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Homesteader vs preppersAs someone who appreciates self-sufficiency, I have subscribed to several homesteading websites in an attempt to broaden my knowledge and skill set.
I enjoy this show, not to make fun of anyone, but because it helps me to recognize my own knowledge base and identify my own weaknesses. I cringed while watching the peace-loving apple cider-making family who refused to think about security, thinking that somehow they would be able to talk sense, to charm or maybe to ensure safety and well-being by sharing their food on the assumption that others would be equally civil and gracious. I balked at watching the above-mentioned Houston-ite overconfidently leaf through her modest water and food supply as though it would be all that she would need for the short-term. And my eyes started to water at the freaking super-mart food pantry the last couple of episode 2 maintained with their sixty plus firearms, full of processed food, bottled water … with PAPER BAGS of sugar uncanned and unpreserved. Being prepared means thinking about all possibilities, and thinking each one of them through as much as you can. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
The APN Guest Author account is the profile used for posting contributed articles by authors who write for the APN less than a few times per year. Anyways, I would like to share something that has been on my mind for years but wondering if there, actually, is a solution to the problem. However, I realize that when you are used to just opening a can and heating it up, then some education might need to happen.
It’s a wonderful idea to grow food for homeless or low income, but I see a big problem with lack of education for many of these people on nutrition and how to cook for themselves. I love this, I have been reading more and more stories from mothers who have had to use food pantries and how they are not complaining but are having difficulties because they receive boxes of foods that can’t be prepared together to even make a meal, let alone a healthy one. I had also thought that a community garden for low income families and homeless would be AMAZING, I think it could go one step further where the families that are in need could actually spend some time to work with other volunteers in the garden.
There was a short time frame when I had to receive assistance from a local church and I cringed at some of the things we received.
My mother-in-law had too much beef liver at one point and offered it to a men’s shelter and they were over the moon about receiving it.
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The only thing I think is selfish is those who say they wont think twice about shooting someone who comes to thier door during a crisis. I agree with these statements especially about the people who won’t prep being the selfish ones.
Sadly some who think preppers are selfish are the very ones who want government to rule ones life. I think it’s very smart for those who are preppers to keep that information to themselves. I’m not a selfish prepper I tell everyone that I care about that they should prep too.
My family has been delving into traditional methods of home industry, and in addition to the gardening, herb-craft, canning, and preserving that we already do, we’re hoping to learn about cheese-making, beer-brewing, etc. Or how an environmental catastrophe could disable urban areas and potentially wipe out food sources. And, while I think this to be a great article, I should point out that (perhaps because of its apparently European origin) many of the items are rather expensive and some weigh a considerable amount.
Her recipes aren’t paleo, but it is probably better than most things that are donated! Basically, they go through by hand and pick the odd bits missed by machinery or busy workers and then donate the proceeds to food pantries. I know that the pantries are just working off of donations and are giving what they have to work with. When I was in the area I attended a church that has an amazing homeless outreach that my brother is still involved in.

My idea of a community garden for the needy would be to give each of the needy families a square.
Obviously I took what was offered but every time they had fresh anything I would go straight for it. Many churches have very large gardens that the church members maintain and all of the food that is grown is given to the homeless or needy families in our community. My mom and our church have actually been serving the homeless (150-250 people!) on a rotation, downtown. Your friends family and others you are willing to help will just have to get in line at a FEMA camp. After going through a number of posts on these sites, I’ve noticed that there seems to be two camps of people involved in the forum discussions: those who refer to themselves as homesteaders, and those who are self-proclaimed preppers. You never need tires when you’ve got $600 sitting in the bank account doing nothing, right? Prepare a bag of fresh food with a simple meal plan included and give it to a single, working mother!
Food drives seem to be based around asking for canned goods which generally results in the exact scenario you described above. They provide transportation, clothing, showers, and prepare meals there for the homeless community.
Even if the tomatoes or whatever were not great they were better than some of the other stuff. It is, of course, seasonal here in Michigan so many can their own vegetables and fruits from the gardens to give to the community throughout the winter months. They were made aware that many organizations serve crap so they’ve been working to offer fresh fruits and veggies! I do it as I was raised that way for hurricanes, other bad storms, economic reasons, illness etc. Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime, feed a man for one day he learns nothing and starves the next. I have and am continuing to prepare for at least one year of survival with a goal of needing to shift to a long term self-supporting mode.
You get that flat tire on your way to the hardware store to buy the replacement water heater that just crapped out. My passion and dream would be to one day have a community vegetable garden and real food pantry.
Let’s try to help the needy a little bit better by not serving them our leftovers and unused, almost expired canned goods!
Thank goodness it was before I knew of any of my dietary restrictions or I would have been SOL. Midland, where we live, is quite a health concious city compared to the rest of Michigan so this is common practice here.
Just because others are in need doesn’t make you obligated to take away from your own family.
I know that if I begin giving away my supplies I will be endangering my family, both from hunger and people searching desperately for food. I would just make ONE extremely important addition under the hygiene and first aid tab: please suggest a reusable menstrual cup. I have had such a fascination with natural birth ever since I had a natural water birth with my son.
I would work with local farms and local hobby farmers that have the same heart and would be willing to donate fresh eggs, meat, milk, veggies, and fruit. Isn’t there something more we could do to get REAL, whole food to the homeless and needy?
I would also buy beans and rice in bulk and separate them in gallon-sized baggies for each person. The idea of two knives is redundant the Mora will fulfill all your needs (is it as good as a Falkniven with its laminated stainless steel?

The author makes a good point about the issue of a Bug out Bag and it being a 72 hour bag, then includes items like bag a body wash. Women should practice with the urinal and a  menstrual cup at home so they are more adept at using one in a survival situation. If you are in an emergency, the LAST thing you are concerned about will be whether you have a wiff of body odor.
The author makes the excellent point of indicating that these are just suggestions, and of course she is correct.
It is obvious that just by the thoughtful nature of her choices she has not only experience, but has spent much time thinking these things thru.
With respect to the sleeping bag, one must keep in mind that you should not have a sleeping bag rolled up constantly in compression since with synthetics, you ruin its loft. With a down bag, it is not so critical, but you still do damage to the bag if it is perpetually rolled up and no mfg of sleeping bags recommends keeping a bag rolled up–it voids the warranty.
Given that reality, perhaps it would be better to keep a fleece liner as part of the BOB–not nearly as good as a sleeping bag (except during the summer, but certainly much better than nothing and it CAN be rolled up constantly without compromising its effectiveness). And in my opinion, you would be better off with a synthetic bag anyway since while the down bag is considerably lighter, it does not have the level of versatility of the synthetic bag and is not as appropriate in wet weather which can encompass 80% of a year’s time.
The issue of a compass is also an important one considering that the wrist compass does not allow you to take a bearing reading, nor is a sufficient to take declination into consideration.
While I get the idea of using a wrist compass to just take a general bearing, note that the cost of the wrist compass is 3X higher than a small compass that IS capable of taking bearing readings and compensating for declination so I really do not get the point. Furthermore the issue of base layers and the use of merino wool is a personal choice–albight an expensive one.
A cheap pair of Walmarts polyester underwear is actually better than Merino wool, because 1) some people are allergic to wool, 2) wool absorbs moisture and holds it–poly does not.
A BOB should be whatever you need to get you thru a few nights of a very uncomfortable emergency situation.
Oh, and for hiking shoes, I would not recommend them, but rather purchase a pair of running shoes that are oversized to fit heavy wool socks. But the key is to bring your liner socks, very heavy wool socks and find some shoes (do NOT look at the size) that will actually fit comfortably with all your socks on. The idea here is they not be tight, but comfortably loose since you feet will swell as you walk. You might also consider purchasing this running shoes in a style that allows a recess underneath your arch to facilitate the wearing of gaitors.
They allow you to traverse a relatively muddy area without having your pants be coated with mud because of the way we walk.
And, they are easy to clean and dry Now having said all the above, let’s again look are some more reality.
The reality is that there is nothing wrong with carrying a bunch of stuff in your car and bugging out of a car. For 90% of the people this will be the most likely scenario–especially if you are married and have children that require constant maintenance. In this stituation, I think it irresponsible to think of bugging out as this author presents it. In 97% of the circumstances, if you pay attention, you can get by with getting out of dangerous scenarios with children and older adults.
In almost every situation in disaster management, we find that people procrastinate and wait till the last minute to prepare. Even if you have to stay at a motel or hotel in a different state, it’s a lot better than having to deal with a disaster situation with not only the cleanup and the stress of handling a disaster, but having to maintain children as well.

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