can’t imagine the horror of being in a place like Charlie Hebdo, the Twin Towers, or the Parisian concert hall that was attacked.
First of all, he had the presence of mind, like the American heroes on a train mere months earlier, to act while they were reloading and able to shoot as quickly. If you can, mentally make a plan for how to get from your seat to each exit with your whole party. If you have half an eye on the door and notice the tip of a rifle poke through ahead of a black ski mask, how do you think that will affect your response time versus that of someone sitting with their back to the door whose first warning something has gone wrong is either the sound of gunfire or shots, or the expression of someone else in the room? Muggers and other ne’er do wells like to choose victims who look timid, afraid, or unaware of their surroundings.
Rather, it is just to keep your eyes focused on what’s around you, instead of watching for the latest Facebook status updates.
Her life-long Scouting skills have been a help in becoming a prepper and she has been writing for The Survival Mom since 2010. Some who were raised in a high threat environment (such as a major urban area) develop those skills naturally. Protecting that water from contaminants, thieves (four-legged or two-legged), and other surprises is equally important.

It is a true go-to-war pack! At about 5,000 Cu in, it is perfect to carry all the gear you need into the field and will carry more weight then most men can carry. Like the Gunslinger, the Operator’s pack bag and Backscabbard™ are sewn integrally together. You don’t give any real, conscious thought to looking both ways before proceeding into an intersection, lighted or otherwise. Or maybe crossing to the other side of the street so as to avoid the group of questionable looking youths huddled together on the next block. That will subside after some time and you’ll become used to actually seeing the world, rather than experiencing it through the screen of a phone. If your whole family is doing this, you have automatically cut down on your kids screen time, possibly dramatically. We live in a beautiful world, take the time to actually experience it when you’re out and about.
Those of us fortunate enough to have been brought up in peaceful surroundings need to study and practice to learn those skills.
The web site features a set of cards that you can print out to take with you when you are practicing those skills out in the real world. Each Survival Cave Canned Beef Food Storage order comes with 9 servings and 990 calories; and this product has a shelf life of 12 - 15 years. Keeping one eye on the traffic coming your way so as to ensure none of those cars are veering into your lane is just a matter of routine. They are also more likely to notice a mugger or ne’er do well long before they are able to cause trouble for them. You may even have increased how much you are all talking to each other, although teens are notoriously bad about talking to their parents.
Part of their training method is teaching you some very specific terminology to describe what you are seeing. Either their eyes are glued to their phones or they are just lost in thought, sort of drifting through their day.
As an added bonus, you’ll start really noticing the (literal) roses, sunsets, and other beautiful sights you have been walking past every day. Given the ear buds that are often in place as well, these people may as well be blind and deaf.

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