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Traps are a common mechanism in Survival Multiplayer (SMP) built by players to kill other players or mobs automatically.
Most traps on this page can be created without too much hassle, but some require MCedit or cheats for speed. All traps in here only catch newer players, but are fundamental ideas that capture the essence of branches of trap creation. Note: I have used these traps in Mineplex Clans, and I am very satisfied with a new full set of armour roughly once every two days! Ask someone if they could dig down at a spot, you lost many diamonds there and they could take half.
This is a simple trap that has TNT rigged up to a tree so when the player is harvesting all the trees so that other players can't have them, the player is blown to smithereens! You will need: 9 TNT, 1 wooden pressure plate, 1 piston, 1 block of sand or gravel, 1 lever,1 block of stone (not cobble) and 4 redstone dust. The basis of this trap is as follows: On (say) a factions smp server you have a traitor new to your faction who tries to steal the faction valuables. Find the tree you want to set up and destroy the wood on the bottom along with a 4 block deep hole underneath. You will need: Blocks, TNT, Iron doors, Pressure Plates or Buttons, Chests, or diamond blocks. Build a house out of any weak material that easily breaks near an explosion, then cover it with TNT. For more effective results make a doormat with ice and then soul sand on top to slow down the escape of enemies.
First, make a long passage that is 2 blocks high, 1 block wide and five or more blocks long that should be in a cave. If you want to add some more power to a TNT trap, try replacing the TNT with a lot of TNT Minecarts.
You will need: Enough wood planks to make a box home, a sign, a pressure plate, a wooden door, and as much TNT as you want. This is a very easy to create trap, requiring 2-3 wool, and a few wood, plus a pickaxe and shovel. This is one of the most simple traps in Minecraft history, although it would be easily noticed by intelligent players. Note: You will need to use atleast two blocks of gravel to kill a player, and this can actually be used as a convenient elevator. Challenges Make a portal and get to the nether (There is a chest with 14 obsidian blocks)(clue: the chest are with some vines) You have to get over to the second Island Make two mob-traps out of skeleton and monster spawner Build your own mob-trap Build an automatic cactus farm Build a secret door with sticky pistons (You have to find the hidden slimeballs) Make a library with bookshelf Make a farm with some different seeds Build a ship in the airRules No cheating!
The following is a list of basic traps with a short tutorial that often assumes the reader has a working understanding of the basic concepts required to build the trap.
If you feel that you have more technologically advanced and you don't feel like you need this trap anymore you can make a player or mob farm using it. You can use things that only work when a chunk is loaded, you can hide a bunch of TNT in a house that only blows up when a player loads the chunks! Since you can easily condense them down into a small space, it can be good when you need to make a design more compact. Clay is recommended for this trap due to the fact that it drops 4 clay balls and is easily broken. The person will see the chest, and, thinking there is loot in it, will break the gravel blocks in order to open the chest.

You can add railways leading into it or mines with a mechanism to push players down if you can afford it.
This is the most fundamental TNT trap in minecraft and so all other TNT traps stem from this one's concept.
When someone breaks the bottom block of wood, it will fall on the pressure plate and blow up the TNT. You can either choose to put them on an activator rail, or to put a piston beside the rail. To create make a very deep hole coming off of the side of your house, then put two signs at the end of the hallway leading to the hole. An Ender Chest has twice the drops and thus twice the certainty that this will work, but requires a pickaxe, can be seen through and around, and isn't something that somebody would want to break anyways.
Otherwise, if you take too long, the player may jump up from the first gravel block (their feet will be in it), and not be suffocated by the second. As he breaks the gravel blocks, the hole in the box of lava is unplugged, causing lava to flow onto the victim.
On the bottom, place your weapon of choice (such as lava, the Void, an array of standard landmines as shown below, a Charged Creeper dungeon, an End Portal, a jail cell, some other trap, or just a plain floor if the pit is deep enough) and remember where you put it.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Iv'e been on a bunch of servers lately, and these are the types of people I have seen.Lets get started!The TrollerThis is the troller. When you are about 3 blocks higher than bedrock, place 4 hoppers, one per block on the 2x2 hole. Next to the chest is a lever and a sign saying "Pull lever to lift block above chest up" or something convincing. Put one TNT below each pressure plate, then a clearly visible chest or diamond blocks inside to lure people. I prefer the second option, because disturbing a cluster of TNT Minecarts will often cause them to detonate instantly! If you are on a flying server, you might want to add a roof, which is an extra 3 to 12 blocks of Soul Sand. Proceed to place paintings on the signs, so when someone walks through the painting, they fall to their death.
The drop could also be collected by the player, so a trap using the block's absence instead of the drop's presence would be best if possible, for example if the tree is touching a 2-block-high wall then the bottom block of it could be replaced with an inverter mechanism and death mechanism and the block below the tree could be replaced with a Redstone Torch. When your trap is complete, human-sized mobs - such as zombies and skeletons - or other people will walk into your trap and can't walk out. Place a sign outside that says something like "please don't grief my home thx." Griefers or robbers can't stand not griefing a house like this. Then, on the very surrounding area on the tower you made, dig holes three blocks deep and three blocks wide to make a pit surrounding your tower. When they step on the plate, it will trigger the TNT, causing the victim to get stuck in the house and die from the resulting explosion. Then place a tempting sign on the end of the passage that says "Diamond Mine" or "Danger: Do Not Enter". Note: This trap is quite obvious, especially if placed in unlikely locations, and may not work with experienced players. Also, if you place ice under the soul sand, mobs and people will move even slower due to the properties of ice.

They will probably walk through the door, trigger the TNT, and blow themselves to the moon! Mostly trolls like to troll in survival mode, so watch out for their noob traps, for example; the door trap. If a player or mob steps on the plate, the TNT will activate, the sand will fall, and the player or mob will be trapped in a hole with primed TNT.
Using trapped chests are also good, if they cannot identify the difference between the normal chests and trapped chests. The door trap has a pressure plate inside 4 doors, when you walk in, your closed in forever, unless you have permission to break the pressure plate.The InnocentThis is the innocent, the person that just focuses on minecraft, not anything else. After that place several Gravel blocks beside the 5th block on your tower, aiming downwards on the target. Well, try sneaking off the edge of a chest, and your sneak doesn't keep you from falling off the ledge! Well, the "solid block" above it is actually a stair block, facing in a way so that you see a full side of a block but you can actually open a chest that has a stair block above it. If done correctly, the gravel blocks should fall on your target's head, thus trapping or killing him. Players can't resist looking down a hole, so they will do, expecting their sneak will stop them from falling.
If you want to use it again, remove the lava, and put a lever next to the pushed up block and pull it.
These people almost always play alone, not with a friend.The Mean OneThe mean ones are about 35% of these people. Stone can't sense items at all, and iron and gold pressure plates emit too weak of a signal and are too expensive if you plan on doing this in Survival. Above the wire, place a Dispenser facing towards the hole, loaded with a projectile, Potion Of Harming (II) or suitable spawn egg (the inventor of this trap uses Blazes). Another way to kill griefers with minecarts is by making a rail to a simple wooden house, where the chest is easily seen from the tracks.
Occasionally, they rage in the chat when something isn't working, like if they didn't get diamonds when they mined them with a wooden shovel. When the griefer in the minecart goes over the detector rail at the end of the rail in front of the house, the redstone will get powered activating the TNT below, this will blow up your unwelcome guest.
The only thing they will say in the chat is either about a celebrity, or something else they are obsessed about.The XD PersonYes, this person has a weird title, but you will find out why.
Sometimes they can be annoying, but they are really nice and always looking for new friends. My skype is ______, skype me!" They only judge people by their skins, and are constantly shifting girls. Sometimes, girls change to a boy skin so these people will leave them alone.Well, there you have it!

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