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The newest scam Eddy has in mind is a miniature golf course that Edd has spent the whole morning working on. Edd is working in his garage, taking notes on a complicated experiment, when his friends find him. Rolf, noticing this, takes off his shoe to use as a weapon and tells the others to follow him into Nazz's basement.
Look closely at the golf machine; after Edd turns it on for the first time, the machine has two menacing, intimidating eyebrows, but right before the golf club that Ed threw hits it, the eyebrows are gone. Rolf was shown with four toes in this episode, but all the other characters are shown to have three. When Ed says, "Whoa, Rolf's pretty good for a picnic ant," the bottom part of Nazz's shirt changes color.
Apparently, Eddy has run around naked before since Edd asked Ed if Eddy was running around naked again when he noticed Eddy's clothes were on the floor.
The mechanical robot obstacle that was supposed to be used in the Miniature Golf Course scam is shown again in Ed, Edd n Eddy - Scam of the Century as enemies during Ed's boss fight with Sarah and Jimmy.
Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else. Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers.
We also censor the artist name to prevent harassment of the artists whose art is shared on this blog. If you want the censor removed and the image kept, tell us NICELY and we'll remove the censor for you. Paul Ribera took the most popular and fun characters from the most-loved cartoons of the ‘90s like Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo and the Powerpuff girls and decided to show us what things might look like if they were struggling with severe drug addictions.
The artist decided to blend the fun and happy life of cartoons with the harsh reality that he has faced every day for the past twenty years. I think those pieces were meant to promote drug awareness, like how you might probably look like if you do drug abuse.
I’m starting to question if the people who are commenting are blind, retarded, lack artistic taste, or all three. She also had to deal with the blinding fury of her father’s ( thought to be ) death, and the fate of the entire air nation on her hands.
Cartoon, about the exploits of “the Eds,”, a group of three adolescents who constantly make up plans to get money, usually failing. Didn't we win an Emmy for that episode?" --Eddy This article has been featured on the Main Page. In this episode, Eddy tricks Ed into thinking that Edd is a lizard man who is turning the Kids into animal-human hybrids.
Unfortunately, when the time comes to test it out, Eddy can't get a shot off, and Ed's swing sends the club sailing straight through the middle of the amazing mechanical obstacle Edd constructed to be the centerpiece of the course.
Soon, a timer goes off in Edd's pocket, and he notes that it's time for him to check on an experiment of his.
Kevin is grilling hot dogs, Rolf has brought a ham for himself, and Jonny is having a fun time watching the festivities. While Jimmy, Sarah, Jonny, and Plank bow out of the expedition, the rest go along, not even deterred by Ed's confusing cry "Let the transformation begin!" In the basement, Edd's suggestion that they find a light switch is disregarded, as Kevin shines his flashlight around the basement floor.

If your art work happens to be featured on our site and you want it to be taken down, please tell us NICELY and we will do so without hesitation.
These drawings are shit-scribbles by a terrible drawer who I would never dare call an artist. GTFO of the internet, you useless piece of shit who doesn’t know anything but complain. Ribera has a wicked style if a little Ralph Steadman-esque, plus the concept of corrupting cartoon characters although done before is always enjoyable! The series follows the adventures of Aang, a spiritual defender of Earth known as “The Avatar”, and his friends.
It has received positive reviews from critics since the first day the show aired and has gained a cult following. Ed believes this lie and he soon becomes terrified that he may be the next one to be turned into an insect.
While Edd examines the machine to see what, if anything, can be done, Ed questions Eddy about how Edd got so smart. Edd notices Ed's strange behavior and remarks on it only for Ed to sniff his skin and declare him not of this earth.
Ed is still thinking that Edd is a mutant, though, and has chosen yet another transformation: a mosquito. Sensing something, Rolf suggests that Kevin shine his "moonbox" in a certain direction, and a few seconds after it reaches the spot, Eddy leaps out right into the light.
Take me, Lizard Man!"Edd: [finds Eddy's clothes on the ground and becomes worried] "Why are Eddy's clothes lying on my floor? Ed, come here." [Ed goes over to where he heard Eddy and then he sees Eddy in a bucket]Ed: "Eddy! The kids are repeatedly unimpressed, but Eddy does not give up, but Ed and Edd are unimpressed as well. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. On 2012, a sequel of the original series, named The Legend of Korra premiered on Nickelodeon, following the adventures of the next Avatar, Korra, and her friends. An offhand comment by Eddy to the effect that Edd isn't human sparks Ed's imagination, and Eddy is all too willing to weave a tale of a deep underground cavern, a mad scientist, and crossbreeding experiments that created "The Lizardman." Seeing that Ed is hooked, Eddy mentions that Edd hides his gills under his hat, and Ed runs off to try and touch the gills. Ed notices Sarah and Jimmy playing and agrees with this statement, only for Eddy to contradict him and say that Edd turned Sarah into a praying mantis and Jimmy into a stinkbug.
This worries Edd greatly, and he checks his breath; finding it foul, he runs inside to brush his teeth. Panicked, he declares that he is hungry and makes a break for it as Edd runs after him, offering various foods.
Eddy hides behind a desk, but Rolf leaps over it and begins whacking the "bug" with his shoe. I dont get enough love to satisfy my psyche so I produce this shit work to try to get people to like me”. Paul Ribera keep at it man, this is freaking awesome, I would seriously buy these pieces and put them up in my room.
Because of the franchise’s past success and fame, the show was quickly picked up and became a popular subject on many sites, including Tumblr in many of its blogs.

Eddy then leads Ed to Rolf's place, where Rolf is working, and says that Edd turned Rolf into a picnic ant. Following it, he finds Eddy, who wants the bucket off, but Ed, being oblivious, decides to take Eddy to "his people." Ed picks Eddy up to show him off, but Eddy is swiftly mistaken for a bug and, after being bashed around by Nazz, mistaken for dessert by Rolf, and hearing general cries to squash the bug, hides in the cellar. Eventually, Edd finds the light, and Rolf realizes that what he thought was a bug was really Eddy. And the fact that you are going on a site and the fact that you took the time to read the article meant that you care.
A fly then lands on Ed's nose, and Ed prepares to crush it before Eddy stops him, saying that it's another piece of Edd's handiwork. Eddy, barely able to keep from bursting into laughter, warns Ed that the tail is dangerous, but the real dangers are the laser beams shot from Edd's eyes and hands him a mirror to defend himself with. Ed says that Edd turned Eddy into a cockroach, and when accusatory stares are leveled at him, Edd tells the truth: he really hasn't a clue.
It meant that you were looking for a place to throw out, in public, your cry for attention. The two then head upstairs to confront the monster and find him brushing his teeth in his bathroom. Bored, the rest of the kids climb back upstairs while Edd helps Ed free Eddy from the bucket. You wanted people to notice you and to pay attention to you because mommy and daddy never did.
Edd turns around, foaming at the mouth, and starts to approach as the lights strobe on him. When Nazz and Edd request that he join them, Ed finally gives up, as it's no fun being the last human–and then asks to be a bumblebee, to the confusion of both. Rolf and Kevin stop at the top of the stairs, with Rolf wondering if the trio are truly from this world; Kevin denies this, saying they're "from the Land of the Dorks," and turns the lights off. The world would be better off without bird-shit-brained peices of homosexual shit being taken for creativeness and art.
Eddy is of course controlling the lights, and he snickers at Ed's reaction before calling for Ed to use the mirror.
While the three walk off, Eddy is in the upstairs of Edd's house, wearing a bucket over his body and using his fingers to walk. Ed comes up with a novel use for it quickly, and sticks it into Edd's mouth, wedging it open, and then runs away, slamming the door on the bathroom. Cockroach Eddy is complimenting himself on his fine scheme when he comes to the stairs and falls down them.
At the bottom, he can see Ed and Edd following Nazz to a party, much to his annoyance, as he wasn't asked to come.

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