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Sea Launch earned redemption on Friday as the international consortium successfully returned to service after a four-month grounding from a botched mission in March. The Ukrainian-made, two-stage Zenit vehicle hurled the Russian Block DM upper stage and satellite cargo -- PanAmSat's PAS-9 -- out of the atmosphere and into space. About nine minutes after liftoff, the Zenit's second stage dropped away having completed its job, and signaled the problem which doomed the last Sea Launch mission had been corrected. Investigators determined the failure on March 12, which sent the first ICO telephone satellite crashing into the Pacific, was caused by faulty ground software. On Friday everything appeared to go like clockwork and after two firings of the Block DM stage, the PAS-9 satellite was released into an accurate geosynchronous transfer orbit around Earth. Without question the mission Friday was crucial to the future survival of Sea Launch in the fiercely competitive commercial satellite launch market. After the launch had been declared a success, Tig Krekel, president and CEO of Hughes Space and Communications, told Trafton everyone was watching the outcome of the flight. This weekend the Odyssey launch platform and Sea Launch Commander vessels will head back to Homeport in Long Beach to prepare for the next mission, which is less than two months away.
Sea Launch has 17 more missions sold with two more scheduled for this year -- the Thuraya mission and the Nov.
PanAmSat's PAS-9 satellite will undergo a few weeks of orbit maneuvers and testing before entering service in geostationary orbit 22,300 miles above Earth. From its orbital perch over the Atlantic Ocean Region in PanAmSat's satellite fleet, PAS-9 is designed to deliver video distribution, data relay and Internet services throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and western Europe. Built by Hughes in El Segundo, Calif., the HS 601HP satellite features 24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders and 15-year life expectancy.
A dozen Ku-band transponders are earmarked to serve Sky Mexico's direct-to-home television service, beaming over 160 channels directly to consumers' homes.
Other users of PAS-9 will include the British Broadcasting Corporation, Germany's Deutsche Welle, Japan's NHK, Venezuela's Cisneros, Portugal's RTP and the United States' Eternal Word Television Network, ESPN and HBO Ole Partners. The craft will become PanAmSat's seventh Atlantic Ocean Region satellite and eighth serving Latin America, representing an investment of nearly $2 billion in advanced satellite services for the region. It was the fourth satellite launched in PanAmSat's ongoing effort to expand and enhance its fleet of spacecraft, which currently numbers 21 with the recent retirement of SBS 4. Next up will be the PAS-1R Atlantic Ocean Region satellite slated for launch by the end of 2000 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket, to be followed by PAS-10 in early 2001 by a Russian Proton and Galaxy 3C in the spring atop a Sea Launch Zenit. The Sea Launch vessels - Overviews of the Sea Launch Commander and Odyssey launch platform.

Stunning posters featuring images from the Hubble Space Telescope and world-renowned astrophotographer David Malin are now available from the Astronomy Now Store.
Sign up for our NewsAlert service and have the latest news in astronomy and space e-mailed direct to your desktop (privacy note: your e-mail address will not be used for any other purpose). Axiom & Simulation - A new project examines the ways in which humans quantify and explore our surroundings by comparing artistic, scientific, and digital realism.
The Avocado Incubator by Andrew Mitchell is a pot specifically designed to look after your avocado seeds until they shoot. New Scientist and the Australian Museum's 2012 winners of the New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography. Natalya Zahn's latest are adorable illustrations of salamanders - from eggs to full grown!
VIDEOA pretty visualization of the motion of the solar system by Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Project Foundation. Bubble Tank Fish Tank by Psalt remind me of Lítill terrariums ~ beautiful, playful use of hand blown glass! FEATUREDBeautiful birds in awkward positions, photographer Todd Forsgren captures birds traps in mist nets (think spiderweb fences) for research. Google Earth Engine is a planetary-scale platform for environmental data & analysis using years of satellite imagery. VIDEOExperimenting with a Stereoscopy, a 3D technique from the early 1800’s, Shwood Eyewear explores some of Oregon’s blissful hideaways in mesmerizing fashion for its new lookbook! Niki, young and wild, fully embracing this new world, its opportunities, and its dangers, burning bright and struggling to maintain the last few shreds of what makes her human. At either end of this spectrum are the Elite rich, who make up less than 1% of the total world population, and control most of the wealth; and the Street folk, who live in the shadows of giant skyscrapers and overpasses, and eek out a menial living operating shops and services for the other poor, and the occasional Corp or Elite out slumming. Life in the poorer neighborhoods, the so-called RezHabs (Residential Habitats) is rough, more and more closely resembling the life in the favelas of Brazil. Max, Pat, Jason, Rodney, Raph, Johnny, Cyril I posted this on FACEBOOK and it got a ton of views. The error meant a pressurization valve on the rocket's second stage was not closed prior to liftoff as designed.
A half-hour later, ground controllers established contact with PAS-9, confirming it was alive and in the right orbit. Sea Launch currently competes directly with Arianespace's Ariane 5 and the Russian Proton for deployment missions of heavier satellites, and will soon face the next-generation Boeing Delta 4 and Lockheed Martin Atlas 5 rockets.

That included Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company of United Arab Emirates, which is slated to deploy its first telephone relay satellite using Sea Launch on Sept. Greenwich, Connecticut-based PanAmSat plans to operate the craft at 58 degrees West longitude, replacing the older PAS-5 satellite that will move to another spot. Three more satellites are due to go up through the middle of 2001, increasing the company's global network to 24 spacecraft.
The NASA "Meatball" logo appears on a series of stylish baseball caps available now from the Astronomy Now Store. However, his first career was as an artist and painter of zoological subjects, and his work is being exhibited at the Royal Society Library. The first batch will include 8 Mini Forest Guardians and 7 Mini Ocean Guardians, all handpainted, signed and numbered. From Santa Monica-based FoodMap Design, made with 100% post-consumer recycled food-grade HDPE (from curb-side recycled milk jugs).
The car drives on the floor of the ocean via propellers and is an awesome underwater advertisement for VW. Turning plants into interactive sensors, demonstrated by their beautiful booth, letting you caress, grab, and poke their plants, creating visualizations in the magic mirror.
From the growth of Las Vegas to the deforestation of the Amazon, check out these time lapse videos.
The stage's engine was commanded to shutdown during that launch after sensing something was amiss, and gave Sea Launch its first failure after two earlier successes. In every nook and cranny, inside every shadow, behind every closed door, a deal is shaking down. As a class, corporate workers do not own personal wealth – in a sense, they are similar to the peasant class of feudal Europe. They provide a service for the corporation; in exchange, the corporation sees to all their needs.

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