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Note that the Cob Cannon can be eaten at the normal rate, despite its size, and cannot be protected with Pumpkins.
Despite having many cobs, reducing the space available for other plants, as long as the timing of the player is good, said other plants are not necessary. However, arguably the easiest setup is the four cob setup, as it does not require perfect timing as the builds with more cobs do; nor does it require a large amount of instants as the builds with fewer cobs do.
The Cob Cannon is the only plant you can have in the iPad-exclusive mini-game Buttered Popcorn. To unlock the achievements - Popcorn Party and Defcorn 5, you must kill two Gargantuars with Cob Cannons on a single level and have five Cob Cannons on a single level, respectively (easiest way is to play the Mini-game Last Stand). If the player hacks to put a laddered Pumpkin on its hind wheel, zombies will go pass it as it does other normal laddered Pumpkins.
Cob Cannon is one of the two instant kills that can be used more than once, the other being the Chomper. Cob Cannon, Starfruit, and Wall-nut are the only plants with mini-games for the specific use of them.
Cob Cannon and Cattail are the only plants that can shoot anywhere, although the Cattail does it by itself, while the Cob Cannon is controlled.
Cob Cannon is one of the four plants that has red eye pupils, the other three being the Torchwood, Spikeweed and, Spikerock. Cob Cannon, Starfruit, Cattail, Gloom-shroom, and Threepeater are the only five plants that can fire outside the lane it is planted on. Cob Cannon and Cattail are the only upgrade plants that do not attack with the same projectile as their downgrades. Plant projectiles or other instants do not hurt other plants, yet the Cob Cannon needs to shoot up in the air rather than straight to the zombie. Cob Cannon takes the same amount of chomps before it is completely eaten, even though it takes up two spots.
If a Pole Vaulting Zombie tries to jump a Cob Cannon, it slides forward in midair, landing behind the Cob Cannon, because it would not make sense if the zombie lands up in the middle of a plant. This is almost the only part in the game where the Pole Vaulting Zombie is more threatening than Pogo Zombie, especially to set-ups of very high numbers of Cob Cannons.
Also, Dolphin Rider Zombies cannot jump over a Cob Cannon, unless it is placed in the rightmost two spaces in the pool (since it ignores the rightmost space, it only has to jump over the back of the Cob Cannon).
When the Cob Cannon shoots the cob of corn in the Nintendo DS version of the game, it will be slow to hit the zombies, slower than the other versions. Cob Cannon, Ice-shroom, and Jalapeno are the only explosive plants that do not create a word while detonating.
If a Kernel-pult is targeted by a Bungee Zombie and then the player quickly upgrades it to the Cob Cannon, the Bungee Zombie cannot steal it. Cob Cannon is the second most expensive plant in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, the first being the Imitater. There is a glitch on the PlayStation Vita version of the game where the Cob Cannon cannot be fired on other plants.

However, Winter Melons are more expensive per space: Cob Cannons cost 350 sun per space, while Winter Melons cost 500 sun per space. In the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game, the crosshair used to aim the corn cob looks different.
The Almanac entry of the Cob Cannon, Garlic, and Spikerock are the only ones where real places are written in (Harvard, New York, the Uni Brussel, and Europe). Planting five Cob Cannons in a single level will earn the player the achievement Defcorn 5. On the iPad version, one can fire multiple corn cobs from Cob Cannons at once as one can select two or more corn cobs at once in the iPad version. Useless Knowledge: Galileo became totally blind shortly before his death, probably because of the damage done to his eyes during his many years of looking at the Sun through a telescope.
It must be planted on two side-by-side Kernel-pults, which must be placed one in front of the other in the same lane, horizontally. Setups can be classified as either zero, two, four, six, or eight or more cob builds, and the highest number record now is a map-filling 24 (although its author admits that it is almost impossible to sustain without using a backup save file). Most of the plants are not very vulnerable to Zombies, in addition to the Cob Cannons being completely safe once the setup is complete.
However, if one puts the Pumpkin on its front wheel, zombies will still eat the Cob Cannon.
The almanac says that Cob Cannon practices law, while the other plant, Grave Buster, volunteers at a zombie rehabilitation center. Zombies pinball table for Zen Pinball 2 for PlayStation Network and Pinball FX 2 for Xbox Live Arcade, a Cob Cannon is used to launch the ball. A Little Ricky doll debuted in stores, and its manufacturer couldn’t keep up with the thousands of reorders. To save more sun than repeatedly using Cherry Bombs, make sure to use the Cob Cannon at least five times (as 150 times five is 750, and Cob Cannons cost 700, meaning a saving of 50 sun), and the minimal time to make that up is exactly two minutes and 30.64 seconds, given the fact the first cob only takes about five seconds to arm. Keep in mind, though, that along with every upgrade plant, the Cob Cannon will cost more sun for every one you currently have on the screen. Although this can be easily solved by using an Ice-shroom 5.5 seconds before the zombies show up, the safest cobs are the four cobs in the back of the pool lanes, as there will be no Digger Zombies and Imps (or Balloon Zombies that have made it very far before being popped). In addition to this, the four cob setup is easiest to build due to its relative ability to withstand Zombies before it is completed. Due to the slower cool-down of the cobs and the number of zombies, use butter to stall the zombies; watch out for Pole Vaulting Zombie and Dolphin Rider Zombie though, since there are no last line of defense weapons and they can eat your brains while leaving no damage to your cobs. After you have all five Cob Cannons up and the first corn cob hits a Gargantuar, it will throw the Imp off its back (assuming that two cobs were not fired at once). Neither could an overworked furniture firm that sold an unprecedented 1 million I Love Lucy bedroom suites to the show’s fans in just 90 days. Third, its cob can be fired on plants (including itself) and ice (without the need of a Jalapeno) or the pool (without the need of a Lily Pad), while a Cherry Bomb needs a Lily Pad for Pool (Flower Pot for Roof) use and cannot be planted on other plants (besides the Pumpkin and Flower Pot) and ice. Be careful when clicking on sun that appears or falls over a Cob Cannon, as you may accidentally engage it.

Moreover, in builds with more than 20 cobs, hitting Gargantuars with many cobs at a time before the Imps are thrown is actually preferred over timing the Imps landing. In fact, they are the safest ways as no zombies can come near them unless they eat the pool's front row plants, which is unlikely to happen. If a Gargantuar appears, use butter to stun it first before hitting it with the cobs, or the Imp will eat a Cob Cannon.
If the Cob Cannons are in the same row as the Gargantuar, it is wise to put a Squash or a Cherry Bomb right in front of your Cob Cannons to kill any Imps that were thrown at it. One can also right click to cancel the launch or click on the Shovel two times to cancel the launch. If this happens, you can cancel it either by clicking on a seed packet, pressing the Esc button, clicking the shovel twice, or right-clicking. The four Cob build is quite flexible, with more space and more frequent cob rotation than other builds.
Also, because it takes time for the Cob Cannons to load, the player should wait for multiple to load before trying to dispatch the Gargantuars.
The cob has a devastating effect, much like that of a Cherry Bomb, but will still require two hits to kill a Gargantuar, as all explosives do. If you just click at a Cob Cannon thinking it may disengage, be warned as it will only shoot itself (but not destroy himself) and wastes your patience on waiting for some Cobs that appear 36.41 seconds after recharging. Easier builds are six cobs and eight cob builds - six cob builds are the somewhat flexible as it can achieve a constant cob rotation or mixed with instants, the average time between cob launches being 12 seconds. Keep in mind that a Cob Cannon has to deliver the killing blow, so a Squash could weaken Gargantuar, but Cob Cannon will have to get the kill for the achievement to count.
The eight cob build is recommended for newer players who want to achieve a constant rotation without much trouble. Another Cob Cannon related achievement, No-Cob-No-Explode, requires you to complete Last Stand without using any Cob Cannons. The Cob Cannon, although highly expensive, is very effective and can dominate entire waves of zombies very quickly, as the cobs do not use up sun between firings. Theoretically a 12-cob build is also quite easy to use, because it enables rotation by launching after every six to seven seconds, the most normal time between two waves of zombies. The main problem with these builds is that they require a constant barrage of cobs, making the game somewhat tiring.
If the player has no plan to use him often (i.e fewer zombies), then Cherry Bomb may be smarter to conserve sun.
However, if there is higher zombie density (such as in Survival), then Cob Cannon would be a good choice.

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