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Please check file and directory permissions and .htaccess configuration if you are able to do this. New diagnostic and surgical capabilities have enabled California Pacific's hepatobiliary team to better treat hepatobiliary and pancreas cancer as well as other diseases affecting these organs. Upon referral of a suspected pancreatic pathology, California Pacific's hepatobiliary team initiates a pre-operative work up which usually includes an evaluation of the pancreas via EUS. When determining treatment options for tumors of the liver, the hepatobiliary team reviews the results of one's pre-operative evaluation and overall health to recommend appropriate treatment options.
California Pacific Medical Center offers comprehensive specialty care for diseases of the liver, pancreas and bile duct.
California Pacific Medical Center, part of the Sutter Health networkOpens new window, offers specialized care in liver and hepatobiliary and pancreas disease. What We DoEach patient is evaluated using a multidisciplinary approach and a team of cancer experts.
O deposito de gordura no figado recebe o nome de esteatose hepatica: infiltracao de gordura no figado. Essa gordura no figado pode provocar reacoes clinicas como dor e desconforto abdominal; portanto, sempre e bom realizar exames de rotina (mesmo que nao tenha nenhum sintoma), pois muitas pessoas acabam descobrindo que tem essa doenca ao fazer exames ultrasonograficos. Aproximadamente metade das pessoas com esteatose tem dor abdominal (sensacao de peso no abdomem) geralmente desagradavel .
Casos mais avancados podem ter sintomas mais intensos, no entanto, a esteatose muitas vezes nao apresenta sintomas, sendo descoberta apenas em exames de rotina (exames de sangue, ultrasonografia etc.).
A causa mais comum e a obesidade: muitas pessoas acima do peso tem infiltracao de gordura no figado. Essas pessoas podem apresentar sintomas digestivos relacionados a esteatose ou outras doencas digestivas comuns em obesos.

Among the treatment options available at California Pacific include:Resection of primary biliary neoplasms (cholangiocarcinoma)Treatment of bile duct cancer usually requires removal of the bile duct and possibly portions of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and small intestine. This evaluation helps to determine the location of the pathology in the head, neck, body or tail of the pancreas. We emphasize ongoing communication with referring physicians and incorporate them in the decision process of their patient's medical management. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are used to decrease post-operative pain and speed up recovery. Ele armazena glicose e regula os niveis de aminoacidos e, em conjunto com os rins, limpa os residuos metabolicos do sangue. Outros descobrem que tem a doenca ao fazer exames para investigar dor abdominal ou aumento do tamanho do figado. Assim, muitos obesos tem sintomas de esofagite de refluxo, tais como azia, queimacao no peito ou sensacao de liquido que volta para a garganta. Algumas vezes essas pessoas podem ate chegar a ter hepatite por alcool, cirrose alcoolica etc.
Nos casos de dor abdominal ou desconforto abdominal, deve-se excluir outras causas como doencas do estomago e intestinos. Following staging, our hepatobiliary team works in conjunction with the referring physician to determine the treatment best suited for the patient's condition. After resecting the neoplasms -- either through open surgery or laparoscopically -- the surgeon reconnects the bile ducts to the small intestine for proper biliary drainage. Subsequent treatment options include:Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple Procedure)A pancreaticoduodenectomy, also known as a Whipple procedure, involves the removal of the pancreas head due to a tumor in the pancreas or bile duct, or pancreatitis.
Individualized care is offered based on the patient's comorbid conditions, their tumor type, and its location.

Alem disso, atraves da producao da bile (armazenada na vesicula biliar) tem por funcao auxiliar na digestao das gorduras. Because choosing a treatment plan is an important decision, we review all options with patients and family members as well as their referring physician, explaining the benefits and disadvantages of each option.
Biliary Drainage ProceduresBiliary drainage procedures are performed when the bile duct becomes blocked, narrowed or injured.
If a tumor exists in the head of the pancreas, it is usually necessary to remove the pancreas head, duodenum, gallbladder and a portion of the bile duct (Figure 1).
In select cases, genetic analysis of the tumor is performed to search for drugs that can block important signaling pathways and thereby slow growth and kill cancer cells. No entanto, as vezes, suas funcoes sao prejudicadas pelo excesso de gordura em seu interior. During surgery, continuity of the biliary tree is usually re-established via a hepaticojejunostomy.
At California Pacific, our focus is on providing experienced, personalized care for all patients. The end of a patient's bile duct and the remaining pancreas are then connected to the small bowel (Figure 2) to ensure flow of bile and enzymes into the intestines.Distal Pancreatectomy (laparoscopic or open)Indicated for tumors in the body and tail of the pancreas, a distal pancreatectomy involves the removal of cystic neoplasms either laparoscopically or with open surgery. With both laparoscopic and open distal pancreatectomy procedures, surgeons attempt to preserve the spleen.Drainage ProceduresWith chronic pancreatitis, a dilated pancreatic duct usually reflects obstruction.

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