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Yukishiro Honoka (Hannah Whitehouse in the English dub) is one of the main characters in Futari wa Pretty Cure.
When she comes home, the family dog Chuutaro is acting weird, and Honoka follows him as he goes inside one of the buildings.
As the story goes, Honoka becomes closer to Nagisa, and also helps her to accept her role as a Pretty Cure.
When the girls have defeated two creatures from the Dusk Zone, one of the servants, Kiriya, decides to do things his own way, and infiltrate the school as a new freshman while trying to find the Pretty Cure’s weak points. Halfway through the series, after Kiriya’s sister dies, Kiriya confesses to Honoka that he actually is from the Dusk Zone, and shows her his yellow Prism Stone. After finally defeating the last servant from the Dusk Zone, Honoka and Nagisa are overpowered by the Dark King. After fighting with the Seeds of Darkness for a long time, the latter eventually realize that Pretty Cure cannot fight at their strongest without each other, and thus manage to kidnap Cure White and put her in a pit made of darkness. At the end of the series, when Mepple and Mipple say goodbye to them, Honoka has become so good friend with them that she cries and begs Mipple not to leave her alone. Throughout the season, the duo go through hard times against the new evils, who are guarding the representative of the Dark King’s life, who looks and acts like a little boy. After Valdes is being defeated, Pretty Cure realize that they will never see those from the Garden of Light again, and that they will never become Pretty Cure again, either. It is also revealed that as a Cure, Cure White cannot stand being in the darkness for too long. Cure White’s outfit is a white dress with the top part featuring ruffle trimming, a white bow and a baby blue stripe in the middle while the skirt part being white with lace trimming at the bottom and a dark blue belt around her waist.
In the first movie of Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Cure White, along with Cure Black and Shiny Luminous, gains an upgraded version of her outfit thanks to the power of the Diamond Line, accessories of the queen in the Garden of Hope. In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi, when Pretty Cure give all of their might to protect Hinata from Frozen and Freezen, they do not have enough energy to fight, and in their last try to keep them away from their friends, they freeze the girls. Cure White’s hair gets slightly longer, and feathers are hanging after her back and shoulders, whereas the cloth covering the lower level of her dress has incresed, as well.
In this form, they use an even stronger version of Marble Screw Max Sparkle, demonstrating their great friendship against Frozen and Freezen’s. Kiriya: When the new guy, comes at school, everybody except Honoka gets impressed by his skills, knowledge and charm.
Fujimura Shougo: She is still close friends with Shougo, whom she has known since their childhood. Cure White was the first Cure to have white as a theme color, followed by Cure Egret, Cure Rhythm and Cure Echo. In the Pretty Cure All Stars Suite Flower Card Collection, Honoka is represented by the gardenia, which symbolizes purity and elegance in the Language of Flowers. Similary Honoka is similar to Minazuki Karen as both have long blue hair, both of their parents work abroad, both of their parents are quite affluent, both are high academically achieving and both are respected by the rest of the student body. Cure White is the first of a tradition known as the smart cure, followed by Cure Egret from Pretty Cure Splash Star, Cure Mint and Cure Aqua from Yes! As Cure White She is considered as the strongest and the most agile secondary cure due to her speed and can take down a one giant zakena by her own hands.
Before the next performance, Odoren allows the Fairies to get refreshments and, while the girls go off for their next performance, Utaen returns in possession of Cures' transformation devices, turning to the screen and telling the audience to not tell the girls what they did.
Outpowered, Odoren launches his Robbens to fight the teams, but they're able to drive them off as the Princess and Happiness Charge teams find the royals.
At the deity's request, the Princess Pretty Cure perform the last number while Odoren and Utaen end up as janitors. As of this film, Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Cure Happy, Cure Heart and Cure Diamond are the only Cures who have had speaking lines since their debut in the All Stars films. Like in DX2, DX3 and the New Stage movies, the Cures will act like they know the new Cures of the new team including Cure Honey and Cure Fortune, who debut in this All Stars movie. This is the first Pretty Cure film since Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash?Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu! This is the second All Stars movie in which a villain takes way the Cures' transformation items preceded by New Stage 2. This is the first Pretty Cure film to involve a character's former form as Setsuna is shown as Eas. When the dragon attacks the Cures in the trailer, Cure Fortune is seen with a LovePreBrace on when she shouldn't. This is the first All Stars film where none of the previous mascots interact with the current generation of mascots in that case Ribbon and Glasan do not talk or know about Pafu and Aroma. This is the first All Stars film to utilize secondary characters from previous seasons, even if they are cameos.
This is the first All Stars movie not to share part of its title with another All Stars movie. This is the second movie to only feature one series' special attack with only Cure Lovely's "Lovely Beam" being shown, the first movie being Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash?Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu!, where only Spiral Star Splash was shown. Although it also features a final all stars finisher, it is not orignated from any series, hence making it the first movie to feature one individual Cure attack for an All Stars Movie. She is very smart, even being called the Queen of Knowledge by her classmates, and often uses this to help people.
While she is getting her shoes back after school, she overhears Nagisa and her friends talking about the up-coming shooting stars and how they may mean bad luck, but Honoka explains that shooting stars are not dangerous. One day when Nagisa comes over to Honoka so that Mepple and Mipple can be together, they go to the park. As time goes, Honoka begins to consider Nagisa as a friend, and really wishes to be acknowledged as that. When Honoka meets Kiriya, she is the first girl not to be affected by his look or actions, which also surprises Kiriya himself.
However, their hope and courage makes them want to fight, and in the end the Queen comes to the rescue, helping them defeat the Dark King. Because she is in her Cure form, which represent the light, she is slowly being swallowed by the darkness.
Although they no longer are Pretty Cure, she and Nagisa continue being best friends, and still keeps the cell phone the small creatures used to live in. They try to find something to do, but are unable to do so, and they avoid talking about having been Pretty Cure and their now sleeping mascots.
Eventually, it is revealed that she can transform into Shiny Luminous and have her own amazing powers.
Eventually, however, the Dark King is resurrected, despite Hikari’s efforts to not sacrifice the little innocent boy.
Because Cure Black is the stronger of the duo, Cure White uses agility and intelligence to surprise the enemy, usually with a kick.

This is shown once in the first series, where the Seeds of Darkness kidnap White in order to separate her and Cure Black, and put her in some kind of void made out of darkness.
She wears a white bow with a dark blue heart in her hair, and her elbow-to-wrist gloves are white with baby blue ruffle trimming and each glove has a dark blue heart at the wrist. With these powers, the outfit gets a golden color, and her earrings and other small hearts on her clothes become diamonds.
Hinata, touched that it is possible to care so much for a friend, awakens from her icicle and shoots her warmth at Pretty Cure, melting the ice and giving them a new power.
After awakening Hinata again, these upgraded versions of White and Black disappear, and have never been seen again. Together with the others’ upgrades, the group of seventeen girls form the group Cure Rainbow.
However, those few she has are very close to her, and she seems to accept anyone who are able to keep up with her personality. However, this does not stop Honoka from being very kind to him, even getting extremely worried when he falls and gets a scratch. Through Shougo, it is revealed that the reason she has problems getting friends is because she can be quite strict and dominant at times, even though she does it because she cares. She is kind and very concerned about Honoka, always giving useful advices to the girls when the situation is hard, and never loses the hope and knowing all about Honoka. This may also reference to Yukishiro, which is translated to white castle, in which castle is the house of royals. This makes her the second Cure to have had their birthday revealed preceeded by Misumi Nagisa and succeeded by Kujou Hikari, Hyuuga Saki, Mishou Mai, Yumehara Nozomi and Kurumi Erika. Pretty Cure 5, Cure Passion from Fresh Pretty Cure, Cure Moonlight from Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Cure Rhythm from Suite Pretty Cure and Cure Beauty from Smile Pretty Cure. Haruno Haruka and her friends also join the festival to learn dance and song from their senior Pretty Cure warriors. As they do, the Happiness Charge team encounters the Princess Pretty Cure team and, upon landing, introduce themselves. However, the girls are starting to get worried over the Fairies being late with snacks and the pink-types prepare to hunt them down, only to be stopped by Odoren to restart the presentations again.
However, they find out that the Spring Carnival is a carnival to appease a guardian dragon and there's no telling how angry he'll be with the thieves' antics! After the excitement, Haruka, Kirara and Minami head back for school, though Haruka's more determined at singing that before.
Cure Honey had appeared in New Stage 3 with no speaking lines but didn't make any contact with the other Cures except for Cure Lovely and Princess. Three members, Iikubo Haruna , Ishida Ayumi and Oda Sakura (whom all grew up watching Pretty Cure) will also voice 3 fairy characters based on them. Although she didn’t even know she existed at first, Honoka eventually became best friends with Misumi Nagisa, admiring her for her courage and cheerful attitude.
However, Honoka may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she’ll force them to do it.
When two boys try to flirt with them, Honoka shows great anger that they do not take them seriously. When Honoka finds out that Nagisa has a crush on her friend Shougo Fujimura, she presents the two the day afterward and tells how great Nagisa is. Through the night and the day afterward, she is thinking about what he told her, and eventually decides to tell Nagisa, Mepple and Mipple about it. This is not over, though, as they get visit from Pollun, the Prince of Light, who is going to stay with Nagisa in order to help them fighting against the Seed of Darkness, which are creatures that the Dark King managed to make right before he got destroyed. In the end, she has to rely on the strong friendship she has with Black, both in their human and Cure form, before she is eventually saved.
The Elder and Wisdom later comes to Nagisa in order to explain these events to the girls, and also tell them the sad news: the Queen has disappeared and is now separated in three representatives for her will, heart and life. Pretty Cure try to depend the earth while Hikari goes into another dimension in order to try become the Queen again to help the girls.
The longer she is there, the more of her body begins to disappear, becoming darkness itself. Lastly, her legwarmers are white with a baby blue heart and below it, matching ruffle trimming and white shoes. Her earrings have changed from silver to gold, and her commune strap is held by a large gold heart. This form is not seen again, most likely because it needs the power of the accessories to be activated, and it is no longer possible for the girls to visit the Garden of Hope again. She gets also boosted in powers, as she easily manages to fight Freezen with closed eyes without getting hit once. This may be because they were summoned by Hinata, who now is in the Garden of Clouds as a fully realized phoenix.
It is because of her kindness to him that he feels betrayed when she is angry at him for hurting a confessing girl’s feelings, in which she is still embarrassed about. Her force and will surprises many times the girls, and seemingly Sanae haves more secrets and knowledge, but Honoka never asks and Sanae only speak the necesary.
She is also very close to her grandmother’s dog, Chuutaro, who she tells everything to. When Kirara arrives, she notes the singing and thinks she's practicing for the singing exam, which sends Haruka into a panic fit - she can't sing when she's in front of a crowd!
Haruka and Kirara are flummoxed by Hime's long name, but Minami is able to nail it on the first try. She tells the others that it's because the other Cures have given her strength and courage to go forward and she'll ace the exam.
Off-screen, Honoka met Mipple and was told by her to go to the playing ground, where she meets Nagisa and Mepple. The rest of the day, the girls have fun looking at clothes and eating takoyaki at Akane’s store. After telling, Chuutaro gives her a message where it tells her to meet Kiriya under the bridge the next day. These Seeds of Darkness will eventually awaken and work together in order to revive the Dark King. While they seem like being trapped, however, light suddenly sprouts from their cellphones, and Mepple and Mipple are shown.
They soon figure out that Hikari is the representative of the Queen’s life, and that is why she seems to be so confused in the Garden of Rainbows. During the fight, however, Valdes actually sucks the Dark King into himself, and is thus becoming the new Dark King. She continues crying while going to Akane’s shop, where they suddenly meet Hikari again, telling them how incredible the graduation was.

She sometimes powers up her attacks by spinning around, also using this to avoid objects when she is sent flying by her enemies. However, when the void eventually is broken by Cure Black, Cure White quickly returns to normal. It also seems like their mind is much calmer in this form, as neither of the girls do anything rash or fast; they just dodge and wait for the final strike. After Kiriya disappeared, Honoka was so hurt that she cried until there were no tears left. She tries to keep her grandmother away from danger, but many times Sanae has been in middle battle, anyway, never goes hurt for the girl’ surprise.
Even worse, the announcers Odoren and Utaen seem extremely suspicious, and the guardian dragon of Harmonia has started a rampage, angry at the chaos at the carnival. However, her attempt to overcome her stage fright is halted when an invitation lands in her hands, one being given to other Pretty Cure elsewhere. Soon after, Odoren and Utaen meet up with the two teams and get them ready for the carnival to begin. When Haruka realizes their turn is up, she panics again, only for the Happiness Charge team to give her a pep talk. As the Princess Pretty Cure beg him to stop, Lovely, Princess and Honey rescue them from being incinerated, discovering special Princess Keys as they do. Although she is the crush of almost every boy in school, she is not interested in most of them, but she has shown to care very much for some boys, namely Fujimura Shougo, her childhood friend, and Kiriya, a new boy at school who she is helping understand people’s feelings. There, they get attacked from a creature of the Dusk Zone and suddenly transform into the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.
At the end of the day, however, Pisard appears before Honoka, and Honoka tries to run for her life. When Honoka tries to confront her, she is rejected, and is told that they will never be friends.
Right before Wisdom is being kidnapped, he considered giving the power of the Prism Stones to Honoka, as she seemed like the most reliable to him. They transform into the Card Communes again, though they look different; they are now Heartful Communes, and the cards have become heart-related instead. Pretty Cure are utterly defeated, but then Cure White remembers how Honoka always used to cry when her parents left home, and how her grandmother used to tell her that as long as she had hope, there were always coming a new beautiful morning.
Mepple and Mipple also show up, and Hikari has also with her the representative of the Dark King’s life, now named Hikaru. As Cure White, she becomes more serious and stronger, and also seems like having a stronger will and voice.
Pretty Cure’s attack is powered-up to Marble Screw Max, and later to Marble Screw Max Sparkle with the Sparkle Bracelets. Even after a long time has passed, Honoka still cannot let go, and gets depressed whenever she is reminded of him. Honoka loves her grandmother and prefers think that Sanae don’t knows about her Pretty Cure identity. In order to protect the peace of Harmonia, the 40 Pretty Cure warriors work together to create a miracle through dance and song filled with hope. At the opening ceremonies, Odoren and Utaen introduce the girls and let them perform before interviewing. The other teams urge the Princess Pretty Cure to use their new keys to take up a new Mode Elegant and use the attack Rainbow Tornado to appease the deity, who restores Harmonia to its pristine state. They manage to defeat the creature, and while Nagisa is against continuing being a Pretty Cure, Honoka thinks it will be rather fun, and agrees to help the small creatures. Because of this, Honoka decides to give Mipple to Nagisa, and entrust her to find another girl to be Cure White, as she now thinks that the Pretty Cure would work much better between girls who can trust each other.
However, time was short, and Wisdom was forced to give the powers to Pollun, which, in turn uses them to power up Cure Black and Cure White with the Rainbow Bracelets. Upon transforming, they notice that they look different from the last time, but have to fight before figuring it out properly.
It is revealed that Hikari and the Queen managed to separate, and that Mepple and Mipple are now able to fully live in the Garden of Rainbows.
Together with Shiny Luminous, they can also do the Extreme Luminarioattack, which in the final episode is upgraded to Extreme Luminario Max. When Nagisa’s friends ask her if she has any boys she is interested in, she does not answer, but is still awake the whole night afterward, thinking about Kiriya. However, at the same time, Odoren and Utaen, two devious criminals have captured the kingdom, only to learn that the Pretty Cure have been invited to the kingdom.
Between these moments, we learn a bit about the girls - that Setsuna is still trying to reform Labyrinth, thus unable to really participate in dancing with Love and her team, that Saki and Mai rarely see their fairies much, Nozomi and Erika talking about Coco and Coupe's human forms and more.
Together, they finally defeat Pisard once and for all, though Honoka worries whether doing that makes them murderers or not. However, Honoka tries to stop him from hurting himself, and rather fight against his destiny.
Using Marble Screw Max Sparkle, they think they have won, but it is in vain when Valdes tells them that he is impossible to destroy, and destroy the whole city. Later, when the duo is powered up by the Rainbow Bracelets, they can do a new attack called Rainbow Storm which makes honoka stronger.
However, Utaen blows their attempts to steal their devices and fairies, only to escape with both. That is when Kiriya realizes that he does not want to fight, and gives Honoka his Prism Stone.
In the end, when Cure Black tells Mepple that they must be allowed to talk about it even in a situation like this, Cure White realizes that every heart has the right to live, and live it like they want. After a failed attempt to transform himself, he proceeds to reveal he stole the kingdom, locks away the devices and traps the other teams save for the Princess Pretty Cure in the basement.
However, he is then taken away by Ilkubo, despite Honoka’s desperate cries for him to stay.
However, faced with despair, Haruka fights back with song and dance, conquering her fear and, through this new power, frees the girls and their powers, transforming into Pretty Cure. Just as they are about to be crushed by the now giant Valdes, the Queen is regenerated and saves them. An illusion of Shiny Luminous tells them that this is their final moment, and they use all of their powers to use the ultimate attack: Extreme Luminario Max.

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