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Education is one source which can single handedly turns the fortune for any nation and can be the best and most appropriate solution for any of the respective problem any state is going through.
There are so many sub-problems in this regard of education which must be resolved on high priority because they are critical. The other very core educational problem in Pakistan is that there is no unity in the curriculum of the institutions. In Pakistan there are two major educational systems followed which includes the national educational system that includes Matric and Intermediate while the second is British Educational system that comprises of O-Levels and A-Levels.
Thanks Alot for share Good Information But I think We work more for Woman Edcation Spaially on Rural areas then we will improve our Country Pakistan. Land grabbing Muslim men seized and bulldozed homes of seven Christian families in a village of Kasur. The local Muslim men have been named as Shahid Khan, Jaffar Ali, Zafar Iqbal and Munir Bhatti. The land grabbers have destroyed and occupied the homes of Rafique Masih, Shangara Masih, Farzana Bibi, Iruma Bibi (Widow), Bagh Masih, William Masih, Samar Masih and Gama Bibi (widow).
Yesterday Sindh High Court ruled that a Hindu girl Angeli Maghward who had been kidnapped and forced into Islamic marriage by a Mr Riaz Sial a Muslim, was legally married. Shama and Shazad a Christian couple burned alive in a brick kiln after falsley being accused of blasphemy. Five different cases have been filed for the custody of the children of Shama and Shahzad Masih, the Pakistani Christian couple who were accused of blasphemy and burned alive by Muslim radicals in November.
The couple's three children, 6-year-old Suleman, 4-year-old Sonia, and 18-month-old Poonam, are currently living with their maternal grandfather, who has already been met by BPCA Officer Mehwish Bhatti. Hundreds of Muslim students attacked a Christian school in the town of Bannu, Khyber Paktunkhwa, during an anti-Charlie Hebdo protest on Monday. Between 200 and 300 Muslim students from local colleges and schools rallied for a planned demonstration against cartoons printed in the French satirical magazine, called Charlie Hebdo. Sherish and Farzana by the newly installed pump that will vastly improve their standard of living. I cannot say I am shocked by the number of people misunderstanding the need for better bathroom facilities for Sherish and Farzana, but I can say I am disappointed that people have missed the purpose of our recent project.
Today Islamabad High Court held its first hearing in the appeal against the death sentence of Mumtaz Qadri who confessed tothe killing of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer.
Christian family provided with new bathroom facility after gang-rape of two sister's in rural field used as toilet. Progress towards the bathroom for Sherish and Farzana the two vulnerable Christian girls gang-raped at gunpoint, has been good. Christians in Pakistan fear for their lives as Charlie Hebdo protests erupt all over the country. All know extremely well that assets with respect to education are insufficient in Pakistan; however, the issue is that we are not taking advantages of accessible resources, in simple words, resources are not being used appropriately because of absence of incompetent, untrustworthy and less instructed organization. One of the major mindful elements of issues of advanced education in Pakistan is administration.
In progressed countries the greater part of the financial budget plan is used on education, yet it doesn’t happen in Pakistan.

Employment is additionally the main problem of Pakistan which causes issues for advanced education. The lecturers and teachers teaching universities and colleges are instructed, yet they don’t have experience and abilities toward at the start of their expert profession. Pakistan is not the countries of living rich people groups, the destitution rate is Pakistan is high, so it is likewise the reason and one of the most serious issue of advanced education in Pakistan on the grounds that after the registration of middle training folks constrain their youngsters to win livelihood along with education and student can’t give careful consideration to study lastly they leave to study for earnings. There is no ethical preparing is generally given to the staff and students in advanced education office and also in foundations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Pakistan is one of those countries which are going through so many problems and it cannot be wrong to say that the nation is being surrounded by several threatening problems, amongst such problems education problem is on the top of the list and it is the fact that many of the problems have been created due to the deficiency of education in the local public.
There are so many issues which should be addressed so that the education should prevail in the country.
Each institution has its own body which develops and designs the curriculum as it is the wrong strategy. This is very unfortunate that the educational system has two classes which are being differentiated on the basis of economic and financial strengths.
It is alleged that they produced forged documents with the help of the Local Patwari (village accountant - government appointed).
When they passed by Panel School, a known Christian School the young people rioted, throwing missiles at the school, climbing over the walls and forcing the gates open from the inside. In Lahore on the 16th of January the largest protest said to be in excess of 10,000 people, resulted in attacks on Christian shops with Molotov cocktails and clubs, they also burnt French flags before the French Embassy in an act of defiance and hatred. There are various best universities in Pakistan that offer more elevated education ever year yet notwithstanding the majority of this we are path behind from the world as concerned to education. Every year education is generally evaded, there is no enough back to demand the education framework and Pakistan is not getting remote help for development of training. Students join business and because of non-accessibility of jobs leaving their study inadequate as they think they don’t have enough earning places in multinational and government organizations. Individuals in Pakistan are advancing western society in this way the society of Pakistan and Islam is going to be done.
The every basic issue is that the country has relevant policies regarding the educational practices but they are not followed. The ministry of education should design the curriculum and then should make sure that all the institutions should follow it. And this creates disparities and enhances the complex in the students at the very young age, which remains in their mind throughout their lives. 63 years of freedom has been past yet we are not ready to discover the right method for giving excellent education.
Indeed, our political pioneers are less taught, so they have no idea how to deal with the frameworks. Hence, every informed young person would love to join teaching field regardless of absence of investment and experience. As per the Article 25-A in the constitution of Pakistan it is the duty of the governing body to provide free quality education to the age group of 5 years to 16 years, but this is not being practiced. This is because through such differentiation the level of education gets disturbed and at the same level and age group the unity disappears, so it is very much crucial to bring unanimity and solidarity in the curriculum to improve the educational system of the country.

On this concern the government should come forward and should bring unity in the educational system as all the people should have one educational system either poor or rich as this will also eliminate the class system in the country and ultimately will bring unity and prosperity for the state.
One of the real issues of advanced education in Pakistan is our political pioneers that are not overall educated. There is no legitimate observing framework in Pakistan to control the instruction framework various instructive organizations and colleges opened now yet the standard of training is bad whatsoever.
Incompetent and unprofessional staff is consistently selected by evading the legitimacy so by what method can an inability and untalented man can run framework appropriately. Our country Pakistan is ranked at number 113 out of 120 countries which are registered in United Nations. So to improve the education the basic step is that the education should be made compulsory and in this regard government should come forward and play its vital role so that this basic problem should be resolved. Education framework in Pakistan is bad as it ought to be in this most recent engineering of world consequently it is the reason a lot of Pakistani understudies are getting training in remote created nations. After the development of Higher Education Commission in Pakistan the standard of training created as contrast with the past. In this article we will discuss these reasons and there remedies for making the ranking of Pakistan better.
Advanced education Commission which is otherwise called HEC is assuming fundamental part for the improvement of advanced education. From last few decades there is a major increase in number of private sector institutes in Pakistan.
The learning of both public and private sector institutes are different and students of private sector schools are much knowledgeable than government schools. The reasons of these crises are lack of government intention in Learning sector, less funding form government and schools at far distance in rural areas.
The government should give attention at these issues to improve the learning in Pakistan and makes the education system of Pakistan according to international standards of education. In Pakistan the learning system is facing many problems like inequality of learning curriculum in public and private sectors. Word count: 354 Enhance Your Career With Indian Education The education in India considered as top level in all over the world and several students from other countries also put their eyes to learning in India.
Education in Rajasthan is also wonderful ideas because there are great extents of education. Written by: Kalpendra Chaudhary Education An Online Presence Is To Be Felt Education tops the do-list. The educational system of India has improved immensely and is perhaps one of the leading in the world.
Written by: Ragghav Sammrat Right to Education of Any Children The right to education is guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Education fundamentally will allow you to develop specified abilities you might have which can let you utilize that know-how therefore you may well develop and innovate.

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