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Doomsday preppers often focus much of their attention on building up prepper supplies like having an ideal bug-out bag but fail to put much effort into building a proper support group. Let’s face it, we’ve become overly dependent on our cell phones and most of us would be at a disadvantage without them in a short-term emergency situation. Even if you know an event like a hurricane is coming, you may not be able to properly prepare because you will be competing for supplies with thousands of other people in your area.
Today, our cell phones have become an integral part of our lives that provide us with an infinite amount of information at our fingertips.  Unfortunately, our phones can become a crutch in emergencies when we do not have access to our cellular or wifi networks. When disaster strikes suddenly, you may be forced to leave everything in a matter of seconds. Generally, you will have to leave on foot so your supplies must be literally carried on your back. Disasters pose a series of problems for individuals and communities and one of the concerns that needs to be a priority for any family or individual is personal protection in the days after.
It is common knowledge that having a supply of water in an emergency is a necessity but most often people do not store water unless they hear of an imminent disaster. Doomsday preppers have been raiding the shelves of gun stores since the recent election and even more so with the rumors of stricter guns laws following the Connecticut school shooting.
Today, you can watch any number of television shows on prepping from Doomsday Preppers to Man vs Wild to Survivor. On September 1, 1859, the sun unleashed one of the most powerful solar storms ever recorded and it happened during the middle of a low solar cycle.  The flare was observed and recorded by amateur astronomer Richard C.
A Zombie bug out bag is a bag (or several) that is supposed to last you for at least 72 hours.
A zombie bug out bag is to contain items for both leaving an emergency situation as well as going into an emergency situation.
But, we’re just going to stick with making a zombie bug out bag for the zombie apocalypse, since that’s what we do best!
Sign up to receive our free Daily Briefing e-newsletter and get the top news of the day in your inbox. Frank and Patsy Jackson stand in their basement food storage room surrounded by cans and boxes they've stockpiled at their home in Leeds, Utah Feb. During a recent church meeting, Susan Sutton of Rexburg, Idaho, took up a challenge to go two weeks without buying anything from a store. For Sutton, like other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having food storage is not just something done to save money or to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances like the economic crisis.
Now, as the economic crisis widens, that spiritual belief is becoming an increasingly important practical way to help members in need. Kevin Nield, director of LDS Bishop's Storehouse Services, says the church has seen a "significant increase" in food requests for those in need as the economy has worsened. Similarly the church's domestic employment centers, which help church members find employment, have seen a 48% increase from October through January compared to a year ago, says Richard Ebert, director of LDS Employment Resource Services. Latter-day Saints believe God speaks through a modern prophet who leads their church, now President Thomas Monson. Thunder Buist of Salt Lake City recently fell on hard times and approached local LDS Church leaders for help.
James Goodrich, manager of LDS Welfare Square near church headquarters in Salt Lake City, says the welfare program was established for members of the church, but leaders also assist families of other faiths. Goodrich says those who receive welfare help are given the opportunity to repay what they are given through volunteer work.
After Buist received help from the church she began volunteering at one of the church's Bishop's Storehouses in Salt Lake City. Frank and Patsy Jackson, who have been married for 52 years, and live on a 100-acre ranch in Leeds, Utah, tend three gardens and a greenhouse where they grow their own fruits and vegetables. Guidelines: You share in the USA TODAY community, so please keep your comments smart and civil.

What you put in your bug-out-bag or survival bag (whatever you call it!) is largely a matter of personal choice. Below is a great article from Survival News Online, listing seven key items you should consider having in your bug-out-bag. All in all this is a really good read for folks interested in bug-out-bags and what to put in them in case of emergency. No one person or family can develop all the skills needed to optimally survive a massive catastrophe. In the hours following a disaster, you do not want to be waiting in line for charging station or searching for one of the few working phones. Although this hurricane is an expected event, electrical blackouts can happen at any time with little to no warning as result of earthquakes, storms, floods, solar storms, cyber attack or other catastrophe and in some cases can extend for days, weeks or even longer.
That’s why we’re highlighting 5 apps for your phone that can help you in a disaster but can be used completely offline. You will need tools, materials and supplies to sustain yourself as you evacuate the disaster area, which is why doomsday preppers recommend that you have a bug-out-bag. People tend to over pack not realizing that their backpack will be on their back for hours a day.
As a crisis extends, people will become more and more desperate and will turn to looting and violence. This is evidenced by the long lines of people buying water at grocery stores in the hours leading up to a hurricane landfall or snowstorm. Purchases of guns have not been limited to assault weapons but have included handguns, rifles and shotguns. By watching some of these show, you may develop a false sense of security in that you may think that you are prepared to handle a disaster but nothing will prepare you for a disaster like hands on disaster simulation training.
In this case, we’re going to be building a zombie bug out bag for the zombie apocalypse. Which also means, for our zombie bug out bag we’re going to be recommending items that are meant to last for a long time, instead of just 72 hours.
She had to feed herself, her husband and her three children with only the food she had in home storage. Although the church encourages its members to be self-reliant and prepared for challenges such as the recession, it also operates a program for those who need additional help.
Charles, Mo., who volunteers at a church cannery where church members prepare food for humanitarian projects, agrees.
Ever since Joseph Smith, the church's first president and prophet, succeeding church leaders have counseled their followers to get out of debt, live within their means and be prepared for whatever the future might bring, says Bishop Keith McMullin, the second counselor in the church's Presiding Bishopric. The church provided food and rent payments for Buist, 30, to help the single mother of four get back on her feet.
George, Utah, says the LDS Church's welfare program lessens the burden on local food banks.
A recipient might volunteer at a church storehouse, clean a church building or even babysit for another member of the congregation. Nor can doomsday preppers ensure that their prepper supplies will survive every emergency situation.
It is for this reason that you should have these Top 3 Phone Accessories included in your doomsday prepper supplies. Further compounding problems, extended power outages could also disrupt water and gas supplies because pumps, filtration and sanitation equipment need electricity to operate. A bug-out-bag is pre-packed bag that you can grab as you run out the door that can sustain you for at least a few days. Therefore, your supplies must be multi-purpose and you must have the essentials to make shelter, collect and purify water, make fire and possibly hunt, fish or trap small game if the disaster continues for an extended period. A classic example was the looting and violence that took place following Hurricane Katrina.

Just how much water does a person need for an emergency and what is the best method to store it? There has even been a run on ammunition as fear has spread that the government will restrict sales of bullets.
The US Government is offering this very training for free in local communities all across the country. Some of the party insisted that it was daylight and began the preparation of breakfast.”  Ships across the Atlantic reported that their compasses spun erratically making it impossible for them to get their bearings. There are many different types of bug out bags, which means you can have one bag designated for a specific circumstance, such as a fire, earthquake, flood, etc.
These containers can be anything from, water bottles, little kettles, water proof tupperware, etc.
If you have a bulky pack on your back and you’re having to walk A LOT, then having a good pair of shoes will be a life-saver. It’s at least a good idea to have a few alcohol swabs, bandages, pair of tweezers, tourniquet (or handkerchief), as well as other varied pieces of first aid that you think you may need.
An extra pair of clothes perhaps (under armor is highly recommended), carabiners, Zombie Response Team patch (coming soon!), a little radio (for the first 72 hours (or until the batteries run out) to hear news about what’s going on), a mini solar panel (HIGHLY recommended), a hat (to protect your head from the sun and other elements), gloves, compass, really warm socks, a little sewing kit, deck of cards (never know, you may be bored), a picture of loved ones, etc. She says organizations like hers work side by side with the church to meet the needs of the less fortunate.
These accessories will help ensure that that you can still have use of your phone no matter the circumstances. With all of the frenzy, prices have soared to record highs as demand has outstripped supply. In addition, those who go through the training will be offered the ongoing opportunity to help their community and sharpen their skills by assisting emergency responders with real emergency events. Because this backpack will basically be carrying in your zombie bug out bag, your basics for survival – so get a quality backpack! When choosing your containers, make sure that you can fit other stuff within the container, that way the container serves multiple purposes. One of our members has a bunch of dried foods in zip lock bags that were full of calories and carbohydrates. With either the space blanket or poncho, you can throw those on around you, light up a little fire inside your poncho and you’d be toasty warm! But instead, just make sure you have enough bullets to get you through for a while and MAKE SURE to use them sparingly. We also recommend carrying some duct tape – cause you never know when you’ll need duct tape!
If you simply believe nothing will happen to you in a disaster, you will never prepare and will be beset by the sudden and overwhelming violence in the days after a disaster. Are doomsday preppers foolish for buying when prices are astronomically high or are they wise to be buying before the government restricts further sales? Remember, zombies are attracted to light, so we recommend getting used to the dark and ONLY using fire and light when you’re cooking or need to read a map or compass. You never know when you’ll come across more ammo, so only shoot when your life depends on it.
Also have a few melee weapons available, like knifes, axes, machete’s and such, if not for fighting, then definitely for small game hunting, skinning fish, etc.
Whatever you choose, make sure it’s durable and will last for at least several weeks. A hammock might not be a bad idea, either, since they are generally lightweight and you can string them up practically anywhere.

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