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Our school opened in September 1974 to serve the community of Brightlingsea and Thorrington, on a site shared with Brightlingsea Infant School.
The exterior of our building could be described as somewhat drab and grey, so to compensate for this we make a real effort to ensure the interior of our school is bright and colourful.
Our school garden, which borders the top playground, was remodelled in 2005 with a seaside theme and was entered into the Anglia In Bloom competition. How garden work is organized will depend on your aims, the school traditions, the age of the children, how many teachers and classes are involved, how much time you can set aside for garden work and your own preferences. However it is done, make organizing work an opportunity for involving pupils, to develop their sense of responsibility, independence and capacity for collaboration and organization. Individual students or small teams can specialize in particular communal responsibilities, with impressive titles such as Pump Engineer, Tool Manager, Security Team, Compost King. Children as young as six or seven can carry out simple tasks such as collecting mulch, carrying weeds to the compost, and watering and washing vegetables.
Scheduled garden time may be used for trips, interviews, market research, taking produce for sale, cooking, demonstrations, parties, food fairs, showing visitors around. Once children have an idea of what to do, make a point of asking them what needs doing (rather than telling them) and encourage them to come up with suggestions themselves. Rotating tasks If a task requires the teacher’s presence, organize activities so each group cancome to the teacher separately. Group work schedules Older students may use a proforma checklist, date it, tick off completed tasks and file it in the Garden File. Children should inspect their crops every day - on the way to class, during breaks, or going home. Garden rules are not laws to be enforced by garden police but a code of practice, a culture of good garden behaviour which everyone understands. If it does become necessary to write up rules, choose a positive wording which includes the children - e.g. Predators may be chickens, birds, goats, wild pigs, buffalo, elephants and monkeys - to name just a few. If your garden projects start afresh at the beginning of each school year, you do not need to keep the garden going through the long school vacation.
Job Descriptions : * Handle the office admin work * Perform daily entry, documentation and filling * Liaise with suppliers on return collections.
We've been in the garden almost every day and are helping to water the garden and get rid of the pests that are eating our plants.
We are an inclusive school and we strive to deliver a fully accessible social and academic curriculum.
The interior of the school has changed over the years, but we always retain the wonderful family ethos that is at the core of our school. They are keen to learn subjects and topics that are made interesting for them and they try hard to do well.

There are strong relationships across the school between adults and pupils and amongst pupils themselves. Members of our gardening club are responsible for maintaining this area and also look after our wildlife area. In addition we have two adventure playground areas with a variety of equipment and an area of decking with benches and shade.
Most schools with gardens reckon on each class putting in one to two hours a week, with pupils taking on occasional extra responsibilities for an extra half hour to an hour a week on a voluntary basis or in rotation. Children are in the garden to learn, not to provide cheap labour, and garden work must be seen as a learning experience.
Each class has its own garden Each class works separately from the others, with some coordination to avoid overlap. Separate class gardens means children can have easier or more difficult projects according to age. There are some individual plots If space permits, individual pupils or pairs of pupils can experiment with their own crops or methods.
Create a School Garden Club Keen students can participate in a garden club, meeting once a week as an extracurricular activity.
But they should also have their own responsibilities to prepare them for bigger tasks when they are older. There are many ways of organizing teams, more or less flexible and more or less self-governing. Display the regular garden tasks on a list or a wheel (see the Box below) and discuss which ones are necessary this week, how many people are needed for each one, and how long it will take. They put in two half-hours a week in the garden with the whole class, a half-hour garden lesson in class, and another half-hour in their own time. P and K plan to stay on Friday after school to water so that their plot doesn't dry out over the weekend.
Establish the habit early in the year by leading the whole class out for five minutes every morning until the pupils get the idea. Have a break for a garden snack, a game, a story, a song, a puppet show, a short reading, a look at an interesting bug or plant, a sensory awareness activity, some artwork (e.g. If not, discuss with students, parents, helpers and caretakers what maintenance is necessary over the holidays.
As Headteacher from January 2004, I am proud to be part of such an inclusive, warm and friendly school. Most also organize some special sessions for major works such as ground clearing, when they invite volunteers and helpers from families and the community. There are many ways of distributing garden work through the school, but they should be evaluated in this light. Garden records are kept for the project as a whole, with classes contributing according to their tasks. The class can be divided into teams or groups which can work on their own beds and also contribute to communal tasks.

For example, a junior class can do simple flower pots while a senior class grow, bottle and sell fruit. In the same way, if equipment or facilities have to be shared, organize them so that one group is working on something else while another is using the equipment. This week they want to water their plot, measure growth, check for pests, and spray if necessary with their homemade spray. J, who lives near the school, is going to pass by on Saturday to see if his spraying has had any effect.
Move on to independent inspections, with feedback reports to the class by groups or individuals. Discuss garden security with all and decide on what measures to take and when they will be needed (see Protecting the garden in the Horticultural Notes).
In 2007 GIS was selected as one of the top eight international schools in the world by the Guardian Newspaper. We provide a welcoming, caring and supportive atmosphere, which allows children to develop emotionally, socially and academically.
This makes it possible to develop an increasingly complex garden curriculum through the school grades. For example, give individual plots as rewards for good gardeners, selected by the teacher or the class. The disadvantage is that your group may be small; the advantage is that they will be enthusiastic, and there will be plenty of sharing of experience. If work rotations can’t be avoided, create them together so everyone understands them. A group may grow just one crop (easy to organize) or several different crops (more interesting and educational). Or set aside a few small plots each year and get students to bid for them with well-developed project proposals. In the Thursday class, the group will prepare a display of bugs and insects found in the garden.
Keep the class interested by enquiring after the health of particular plants by name, and asking for suggestions. Parents are actively encouraged to take a vested interest in the school so that together, the school, parents and the children can work together in partnership. Our examination results consistently place us in the top 5% of UK schools at IGCSE and AS and A level.

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