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We train local teachers and community leaders as Coaches to deliver our play-based educational programs before, during and after classes on a weekly basis.
Play is also a chance for students to engage with each other, improving their communication and decision-making skills, encouraging teamwork and cooperation skills, and building up their confidence and leadership qualities. Knowing how to engage your students in their studies is key to ensuring children attend and stay in school.
With 74 sixth-year students in his classroom, 34 of whom are girls, Adama had his work cut out for him. Last year, Adama was greatly recognized by the members of the community, particularly the School Management Committee (SMC), for his dynamism, courage, bravery and dedication to the practice of children's learning. Our games and activities teach childr??en important life-saving lessons, like how to wash their hands and use a mosquito net. As an active network of member organisations, CRECH believes strongly that Christian education is about more than teaching the Bible.
At CRECH we have a solid base of 60 members in Haiti, including Christian schools, churches and missions .
This combination of a strong network, curriculum development and teacher training is key to improving the quality of education in Haiti. Learn and share experiences with colleagues as together we have a strong voice for a better education in Haiti.
By making play a part of the school day, we see better attendance, and in some cases, even ?increased enrollment in schools.

The impact is felt on multiple levels: improved quality of education delivered in schools and open lines of communication between students and their teachers. After 20 years without a plan for early childhood education, we helped the Government of Benin develop a curriculum for its youngest citizens based on our play-based learning model.
It’s why Adama Fofana, a 27-year-old teacher at the Djinina school in Neguela participated in our course about creating a child-centric and child-friendly environment. By learning our game- and activity-based methodologies surrounding the holistic development of children, he learned how to create a safe and friendly environment conducive to learning. Children must also be able to learn and implement values in their daily lives together with the skills and knowledge acquired. Active all over the country, we provide an outstanding curriculum based on the national requirements and adapted to the local and cultural context of the children. With play as an incentive, attendance rates are improving and children are more actively engaged in their lessons, which leads to better learning. In Rwanda, our activities are approved for use in primary schools across the country and we have helped develop a national physical education and health curriculum. The National Front of Teachers and Employees (NFTE) and Initiative for Human Development jointly organised the dialogue session on September 17at the National Press Club marking the Education Day supported by few other organisations including ActionAid Bangladesh.It is greatly inspiring to see that relevant stakeholders have gradually started to realise the importance of increasing allocation in the public services like education and health sector through progressive taxation. Today, our play activities also form the basis of the physical education curriculum delivered in all of Thailand's Burmese refugee camp schools.
And by integrating sports and play into his teaching structure, he’s able to impart new life behaviours about hygiene and about disease prevention against malaria, HIV and AIDS.

Adama is appreciated by his Director, fellow teachers and the students in his school, for his planning, enthusiasm, and evaluation of all school activities. Education experts are repeatedly bringing the key facets of this burning issue at the forefront at different dialogues and expressing solidarity in support of the demand which was reverberated in the dialogue of Sept 17. Alisher Umarov, Chief of Education, UNESCO New Delhi, delivered presentation on the UNESCO’s work for Post 2015 Education Agenda. Under this goal one of the targets focused on teachers: all governments should ensure by 2030 that all learners are taught by qualified, professionally-trained, motivated and well-supported teachers. Nurul Islam Nahid attended the meeting and asserted the government’s commitment towards the issue.ActionAid and other development organisations have long been advocating for better allocation in the public services through redistribution of Tax and holding the state accountable to ensure this.
For any country, especially the LDCs like Bangladesh, Tax revenue is a sustainable source of financing the key public services such as education and health. Governments usually prefer to use tax revenue, rather than depending on donors’ aid or loans to cover the public expenses for example hiring new teachers, paying teachers’ salaries because it is a relatively secure and predictable source. So, there is no alternative but to raise money domestically through expanding the national tax base which is in fact the main source of revenue for the governments.Progressive and pro-poor taxation help attain the key social objective of redistribution, enables governments to invest more in education, creates equitable access and improves quality of education.

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