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Please feel free to post your comments on the site on my articles and any questions you have and I would be glad to answer it for you. Salesforce Lightning has allowed for a complete redesign of the Salesforce user experience.
Contextual Hovers: You are now able to see everything going on with a customer without toggling back and forth in the application.
Opportunity Board: The new interface allows you to see the entire scope of your deals through drag-and-drop features like digital sticky notes. Customizable Dashboards: As requested most frequently by customers, the new design allows for up to nine columns (versus only three in the previous). Additionally, Salesforce Lightning has 55 re-developed Sales Cloud pages and 25 new features.
Salesforce Silver Consulting PartnerSalesforce sets high standards for its partners and closely monitors their success. We are excited to announce on July 13, 2016 Cloud for Good will be sponsoring the Salesforce Bay Area Nonprofit User Group Meeting for Circles of Success.
Circles of Success are small group clinics with nonprofit customers focused on key adoption-related topics and challenges.
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Google Analytics Event tracking allows you to incorporate visitor activity from many different sources within Google Analytics.
Once the information is in Google Analytics, as we covered in the previous post, comparative visualizations can be created in Google Sheets. Here are five ways to use Google Analytics event tracking to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. One of many benefits to using Google Apps for Work is that Google Apps users with access to their organization’s Google Analytics account can easily share specific slices of Google Analytics data with their co-workers. The Google Analytics Add-on for Google Sheets lets a Sheets user who has a Google Analytics login create a variety of comparative visualizations within Google Sheets.
Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are the two major suites of business productivity applications currently on the market. Google and Microsoft continue to add their own flavors of additional components to their respective suites. Google Slides allows two or more people to collaborate in real-time on edits to an online presentation. For this to happen, a Google Slides presentation creator needs to first share out his or her presentation with one or more people. Until Google introduced this functionality, charts had to either be pasted as images into Google Slides or they had to be created using shapes. Did you know that you can easily get email addresses like these, but continue to have the exact same Gmail user experience that you and your staff have become accustomed to? Google Slides can easily be embedded in any website by using the code provided in the File > Publish to the web… menu. By default, there’s a set of controls at the bottom of an embedded Slides presentation that diminishes the website animation effect. For many consumers, especially those whose primary personal email account is Gmail, whether to switch to a Chromebook from a PC (or even from a Mac) should be an easy decision.

After my brothers-in-law and I had racked up dozens of hours helping my mother-in-law resolve chronic PC issues, I finally convinced everyone that she would be best off with a Chromebook. With Google Forms, it’s easy to embed surveys, polls and other types of questionnaires into your website. At Dreamforce 2015, I had the opportunity to interview Brandon Bruce, co-founder of CirrusPath, on the podcast stage in the Admin Lodge.
CirrusPath has done an excellent job of not only integrating Salesforce and Google Apps, but of also developing productivity tools for salespeople that can help to improve win rates.
With Google’s recently announced restructuring, where does Google Apps for Work fit in? Google Apps will live along side a set of related technologies, including Android (which has apps for Google Apps for Work), Search (used in Gmail, Google Drive and Google Sites), YouTube (Google Drive uses the YouTube engine) and Maps (Google My Maps is now part of Google Apps for Work). Google Sites is not necessarily the first application that enters the mind of most people as a platform for building out a corporate website, but there are a number of Google Sites use cases that organizations can take advantage of. One of the great aspects of Google Sites is the fact that it has the built-in sharing options that are common to all Google Apps components. On July 1, 2015, Google announced that Google My Maps had been integrated with Google Drive. You’re a marketer whose company is subscribing Salesforce Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition. You want to add on a marketing automation system such as Pardot or HubSpot to Salesforce, but you’re having trouble getting management to commit to a five figure minimum contract.
If you’re using Google Apps for Work or considering Google Apps, some questions about security of your information may have entered your mind, since all your company email and your business documents (if you are leveraging Google Drive for cloud backup of local files) are stored in Google’s data centers.
In the spring of 2013, we used SurveyMonkey Audience to collect data about what CRM systems were deployed at organizations across the U.S. After the survey finished its run, SurveyMonkey provided us with a CSV file of the survey results from approximately 750 respondents. For Universities, my articles and tips would help you to increase your student recruitment, get better insights on your marketing campaigns and ensure student success by maximizing the features available in your salesforce org, integrate with your student information systems ( Banner, Ancor etc) and create a connected campus on the digital world. For Salesforce admins, my articles would help you to be proactive with your salesforce crm, prevent problems and make the right decisions on different problems with salesforce.
For Business executives, my articles would help to measure business results with your salesforce crm, increase adoption and provide solutions for your business problems.
For IT executives and developers, my articles would help you on best practices on change management, provide insights on increasing your performance with your current development teams and guide you to make better architectural decisions with salesforce and salesforce1.
Software is meant to automate work but in reality IT is the most manual industry where programmers have to type those 100,000 lines of code everyday to make things work.
Its mighty strike has many people questioning its significance, and to put it briefly, it’s all in how you interact with it. Previous to the redesign, Salesforce had made small cosmetic adjustments to the interface, but the experience itself had been untouched for the last 15 years.
Note – your existing configurations do not have to change, as you have control over the roll-out strategy for your organization. Combining their guidance and support with our own know-how and motivation has led to Modacto earning Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner status faster than any other company in Minnesota.
These sessions, facilitated and moderated by Salesforce experts are live, interactive, and consultative in nature.

This is all predicated on the fact that you are using the Universal Analytics tracking code.
The best known applications within these suites are for email, calendar, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and online storage. When the underlying data changed, a more up-to-date chart image had to be pasted into the slide or the shapes had to be modified. The controls provide multiple options including downloading the Slides as a PDF or PPTX file. It turned out that 100% of her computer use involved cloud applications and online accounts, which made her fully Chromebook-eligible. If you answer the question, you’ll be able to see how others answered the same question simply by clicking the See previous responses link after you submit your response.
These granular permission levels make Google Sites easy to adapt to a variety of “non standard” use cases. We downloaded a spreadsheet (XLS format) of Napa Valley Wineries from the Napa Wine Project. You simply want to set up something along the lines of the following flow (click image for full tab view) so that you can capture website leads and assign them to salespeople.
The first thing we did was to upload the CSV file to Google Drive and then open the file with Google Sheets. I am a Salesforce consultant specializing in higher education and helping businesses to measure business results , be proactive with their customers , prevent problems before hand and make the right decisions using Salesforce CRM. Programmers get lost in the code and business folks wonder why the programmers are not getting it.
As you scroll up, you move the page down, and as you scroll down, you move the page up – not naturally intuitive.
Admins are able to enable Lightning Experience access at the user, profile, and organization level. After we got her to make the switch, intra-family tech support immediately dropped from hours per month to almost zero (we still had to help her with cloud printing). However, many businesspeople are not aware of Google’s suite of applications for business, Google Apps for Work. Once we had the data in Google Sheets, we were able to easily create pivot tables and associated charts. I have some insights on this and in the process of publishing a book which should help in the following. If you are familiar with the natural scroll of Apple products, you will understand that Apple has set their features to naturally flip, roll, and scroll to the natural direction you move your screen; slide your finger to the left –it moves left, slide your finger to the right – it moves right. Don’t forget to drop your business card for a chance to win an hour session with one of our Salesforce Certified consultants.

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