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As there was no railway running through the village of Chelmno, the victims were taken by train to a nearby station. On arrival at the Palace camp, the victims were addressed by the camp commandant or one of his deputies, who was disguised as the squire of the estate, wearing a feather hat, jackboots and smoking a pipe.
The Jews were told that they would be fairly treated and receive good food in return for working on the estate, in Austria or in the East. They were then told that they needed to shower to become clean and that their clothes had to be disinfected.
The possessions of those brought to Chelmno were given or sold to Germans living in the region. Under German guidance, the Hungarian authorities decreed all Jews should wear the yellow star of David. The Warsaw ghetto uprising - Jewish fighters resisted the German attempt to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto.
In the Netherlands, Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer clothing.
Newly arrived prisoners to Auschwitz-Birkenau who had been selected for work had their identities stripped.
Newly arrived women prisoners to Auschwitz-Birkenau who have been selected for work have been stripped of their identities. Having arrived at a concentration camp and been unloaded from the cattle trucks, men and women were separated, children staying with their mothers.
Jack, aged 17, who had travelled from Greece to Auschwitz in Poland, says “They gave us striped pyjamas. After an early wake-up, daily concentration camp routines would begin with the Appell, the daily roll call. After waking and before roll call, up to 2,000 prisoners at a time would have to share toilet facilities.
After eating a meagre ration of watery soup, a piece of bread and some imitation coffee, a prisoner’s day would follow with work details.
Edible Plant BasicsThis class covers identification while gathering for safety, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Medicinal Plants & Winter RemediesWilders instructors guide students in safe medicinal and edible plant identification while exploring our local green spaces. I’ll be the first to admit, for the first few years of running a school, I dreaded summers.
Look, one of the first things you learn if you want to survive and thrive in business is that you don’t get to dictate to the market what the market wants. I made several thousand dollars a month extra over the summer that I normally would not have made. Not only that, but I believe the psychological effect of having full classes all summer worked in my favor to keep more of the students I already had in classes.
Think on that for a moment, and you can understand how having a lot of activity in your school at certain key times of the year can help increase your enrollment and retention. So, start thinking about the summer as a unique opportunity to get people into your school who might never walk in otherwise.

I know some of you softies want to give everyone one month a year or two weeks a year or whatever when your students don’t have to pay, so they can go on vacation. So stop letting your students take advantage of you, and start thinking about your own family and how you’re going to best provide for them. So, you need to have policies that keep people from jumping in and out of your classes at their whim and leisure. For this reason, you need to use contracts that are a year in length, and you need to enforce them. Believe me, a little rational selfishness will go a long way toward keeping you happy this summer. I haven’t gone past the 3 month commitment because I teach at a recreation center who can release me with just 1 month notice.
Mike Massie has owned and operated martial arts schools and fitness studios for most of his adult life. The method was usually to take them out of the town or village to a forest or open land, make them dig pits and undress, and then to shoot them all. During the last five months of 1941 the Einsatzgruppen, supported by local collaborators from across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine, murdered over 500,000 Jews. The site was chosen due to the village’s position in the Warthegau region (previously an area of Western Poland, but now part of Nazi Germany). Those who had previously worked at the camp were brought back to resume their work and carry out the killings.
They were registered, had their hair shaven, before being showered and given striped pyjamas. They usually had their own clothing taken away, which would be replaced by a striped uniform.
During the Appell prisoners had to stand in rows, completely still, for hours at a time, and in all weathers. Hands-on activities help you develop vital identification skills while getting to know important local plants. Following a “food as medicine” approach to health, students learn to create home-made concoctions that will serve them throughout the cold and flu season. In fact, summer is a time I tend to look forward to these days, because it’s one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year. Well, I’m not going to make you opt-in for some silly trumped up webinar or conference call to hear them. Instead, you either listen to the market and provide what they want, or you go out of business. But if you let your ego get in the way of making money, you’re going to have a very unhappy and short-lived career as a professional school owner. They are telling you what they want when they enroll their kids in other activities during the summer. It’s up to you to either keep their interest through the summer, or lose them forever. Instead of looking at how to keep the people we already have, how can we use the consumers’ tendencies in order to get more students? As you already know, summer is a time when parents tend to stick their kids into some activity to keep them busy, but only for a few weeks or months.

So, I started offering short six-week summer membership packages at a price point that no parent could turn down (I gave them six weeks for the cost of one month of classes, no registration fee, plus a free uniform).
Plus, a good number of them did stay and converted to regular members, which meant that my regular enrollment actually grew that summer. People want things that are in high demand, and moms want their kids to have at least as much as their friends do. A lifelong martial artist, he is the author of Small Dojo Big Profits and over a dozen other martial arts business books and resources.
I offer an incentive if they pay me up front for the 3 months by giving them the fourth month free. I didn’t start offering yearly memberships and discounts until I got my first permanent location. One of their main tasks was to kill all Jewish men, women and children in the areas that were being conquered. Within a further 12 months most of the Jews of Western Ukraine and Belorussia had also been murdered, along with a large number of Jews from Romania. In addition, however, local people gained from the death of the Jews because they were given possessions and sometimes the properties of the victims. Between 23 June and mid-July 1944, more than 7,000 Jews were murdered and disposed of in the newly-erected crematorium. And all because I learned a few simple rules to follow in order to make my summers a blast. Stupid me, I listened to them, ended up losing thousands of dollars of business that summer.
I’ve launched, run, and sold three studios, and I know from experience that people forget your name the moment you walk out the door.
However, I will say that it’s a must if you want to keep your students from bailing on you every summer. Subsequently, in many areas, some of the local villagers and townsfolk willingly took part (collaborated) in atrocities against their Jewish neighbours. Prisoners would have to wash in dirty water, without soap and with no change of clothes for weeks or months on end. What you should do, however, is offer a similar service during the summer, in order to retain the customers you already have. In fact I am missing for 2 weeks this summer for training with my Muay Thai Ajern and vacation at the expense of the students classes.
Often, the kapos would announce that the total number of prisoners in a block was inaccurate, leading to a recount at the whim of the SS. Post your comments and questions about surviving and thriving in your martial arts school during summer below.

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