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Contrary to popular belief, Agent Hill does not actually have the bodies of rookies who displeased her underneath the floorboards of her office. If you purchase the last pack of donettes from the vending machine on Level 5, expect an exponential increase in your paperwork in the future. Tagged: shield recruit survival tips, shield, steve rogers, captain america, johnny storm, human torch, submission, . Tagged: shield recruit survival tips, shield, luke cage, power man, danny rand, iron fist, submission, . Tagged: shield recruit survival tips, shield, tony stark, iron man, bruce banner, hulk, submission, .
Tagged: shield recruit survival tips, shield, clint barton, kate bishop, hawkeye, submission, . Recruit Survival Tip #12:There is not actually an ongoing contest to come up with a new acronym for the organization. Recruit Survival Tip #531: Planning the most efficient shopping sprees is not the intended use for your tactical training sessions, but doing so is not actively discouraged.
Recruit Survival Tip #527: Having paperwork to hand at all times can be a remarkably effective method to avoid dealing with irksome antics from fellow recruits.

Recruit Survival Tip #526: It is not a good idea to ask Agent Hill to accompany you to the mall today or any day. Recruit Survival Tip #311:Attempting to give Agent Barton birdseed for any meal is prohibited. Recruit Survival Tip #17:The dishes in the break room sink are not meant to be lab cultures.
Recruit Survival Tip #13:Rookies are not in fact required to run makeshift hallway obstacle-courses-slash-death-traps as part of their training. Recruit Survival Tip #555: Remember that only Deadpool is allowed to break the fourth wall.
Recruit Survival Tip #554: Should you bring a personal cell phone into the workplace, keep in mind the people you work among. Recruit Survival Tip #552: Despite what you might have heard second-hand, the practice of black magic is best relegated to off hours, or, better yet, avoided.
I've read the entire of the survival tips and I must ask - why is Mr Stark still permitted on base? Recruit Survival Tip #540: If Loki should take a sudden interest in you for no obvious reason, back away and inform your superior.

Recruit Survival Tip #538: Do not ask Director Fury if he was a pirate in his previous life. Recruit Survival Tip #533: Maliciously saying anything that could be taken as hurtful to any one Avenger is a very bad idea. Recruit Survival Tip #532: If you are stupid enough to voice any sexist or misogynistic opinions within earshot of any female agents, you deserve whatever you get. Just don’t indulge so much that you would no longer be mission-ready in case of emergency.
It is highly likely that the contents of the phone will be compromised, so be wary of keeping intensely personal photos or audio on it for any length of time.
Also note that there are no fast food restaurants within 50 miles with a drive-thru large enough to accommodate that car.

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